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Funny Halloween Games For Adults

11 Funny Halloween Games For Adults To Play This Year

We may be too old for trick or treating, but we’ve never been old to have Halloween fun. Even those who don’t prefer to dress up and become part of the spirit of these spooky theme games. With funny Halloween games for adults, your guests will have a wonderful time on Halloween night.

In this post, we will present you with 11 simple and funny Halloween games for adults that don’t take much time to prepare.

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11 Funny Halloween Games For Adults 

If you’ve decorated the Halloween party, sent out party invitations, picked out your Halloween costume, and bought lots of candy, all that’s left to do is plan some party games. This list of funny Halloween games for adults features the right mix of fright and humor. Keep scrolling down to explore.

Drink or Treat

Funny Halloween Games For Adults
11 Funny Halloween Games For Adults You Should Try This Year

This game is inspired by the traditional Halloween trick or treat, while the difference is that it is done with drinks instead of candy and playing around the house and rooms. Players will tour different areas of the house, where they’ll discover Halloween-themed drinks along the way. A detail may include prescribing different cocktails at the place where drinks are ordered.

Halloween Costume Contest

A list of funny Halloween games for adults wouldn’t be complete without a Halloween costume. All the effort that you and your guests put into Halloween costumes should be rewarded in this game. Let’s vote and choose the person with the most impressive costume and the winner will receive a special prize.

Themed Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking to bring instant fun and adventure to your Halloween party, a themed scavenger hunt is an ideal choice. Once you’ve scattered themed items around your venue, divide guests into teams and give them a list of the items they’ll need to find. The team that finishes first will be treated to a nice, cold adult drink. 

Halloween Movie Trivia

Funny Halloween Games For Adults
Here’re Funny Halloween Games For Adults You Shouldn’t Miss

Before the party begins, prepare cards with trivial questions such as some classic Halloween movies. Write the answers in the back and your guests have to ask each other about their knowledge of the scariest movies. You can leave these cards around your guests, or they can become a competitive group activity. Looking for funny Halloween games for adults, don’t miss this game!

Pumpkin carving contest

When it comes to Halloween, we will always think of pumpkins. Carving pumpkin is a traditional Halloween activity and kids aren’t the only ones who get a kick out of carving. Many adults also enjoy this game. Add excitement to the game by setting a timer to find out who can create the most impressive carved pumpkin design in a given time frame.

Bobbling for Apple, Adult Version

Funny Halloween Games For Adults
Funny Halloween Games For Adults To Try This Year

Bobbing for Apple is one of the oldest and most famous games that we all played in our childhood. Now, we have become an adult and can still participate in this game, but with the adult version. Usually, for Apple, a bucket is filled with water and Apples. Participants must use their teeth to pick up the Apples. But in the adult version, you can fill the bucket with wine, and at the bottom of each apple write a number between 1 and 5. So every time a participant chooses an apple, he would have to take the same number of photos written under Apple.

Doughnuts on a String

For a hearty, delicious time, hang donuts from string or ribbon and let guests stand behind enjoying the sweet treat. Then see who can finish the donut fastest without falling off the string. Get ready for belly laughs but remember no hands are allowed! A super fun addition to the list of Funny Halloween games for adults.

Murder Mystery

Funny Halloween Games For Adults
Murder Mystery is one of the oldest Halloween games for adults

Murder Mystery is also one of the oldest Halloween games for adults. It doesn’t include beer or anything but it does have a bag full of thrills. This game is quite easy and you need to have 6-28 people to play this game.

Now, the rule is simple, one of the party participants is playing a murder while the rest of the members will have to guess who he is? Everyone will have to analyze and investigate the problem.

In this game you can also divide all the participants into two groups; one is the investigation team and the other is the murder team. Depending on the clues, investigators will have to come up with a reason for the murder.

Name the Monster

The event took place on the eve of Halloween and everyone tried to dress up as a superhero or a villain. This game will definitely increase the fun of the party. Everyone entering the door will be labeled on the back. Each person will have a specific monster name. Participants cannot ask for the exact name of each person, but they will have to guess the name themselves. The whole time of the party is time for anyone to guess their name. To make it a bit more interesting, you can also add some clues to each participant.

Magic Potions

Magic Potions
Magic Potions is very fun

Surely you all know the famous game Truth or Dare? Well, this is basically the more fun version for adults. Here, you will write down questions or comments on the tag and attach one question to each drink. Whether it’s wine, cocktail, beer, shot, or mocktail, after enjoying the drink, the participants must do what the tag says! The list of funny Halloween games for adults will be more interesting with this game.

Create a scary story for Halloween

This game will be the highlight of the list of funny Halloween games for adults. When the dark Halloween decor starts to work, that’s when the horror stories come in. Sitting in a circle, each guest takes out a piece of paper that has been placed in a bowl with the three basic ingredients needed for each story and begins to tell.

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