Best Halloween Gift For Everyone

If you’re looking for the right eye-popping Halloween presents, we’ve got you covered with a list of the best Halloween gifts. Here are some of the most enchanting Halloween gifts to leave everyone spell-bound. 

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Best Halloween Gift For Everyone

If you’re looking for the right eye-popping Halloween presents, we’ve got you covered with a list of the best Halloween gifts. Here are some of the most enchanting Halloween gifts to leave everyone spell-bound. 

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DIY Fathers Day Gifts Kid Can Make

10 Easy DIY Fathers Day Gifts Kid Can Make

Sure, all dads love to unwrap the usual gifts on Father’s Day. It’s okay to give him a tie, socks, perfume or gift card. But it will be even better if you give him DIY Fathers Day gifts from you and the kids. It shows him his family cares enough to use their creativity, time, and crafting skills to make a memento just for him. 

Of course, it’s both important and fun that the whole family is involved in the project, so we’ve put together a list of the best DIY Fathers Day gifts, so easy that even the kid can make.

In this post you will find 10 easy Father’s Day crafts for kids of all ages to make. They’re perfect for dads, stepdads, grandfathers, uncles, or any other father-figure. 

10 Creative DIY Fathers Day Gifts That Kid Can Make

Father’s Day is just around the corner and I know your crafty kids will want to do something amazing for this special day. 

For dads, there is nothing quite as meaningful as receiving a homemade Father’s Day gift from their children on their special day. So if you still have no idea about DIY Fathers Day gifts, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

DIY Fathers Day Gifts

1. Homemade Father’s Day Cards For Kids

Before diving into the DIY Fathers Day gifts, let’s start with homemade cards. When it comes to Father’s Day, we love to make our truly personal wishes and of course get the kids involved in this creative process. These unique DIY card ideas are so special they feel like a gift.

Each of these cards includes a fun artistic process and is the perfect accompaniment to the gift that you will give Dad on his special day. 

DIY Fathers Day Gifts - DIY koozie

2. DIY Koozie

Dad will grin from ear to ear as he sips his favorite summer coolers from this DIY drink koozie.

It is also very easy to do. Cut a piece of craft foam that is shorter than a can. Wrap around the can and cut the length so that it just overlaps. Let your kid draw a picture on the foam with a fabric marker. Add a velcro to the back to keep it closed.

Scratch Art Family Portrait

3. Scratch Art Family Portrait

What Dad wouldn’t love a hand-painted family portrait from his child for Father’s Day? The technique for making this gift is easy and fun. Put the finished artwork in a cheap picture frame, and your kids will have a unique Father’s Day gift to give their dad.

A framed word cloud is really fun and easy to make! With adult guidance, kids can choose a shape and fill it with all sorts of words that describe their dad. Frame your lettering and Dad will be honored to display it on his desk or in his office.

Easy DIY Fathers Day Gifts Kid Can Make

4. Drop Cloth Picnic Blanket

Dad will love lounging on this homemade picnic blanket (you’ll only need a few easy-to-find supplies to make it) with the family on a lazy Sunday afternoon! This will undeniably be one of the most practical DIY Fathers Day gifts you can give your dad.

To make: Wash and iron a canvas of the desired size. Use fabric paint. Tape desired patterns with painter’s tape and paint drop cloth. Let dry and go outside.

DIY Fathers Day Gifts ideas

5. Fingerprint Daddy and Me Mug

Your child’s fingerprints are used to create the drawings on this mug. Dad will always think of his kid when he drinks coffee in the morning. I’m sure this gift will melt the hearts of every coffee-loving dad. Because of its simple and meaningful way of making, this is one of the favorite DIY Fathers Day Gifts.

DIY Grilling Apron

6. DIY Grilling Apron

This is one of the DIY Fathers Day gifts for dad who loves to spend time out baking a delecious meal for friends, family and especially for the maker of this fun apron.

To make: Use a fabric marker of fabric paint and a small painbrush to draw “baking master” and the grill on a plain cloth apron. Afer dry, let the kid dip their little fingers in the yellow, red, or any color they like. Press the apron, right over the grill, to make a fire. 

Homemade Pencil Cup

7. Homemade Pencil Cup

What dad wouldn’t be happy when placing this beautifully decorated pencil mug on his desk? For the right look, use a fabric scrap that resembles a men’s shirt and finish it with white felt for the collar.

 Father's Day gifts

8. Photo Frame Craft

Frames filled with photos are one of the most popular Father’s Day gifts, but they mean even more when they’re handcrafted from their kid.

Get the tutorial at here

Easy DIY Fathers Day Gifts Kid Can Make

9. Back Scratcher

The next idea I want to tell you in the list of “DIY Fathers Day gifts” is this Back Scratcher. Here’s a new take on an old Father’s Day favorite—the kids draw a design in pencil on a wooden scraper, then you use a wood burning tool to make them indelible. It’s so easy and fun, right? 

Homemade Father's Day Gifts That Kids Can Make

10. Personalized T-shirt

And here’s one last Father’s Day creation that I absolutely love! Although it’s not exactly a DIY gift, it’s close enough. Create “pop art” for your dad’s t-shirt! Simply a meaningful quote or a message, send your request to the store and you have a unique gift. What a great personalized gift for Father’s Day, isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

Above are easy-to-make, surprisingly simple DIY Fathers Day gifts that kids can make for Dad to receive. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for the special dad in your life, because these are all Father’s Day crafts that come from the heart.

Well, all actions and gifts, although small, also contribute to the emotional bond between father and children. Don’t be afraid of sharing with your dad your plans and difficulties in life. Because “on this earth, there is no gift as sweet as a father’s love for his child” (Cicero).

Looking for more Father’s Day gift ideas, gifts for dad birthday? Checkout our gifts list. Like the t-shirts below, for example:

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