What time does the Macy's Thanksgiving parade start

What Time Does The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Start?

One of the best things waiting for us when Thanksgiving comes around is the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. You are wondering what time does the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade start and how to watch it? Just relax as we’ve got you covered!

What time does the Macy's Thanksgiving parade start

What time does the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade start?

What time does the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade start?

Every year, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade begins at 9 am ET. The event will last until noon, offering everyone a full three hours of holiday fun. Normally, there are thousands of people taking to the streets of New York City to watch the parade. In addition, millions of fans turn in across the country to see all the best musical performances and floats.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade

Do you know what time does the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade start?

It is NBC that will stream Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. You can get access to the live stream of the parade on NBC.com or other NBC apps. However, they require a cable login to authorize the stream. Also, you may find the live broadcast via Macy’s website. 

Furthermore, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade also cooperates with Verizon to allow users to experience the event as if they are actually there with Verizon 360º Live.

What time does the Macy's Thanksgiving parade start?

Discover what time does the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade start

The 95th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Well, this is exactly what you are looking for, right? This year we are going to see the 95th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Let’s check out if there is any change about it. What time does the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade start and how long does it take place?

It is said that the 95th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will take place on November 25th, 2021 in New York City. And like the previous year, the parade will be shown to viewers live on NBC that same day from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Let’s wait and enjoy the best things from this festivity.

Discover what time does the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade start

What time does the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade start – Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in 2021

Mind-blowing facts about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

As we’ve discovered what time does the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade start, it’s time to learn more about this Thanksgiving tradition. The annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade organized in New York City, for a long time, has been known as the world’s largest parade. This festivity is presented by the U.S-based department store chain Macy’s.

The three-hour parade starts in Manhattan and ends outside Macy’s Herald Square. It lasts three hours from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Thanksgiving Day. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade has been broadcasted nationally on NBC since 1953. Now, let’s get into some interesting facts to understand more about this Thanksgiving event!

Sound effects in the Macy’s Parade 

It was in 1933 when the balloons at the Macy’s Parade were said to have sound effects. Those are the sound when the pig oinked, the dachshund barked, and even the baby balloon cried. These days, at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, you probably will not be able to hear these special effects over the marching bands, Broadway performances, and millions of spectators.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade

What time does the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade start – interesting facts about the tradition

The parade was first broadcasted on the radio

Yes! The very first broadcasts of the parade took place in 1932 and they were on the radio.

During World War II, Thanksgiving Macy’s parade was halted 

Due to the shortage of rubber and helium, Macy canceled the Thanksgiving Day parade from 1942 to 1944. At that time, the company did a very special thing – they deflated their rubber balloons and then donated them to the government. The balloons weigh about 650 pounds total. Currently, people make balloons of polyurethane fabric.

It was not until 1945 that the parade returned. In 1946, the parage followed a new route, which started at 77th Street and Central Park West and ended at 34th Street. That was half the length of the previous route.

It was originally a Christmas parade

Facts about Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade

It was exactly on Thanksgiving Day 1924 when hundreds of Macy’s department store employees came together to celebrate Christmas. It means the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving tradition officially began as the Macy’s Christmas parade. 

The original day of Macy’s parade was six miles long

The first day of Macy’s parade was known to begin at 145th street in upper Manhattan and end at the Macy’s flagship store on 34th street. The 111-block parade was considered to take several hours to complete. At the time, this could only be possible by hitching horses to the parade floats and then relying on them to drag the festivities halfway down the island.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade

Tigers roamed the streets for three years

It was considered that the parade was way furrier from 1924 to 1926. Borrowed from the Central Park Zoo, a procession of camels, elephants, tigers, goats, as well as other live beasts was down the streets of New York to offer amusement to the crowds. Also, some of them draped in Macy’s pennants to advertise the show. After 1926, they replaced those zoo animals with the huge helium balloons we see today.

There were protests to the Macy’s parade early on

According to the New York Times, just two years after the first parade, the Allied Patriotic Societies protested the parade, insisting that Macy shouldn’t hold the event on Thanksgiving since “it would interfere with Thanksgiving Day worship. In addition, they emphasized that it wasn’t suitable for a commercial company to hold such a parade on the holiday. The association confirmed that it would ask the police commissioner to revoke the parade permit in case the company didn’t acknowledge the protest.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade

Percy Straus, an employee of Macy, participated in the association’s meeting. He indicated that there was no blatant advertising in the parade and that the word “Macy’s” was used just once. In addition, he pointed out that Thanksgiving morning was the only time for the children to watch the parade, and traffic at that time would be light enough for the parade’s passing. Also, the parade was supposed to be over in ample time for people’s churchgoing.

All those justifications didn’t make a difference as the association kept on voting to protest the parade. However, its efforts to get the event canceled were not successful. Later, the parade still went on as usual.

There are a lot of threats to those giant balloons

Believe it or not, there is a wide range of things that pose threats to the parade balloons. The very first threat to mention is electric wire (which made the Felix the Cat balloon burst into flames when it hit them in 1931). Another factor causing the problem is rain. It was the rain that filled the Popeye balloon’s hat with water, which caused lots of spectators along the parade route in 1957 to get wet. In addition, we couldn’t forget to talk about tree branches on the street where the parade takes place.

But do you know what is the greatest enemy of a balloon when it comes to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade? Well, it’s nothing but wind. To be more specific,  In 1993, the wind made the Sonic Hedgehog balloon hit a lamppost. This caused the light to fell and unluckily, it injured a person. 

What’s more, in 1997, police had to stab a Pink Panther balloon when the wind sent it careening. Also in that year, the wind was what caused an oversized Cat in the Hat balloon to hit a streetlight. This sent two people to the hospital due to head injuries. After the incident, there were new size rules instituted for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

In 2005, another unlucky thing happened when an M&M balloon got tangled on a streetlamp. That made the lamp fall and injure two people. Normally, each balloon in the Macy’s parade flies at a height affected by its size and weather conditions. And the wind is considered to pose such a threat to those giant balloons. If gusts are too strong, the balloons cannot fly.

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We’ve explored what time does the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade start as well as some interesting facts about this Thanksgiving tradition. Are you among the ones who are wondering what time does the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade start and wait until November for the event? Let’s expect the best experiences from Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in 2021. We hope you have a memorable Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones!

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