What to do on Thanksgiving without family

What To Do On Thanksgiving Without Family?

The Thanksgiving holiday reminds us of the visions of big family meals enjoyed around a table. And it’s quite understandable when some of you might feel awful when you find yourself being alone on that day, for whatever reason. Just forget that feeling if you have it in your head. Instead, ask yourself what to do on Thanksgiving without family. No worries if you don’t know where to start, we are here to help!

celebrating Thanksgiving without family

What to do on Thanksgiving without family?

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving solo this year, there are still many interesting things you can try to make the holiday memorable. Yes! Being away from home on Turkey Day doesn’t mean you have to spend all the day feeling sad about what you are missing out on. A lot of things ahead are waiting for you. 

What to do on Thanksgiving without family? 10 delightful ways to try

With a bit of planning, you can get a great Thanksgiving experience which is beautiful and keeps you in a grateful state of mind. Instead of focusing on who you can’t be with, think about the one you can celebrate the happiness of the day together. Just like planning a Thanksgiving with family, planning for a Thanksgiving without family also requires much effort. Don’t expect things to come on their own as they will never. It’s you who make your holiday become more interesting. So, let’s get creative, start your own traditions and treat yourself well on this occasion!

What to do on Thanksgiving without family? If you are stuck on finding great ways to follow, you can refer to our suggestions. Eight ways below are all delightful ways to celebrate Thanksgiving when you are alone. Take any of them into consideration to brighten your day.

1. Prepare your favorite dishes

what to do on Thanksgiving without family

When it comes to Thanksgiving, we cannot help mentioning a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. And even when you are celebrating Thanksgiving without family, you can still cook delicious food for yourself. Choose some of your favorite dishes and start to cook.  Toast turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, or corn pudding, just make anything you like. 

Don’t be sad because you have no chance to be at a huge family gathering this year. Being alone, you can still prepare a wonderful feast to celebrate the day!

2. Spend some time writing love letters.

celebrate Thanksgiving without family

If you are missing your family members, that’s OK. Don’t be sad. The feeling of homesick just emphasizes that you are blessed to have a wonderful family that you love. And you can express that love by writing a letter to them. Let’s imagine how touched they will be when receiving your heartfelt message. 

3. Take yourself outdoors

what to do on Thanksgiving without family

What to do on Thanksgiving without family – being outside

Spending time outside is also a good clue of what to do on Thanksgiving without family. However, remember to watch the weather forecast to know if the weather permits you to be outdoors or not. You can go for a hike, ride a bike, or head to the beach. The fresh air, exercise, and vitamin D from the sun will let you have a great Thanksgiving Day

4. Check-in with long-distance people

What to do on Thanksgiving without family

While you don’t have an opportunity to be with your loved ones this Thanksgiving, you can find other ways to connect to them. Use Skype, Facetime to call them and give them best wishes for the holiday. Maybe you’ll have dinner together virtually, rather than in person. Or it can just only be a quick catch-up with someone to plan a potential Thanksgiving celebration next year. Whatever it is, all will make your Thanksgiving more meaningful! You are never alone with all the help of modern technology. 

5. Watch movies

celebrate Thanksgiving without family - watch movies

What to do on Thanksgiving without family – see a movie

This is one of the most popular ways for you to celebrate Thanksgiving without family. As long as you think that watching a film can truly make your day special, just do it! Find anything that is fun for you and enjoy every single second of it. There are many great Thanksgiving movies to watch. Choose one of them (or more) and start celebrating Thanksgiving your way!

6. Order your favorite takeout

What to do on Thanksgiving without family

If you are not interested in cooking, no problem! You can still order a wonderful lunch or dinner from your favorite restaurant. Yes! You will get a meal to look forward to. Enjoy your favorite dishes while watching an exciting film for the holiday, what’s better?

7. Recreate an awesome memory from childhood

celebrate Thanksgiving alone

There are certainly wonderful moments of your childhood that make you so excited when you think about. If this Thanksgiving reminds you of post-dinner walks through the neighborhood with a cup of cocoa, don’t hesitate to do it if you are finding what to do on Thanksgiving without family.

8. Volunteer (safely and socially distanced) or donate

celebrate Thanksgiving - volunteer

What to do on Thanksgiving without family? A great idea to celebrate Thanksgiving without family is to volunteer or donate to causes you care about. During this tough time of facing the COVID-19 pandemic, if you can volunteer in a safe way, it’s an ideal option. But if you consider that’s not something you can do as normal this year, consider making a donation to organizations that are in need of a little extra support this year.

9. Enjoy the quiet

What to do on Thanksgiving without family

What to do on Thanksgiving without family – enjoy the quiet

You may not think about it but actually enjoying the quiet can also be a great option if you are looking for what to do on Thanksgiving without family. Well, be more flexible. There is nothing wrong with one day enjoying the quiet atmosphere. Read a book, lay in sweats, and eat things you have never eaten. Don’t let loneliness or sadness make it hard for you to get in the holiday spirit.

10. Spend time with a friend

Celebrate Thanksgiving without family

Chances are there is someone else on your friend list who is about to spend their Thanksgiving alone. Why not spend the holiday together? You two may want to prepare a whole big Thanksgiving party. Or if that is not your cup of tea, just spend time with each other! For example, you can just hang out together, go for a walk, or see a movie together.

Amazing Thanksgiving Gifts To Impress Anyone

When you are not there with your family to celebrate Thanksgiving holiday, you can still show your love and gratitude for them with the most thoughtful Thanksgiving gift ideas. You find it hard to come up with a perfect gift? Our list below will help you!

Final Thoughts

What to do on Thanksgiving without family? We believe that you will get inspired by our suggestions! Pick the way you like and go for it! Any way you choose to celebrate the day, always remember that it will be what makes your day so memorable!

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