Funny facts about unicorn for both kids and adults.

30+ Amazing Facts About Unicorn That Will Astonish You

These enchanting facts about unicorns will surely make you surprised.

Unicorns are known as white horse-like creatures, with a single horn growing from their forehead. However, they are so much more than magical horses. And now, we will reveal the most fascinating facts about unicorns that tell you the truth behind this mythical animal. Throughout history and legends, the story of unicorns is always filled with myth and magic. Discover that magic creature with us, are you ready?

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Historical facts about unicorns

Uncommon facts about unicorns for unicorn lovers.

1. In the past, many early unicorns were not described to have a horse-like body.

Instead, they were shaped like rhinos or oxen.  Their delicate and graceful image was a later development.

2. Unicorns have been the symbol of many different things, consisting of purity, innocence, freedom, and power.

Also, they have represented both men and women over time.

3. The legendary unicorns were used as an allegory for the life of Christ.

The creature represented his innocence, his immortality, and his healing powers.

4. The unicorns were so highly thought of that their horns were very sought after.

In the past, their horns were traded from wealthy nobles who believed they would grant luck healing as well as the ability to increase their longevity. However, those horns are considered to belong to narwhals or rhinos, not unicorns. This is one of the most exciting facts about unicorns.

5. Different cultures came up with different ideas of unicorns.

Most of the legends differed in distinctive ways. For example, the Qilin, the Chinese unicorn, has the body of a lion or deer. However, they all have one feature in common – it’s their single horn.

6. One of the most outstanding facts about unicorns is that it is the official Scotland national animal.

The creature was first associated with the country around the fifteenth century.

7. It was considered that only a virgin or a maiden of great purity had the ability to approach, tame, or trap a unicorn since the creatures will outrun any aggressive attack.

8. Unicorns are regarded as the fastest creatures in the world.

They are said to be able to outrun any other animal, including the swiftest horses.

9. In medieval history, several unicorns are depicted in chains as people believed that they were very dangerous creatures.

These mythical animals were supposed to be extremely powerful. If you look at paintings featuring unicorns from that time, you will notice that artists often focused on their ferocity. The creatures were a far cry from the gentle, delicate animal that we think of today!

Facts about unicorns’ powers

These magical facts about unicorns are certainly a delight to read.

10. Most of the unicorn’s power arises from their beautiful spiraling horns.

These horns are so magical that without them, the creatures will be unable to do anything mystical.

11. The unicorn’s horn possesses healing powers.

Legend has it that a touch to the unicorn’s horn can heal a wound, restore life to somebody gravely ill. Unicorns cannot raise the dead. However, they can cure fatal illnesses.

12. One of the uncommon facts about unicorns is that a unicorn’s blood was also able to heal.

In the Harry Potter series, it was said to prolong life, and also it was immensely powerful.

13. The horns of unicorns can bring good luck to anyone who touches them.

However, you should keep one thing in mind. You should only touch the unicorn’s horn when the creature bows its head to you, otherwise you may bring yourself ill fortune.

14. These pretty creatures can go anywhere at any time they want.

They can shift between worlds, ignoring the boundaries which most creatures cannot cross.  Together with their amazing speed, this feature makes the unicorns impossible to catch. If you have ever seen a unicorn, you are amazingly lucky.

15. Surprisingly, unicorns are now able to fly.

Actually, unicorns were not able to take to the air according to many legends and myths in the past. However, this started to change around the 1970s when artists began to draw unicorns with wings. Today, even non-winged unicorns are supposed to be able to fly, perhaps because they use the power from their horns. 

16. Legend has it that the mythical equines can also offer guidance to people through their dreams.

Appearing as a comforter and a companion, they help people when they have difficulties and nudge them onto the right path.

17. Today, a unicorn can change color, shifting between several hues of the rainbow, and glimmering at the edges of the imagination.

They are truly adaptable. However, many of the youngster’s struggle with color changes and they may end up looking rather silly.

Facts about unicorns for Kids

Learn more about unicorns with these fantastical facts about unicorns.

Almost kids love unicorns. But do they know unicorn symbolism and these great facts about unicorns?

18. Because baby unicorns are just like baby horses, they are often called foals.

A female unicorn would be called a “filly” while a male would be called a “colt”.

19. However, unicorns are more called “sparkles” because they are so pure and pretty.

20. Their horns are covered in very soft hair at birth.

The horn can’t be seen until the unicorns are a few days old. A small sparkle on their foreheads is the first you will see of their horns.

21. Generally, unicorns grow up more slowly than humans of normal horses.

They live for such a long time, their babies stay little for longer. 

22. Young unicorns would love to play with their friends.

They grow up with lots of their unicorns around. That’s why they have plenty of choice for playmates. They play many sorts of different games, like hide-and-seek and apple-bobbing if they live near a water source. What are your favorite games? It’s quite possible the unicorns also play them too.

23. One of the most attractive facts about unicorns for kids is that unicorns love eating rainbows.

This applies both to the adults and the young ones. Rainbows are a bit like chocolate cookies to them. The creatures have to run so fast to catch a rainbow before it fades. And if they are quick enough, they can munch happily away on the bright colors and fill their tummies up.

24. One of the typical facts about unicorns is that  unicorns shouldn’t have sugar.

Though the creature loves any rainbow-colored foods, they can’t digest sugar. That’s why you should try to choose things they can naturally find in the wild if you want to feed the unicorns. They can have berries and nuts and seeds. It means you can make a pretty mixture from those to put out in your garden. By leaving the sugar out of your mix, you will also make sure that you don’t hurt any birds that share the unicorn’s food.

25. Unicorns poop rainbows!

This seems to be a bit of a silly fact, but it’s true. Unicorns love filling up their tummies on all sorts of good food, and they are so magical that unicorn poop also has to be a little bit magical. If you have ever spotted some rainbow poop while walking out, chances are there’re some unicorns nearby.

26. Pegasus aren’t unicorns, but they are relatives.

And they can breed. When a Pegasus mates a unicorn, their babies will have both wings and horns, making them extra pretty and powerful. If you have a chance to see one of these, you are incredibly lucky.

27. Baby unicorns possess bright blue eyes that shine like stars.

The little unicorns love staying up late and watching sunsets. However, they also need to sleep. Just like humans, young unicorns might be grumpy and restless when they don’t sleep enough.

28. Unicorns often live in deep forests where they can easily hide among the trees in case they are approached by somebody they don’t want to see.

29. The forest unicorns live mostly on grass, fruits and nuts that fall from the trees around them.

The creatures are so nimble that they can dodge around the trunks and skip over the tree roots with no difficulty.

30. A lot of unicorns live high up in the mountains.

They are also extremely fast and able to scramble up almost sheer cliff faces in search of tasty morsels.

31. Mountain unicorns are interested in eating rainbows.

That’s why they will munch away happily whenever they have the opportunity.  However, it’s quite hard for unicorns to catch rainbows, so the creatures have to be quick before the rainbows shade.


Have we missed any amazing unicorn facts that you think should be included here? Please let us know! If you like these amazing facts about unicorns, feel free to share them. We are always trying to learn and understand more about these great creatures.

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