why christmas is celebrated in australia in summer

Why Christmas is celebrated in summer in Australia?

Have you ever wondered why Christmas is celebrated in summer in Australia? In this post today, we’re gonna discover the truth about this incredible Christmas fun fact and love more the exclusive flavor of the festival. Let’s find out why Christmas is celebrated in summer in Australia right now!

What is the Christmas celebration in summer? 

Christmas in summer means we celebrate Christmas in hot July (25th July) (You can see it quite familiar in the song Mistletoe: “Everyone’s gathering around the fire; Chestnuts roasting like a hot July). That’s why we have two Christmas celebrations in one year with a lot of Christmas activities, Christmas carols, Christmas shopping, and Christmas entertainment.

Why Christmas is celebrated in summer in Australia?

Actually, it depends on the geographical location: Southern hemisphere and Northern hemisphere.

Australia, South Africa, or New Zealand is in the Southern hemisphere- where summer falling in December, January, February, and winter falling in June, July, August. The seasons here are reverse to the Northern hemisphere. 

Why Christmas is celebrated in summer in Australia?
Why Christmas is celebrated in summer in Australia?

Australia inherits the mixed culture between Britain and Europe, so there is a special bond to the celebration of Christmas in the cold weather. July is considered to have the coldest weather of the winter (also called Midwinter Christmas), so people in Australia decided to have Christmas in July. (Southern hemisphere can feel the spirit of the holiday with cold weather like the same way of the Northern hemisphere)

why christmas is celebrated in summer in australia every year
Why christmas is celebrated in summer in australia every year?

A summer Christmas but still feels the “cold weather”, held on 25th July each year is one of the Christmas traditions in Australia. But many people will wonder whether Australia has 2 Christmas celebrations in one year? The answer is no. The Christmas in July doesn’t replace the real official Christmas in December. It’s just an extra celebration of Australia, which is also known as Yulefest or Yuletide in Australia.

Christmas traditions in Australia

If you’ve already understood about Why Christmas is celebrated in summer in Australia, let’s see some Christmas tradtions in Australia.

In Australia, it’s more likely they have some fresh drink or fresh beer on the beach, rather than mulled wine and markets, which is commonly occurred in Europe. The food they enjoy is usually seafood, much lighter with the popular choice. Moreover, because it’s in the coldest weather of the year, the hearty food is in preference

The main Christmas only happens on 25th December, and it’s also the national public holiday where people gather together, have small talk, enjoy food and drink, and have some fun. Christmas time, no matter in July or December, it’s still a meaningful time for everyone, looking back to the old days with ups and downs and strive to achieve the best yet to come.

What’s more, the gift exchange is counted on July Christmas. People often consider Christmas gift rules to simplify holiday shopping and still bring the best joy to everyone. Giving gifts is sharing, no matter what present they give or receive, the gesture is highly appreciated and the meaning of the gift is invaluable! What Christmas is all about is not just presents, it’s the precious time we have together and have beautiful memories with each other!


Till now, you’ve finally understood Why Christmas is celebrated in Australia in summer. The unofficial Christmas celebration in Australia taking advantage of the winter season like the Northern hemisphere.

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, with a lot of joy and cheers. Every country has its own Christmas traditions and Christmas celebrations but no matter what, the meaning of Christmas is still incredible and remarkable to everyone.

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