cat makeup ideas for Halloween

10 Easy Cat Makeup Ideas for Halloween For 2021

Cats are a classic symbol of Halloween, so looking for cat makeup ideas for Halloween is extremely popular. However, with limited time for makeup, can you still make some outfits for the upcoming holiday? (especially if you are a lazy girl like me). Worry no more because the perfect last-minute makeup look is upon you!

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10 Simple Cat Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2021

We, like you, love cat makeup and can’t let Halloween go by without showing you the best designs. So, we’ve rounded 11 cat makeup ideas for Halloween that everyone can easily follow. This list is for everyone, from creepy cats to glamorous glitter cats. Any of these would look great for any Halloween celebrations, from friend parties to trick or treating with the family. Take a look and find your perfect makeup. 

cat makeup ideas for Halloween

Simple cat makeup

Want to give your cat a makeover but don’t want to put on too much makeup? Then try a simple and cute design like this one. The highlight of this feline flick is the cat-hair eyes with a black nose and whiskers. Makeup like this is a perfect option if you don’t want to try a complicated design. Also, this is also a great idea for last-minute Halloween makeup!

Cat Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Sparkling Leopard Makeup

If you want to find impressive cat makeup ideas for Halloween, you can choose this beautiful design like this one. The artist used glitter to create an attractive look. You can see all the products used and tutorials on the page featured below. This’s a great makeup idea that will unleash your wild side this Halloween.

Source: @dajanamakeup

Cat Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Bold Eyed Kitty

This look is great, isn’t it? The eye detail in this design is beautiful, and when you think about it and break it down, the detail itself isn’t really that difficult. All you really need is a good black liquid liner, and a lot more.

The eyeliner has been brought to the point where the eye meets the nose, and the eyeliner has been thickened to completely redesign the shape of the eye, giving it the classic line look. Really long lashes have been applied to both the top and bottom lashes, and those classic cat ears have been added to give it a really bold kitten finish.

Cartoon Kitty

Cartoon Kitty

We love the cartoonish look of this black cat, especially the way the white lining has been used to give the impression of glossy highlights. White isn’t usually the first liner you choose when thinking about black cat makeup ideas for Halloween, but as you can see here, a little clever trick is all you need to create a stunning look. more lively appearance.

If you don’t have time to glue your lashes or simply want something special, fake it with a black pencil, like you can in the photo above. In fact, this is a great way to tweak your daytime/work makeup face to work for that evening event that you completely forgot to prepare for. All you need is regular makeup along with a black and white liner!

Crystal cat makeup

Crystal cat makeup

Looking for unique cat makeup ideas for Halloween? Then this design is for you. This look has classic feline features like a black nose and whiskers but it adds sparkling gems. Gems make the traditional cat look a lot more trendy. You can attach gems to form fangs like this one or create any crystal cat look.

cat makeup ideas for Halloween

Glam Kitty

Want an instant way to add a smoky eye to your look without all the layers and complicated blending? We have a great tip and are happy to share it with you.

Draw a slanted (italic) hashtag on the outer corner of the eye, then use a large cotton blend brush to gently create it into shape. It’s a super quick tip and is perfect when you have a lot of other complicated makeup ideas going on within the same face. An easy addition to the list of cat makeup ideas for Halloween!

cat makeup ideas for Halloween

Hot Leopard and Tabby Cat

Want something glamorous or something cute and sophisticated? The first trick to achieving either of these looks is wearing contact lenses. Then you can use tabby face paint or cosmetics for a sexy leopard look. Full instructions for these two glams can be found here.

cat makeup ideas for Halloween

Pretty Halloween Cat Makeup 

Styling cat makeup may sound difficult, but you can actually just add a few touches of makeup that you might already have. Here’s an example, this model has very nice pink eye makeup that she could wear to a party and she just added her nose, whiskers, and lip color. You can recreate the same look like this one or create your own unique eye makeup and cat combos.

cat makeup ideas for Halloween

Cat Face Makeup

One of the highlights of cats is their eyes. So take advantage of this and create a special eye-catcher. The model in this photo made her eyes look bigger and used thick lashes to create cat-like eyes. Try out this design or add your own number of accents for a unique look. This look is very simple and easy so save it to your list of cat makeup ideas for Halloween.

cat makeup ideas for Halloween

Creative kitty makeup idea

Next, in this list of cat makeup ideas for Halloween, we have a creative kitten idea. Take a look at the photo and you can see that she doesn’t use the classic black nose, mouth and beard. Instead, she opted for red lips, a brown nose, and eyes with prominent lashes. All these elements make for an impressive cat design, and with this makeup look, you’re sure to wow any Halloween party.

And now you’ve got them – 10 cat makeup ideas for Halloween that we’re sure you should rock. Go bold, go birth, go crazy and make a difference on this Halloween. Just be sure you have lots of fun and take lots of pictures too. I bet you can’t wait until Halloween to try these meow cat makeup looks, because so we are!

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