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Best Halloween Gift For Everyone

If you’re looking for the right eye-popping Halloween presents, we’ve got you covered with a list of the best Halloween gifts. Here are some of the most enchanting Halloween gifts to leave everyone spell-bound. 

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who started Father's Day

Who Started Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is coming in just a few weeks and many of us are finding special ways to make the day more meaningful than ever. And while a day dedicated to fathers or any father figures is too familiar to everyone, few people know who started Father’s Day. Let us be with you to discover the inventor of Father’s Day and interesting stories around this holiday.

Who started Father’s Day?

So, who started Father’s Day? The mother of Father’s Day is Sonora Louise Smart Dodd. When she was 16 years old, her father became a widower. He was then left to bring up Dodd and her five younger brothers. In 1909, Dodd was attending a Mother’s Day sermon when she realized that it’s important to have a day to honor fathers, especially her wonderful dad.

the inventor of Father's Day

Sonora Louise Smart Dodd and her Father

Coming back from the sermon, Dodd met her pastor and expressed her belief that fathers should also deserve their own day to be honored. At first, she thought of marking the holiday on June 5, her father’s birthday. 

However, to get more time to prepare sermons for Father’s Day, Dodd suggested that the celebration for Father’s Day would be held on June 19, 1910, the third Sunday of the month. After that, the woman kept on organizing celebrations in Spokane, Washington until she came to study art in Chicago. 

Witnessing Dodd’s efforts for an annual celebration of Father’s Day, many politicians tried to formalize the holiday but they couldn’t. It was not until 1972 that Father’s day was declared to be the national holiday by President Richard M. Nixon.

How Is Father’s Day Today?

who started Father's Day

As you’ve just discovered who started Father’s Day, keep on to get to know how is Father’s Day today!

Although Father’s Day had a very long journey to be recognized as an official holiday, it is currently one of the most widely celebrated holidays for millions of people around the world. The day is such a big chance for people to express their love, gratitude, and appreciation for their beloved dad as well as other father figures in their life. 

On the first Father’s Day in Spokane, people honored their dads by wearing red roses for those who are still alive and white roses for those who were deceased. 

Before Father’s Day, family members will plan a thoughtful celebration to honor the fathers in their life. On Father’s Day, there is no question that Dads will love their children’s gifts and they will certainly cherish them for many years to come. However, the fathers will also love having time with their children on that special day. It’s when they feel loved and appreciated!

Best Father’s Day Gifts You May Love

In modern life, Father’s Day is all about food, gatherings, beautiful flowers, thoughtful gifts, and meaningful cards. According to the National Retail Federation, in 2020, Americans were expected to spend about $17 billion for Father’s Day. The most popular gifts for dad are cards, clothing.

A New Appreciation Of Fatherhood

who started Father's Day

The nature of fatherhood began to change since Father’s Day was first conceived. Currently, many fathers are no longer working as the sole breadwinners in their family. They start to become more involved in family life, supporting their wives with household chores and spending more time with their children.

Currently, more and more American fathers spend an average of eight hours a week taking care of their children. Believe it or not, this number is mostly three times as many hours as parents spent in 1965. However, only less than half of American suppose that they are doing a great job raising their children.

Fatherhood is a wonderful thing, but this is also a challenge that requires much effort from dads. And Father’s Day is truly a special occasion to thank every dad for everything they have done. As President Lyndon B. Johnson stated: “If the father’s responsibilities are many, his rewards are also great—the love, appreciation, and respect of children and spouse,”.

When Is Father’s Day in 2021?

If you haven’t started thinking about the best Father’s Day gifts for dad, unique gifts for dads with no hobbies as well as creative ways to celebrate the day, you should be quick. Father’s Day is just in a few weeks and it’s time you prepare the best things for the special men in your life. This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 20. That’s why right from now, you should look for the best ideas to honor your dad. 

who started Father's Day

People in different countries around the world celebrate Father’s Day on different dates. For example, the United States and the majority of countries in Europe celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June. In several catholic countries, especially in Latin America, people honor their dads and father figures on Joseph’s Day, which is on March 19. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have discovered who started Father’s Day as well as interesting things around the day, let’s find how to celebrate this meaningful day with your dad. It can be organizing Father’s Day activities, preparing thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts, planning the best Father’s Day dinner ideas, or looking for the best Father’s Day movies. Do your best and let the special man in your life feel extra-special on a day just for him!

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