What is Vietnam Veterans Day?

What is Vietnam Veterans Day?

Wondering what is Vietnam Veterans Day?
What is Vietnam Veterans Day?

Each country has its own Veterans Day. If U.S Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11, Italy Veterans Day is on November 4, Vietnam Veterans Day falls on March 29. Vietnam Veterans Day is a special day for Americans to remember those who served in the Vietnam War. Let’s discover what is Vietnam Veterans Day and some interesting things about this holiday.

How many Vietnam veterans are still alive today?

According to the American Library of War, there are nearly 610,000 Americans who served in land forces during the Vietnam War or in air missions over Vietnam between 1954 and 1975 are still alive to this day.

In addition, it is also estimated that appropriately 164,000 Americans who served at sea in Vietnam waters during the same period are still alive today.

How old would a Vietnam vet be today?

Ages range between 60 and 97, but the median is 68 years old. 

What day is Vietnam Veterans Day in Australia?

On 18 August, Australia celebrates Veterans Day on the anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan in 1966. It’s a day to honor those who served during the Vietnam War for 10 years. 

Why is March 29 Vietnam Veterans Day?

Want to know what is Vietnam Veterans Day?
What is Vietnam Veterans Day?

Have you ever asked why March 29 was chosen as Vietnam Veterans Day? March 29 marks a significant day when Military Assistance Command, Vietnam was disbanded and the last U.S. troops withdrew from the Republic of Vietnam. It’s a commemorative day for Vietnam War-era veterans. 

History of Vietnam Veterans Day

Do you know what is Vietnam Veterans Day?
What is Vietnam Veterans Day?

National Vietnam War Veterans Day was officially designated in 2017 by President Trump to honor veterans and their families who served and sacrificed during the Vietnam War. 

On March 29, 1973, the last American combat troops departed from South Vietnam, which put an end to one of the longest U.S. conflicts in the country’s history. Hanoi also released the last prisoners held in North Vietnam on this day. 

There are more than 2.7 million U.S. combat units served in the war and more than 58,000 of them died. 

Some states have chosen March 30 as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day” as a way to celebrate when soldiers began returning to American soil. Despite some debate, March 29 is usually considered a more appropriate date.

In Virginia, Governor Ralph Northam declared March 29, 2021, as Vietnam Veterans Day in the Commonwealth of Virginia to honor and commemorate the thousands of Virginia men and women who served in the Nation’s Armed Forces during this war.

John Maxwell, Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Veterans Services (VDVS) said that “Virginia is proudly home to more than 721,000 military veterans and of these men and women, more than 230,000 served during the Vietnam era from 1961 through 1975”. 

“Of these, more than 1,300 made the ultimate sacrifice and another 46 are still missing in action. Eight Virginians who served in Vietnam were awarded the Medal of Honor, our Nation’s highest military honor”, he added. 

 “As Governor Northam noted in his proclamation, it is especially important that even 50 or more years later that Virginians take this day to thank our Vietnam Veterans for answering the call to serve. The contributions of these returning veterans as leaders in business, the arts, medicine, science, education, technology, and public service throughout our Commonwealth is well documented and they deserve nothing less than our highest praise and acknowledgment”, he continued. 

Is Vietnam War Veterans Day a federal holiday?

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National Vietnam War Veterans Day is observed on March 29th in the US and recently became a recognized annual holiday in 2017 when President Trump signed it into law.

How to honor National Vietnam War Veterans Day? 

Looking for what is Vietnam Veterans Day?
What is Vietnam Veterans Day?

There are a lot of ways to honor National Vietnam War Veterans Day. Here are some major ways: 

Donating money to the Fund is a practical and great way to help those who are still alive after the war. 

Talk to any family members who may have used to be a part of it

You may have parents or a member in your family that served or was involved in that time, you can listen to their stories. Not everyone is comfortable telling their stories in wartime, but some people prefer sharing what they experienced as a way to vent.

Thank a Vietnam veteran!

Searching for what is Vietnam Veterans Day?
What is Vietnam Veterans Day?

This is a fantastic way to reach out to someone new and begin a positive relationship. Additionally, they will surely appreciate you for recognizing their efforts 50 years ago.

Watch a Vietnam War documentary

It’s never a bad idea to watch a Vietnam War documentary to have a deeper understanding of the history as well as the sacrifice and efforts of the warriors in wartime. If you have no idea of what to watch, consider a movie by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick or Last Days in Vietnam directed by Rory Kennedy or Vietnam Nurses by Timeline.

Read about the Vietnam War

This is also an interesting way to observe Vietnam War Veterans Day. There are a lot of sources or books to explore the Vietnam War such as A History by Stanley Karnow or They Marched into Sunlight: War and Peace, Vietnam and America, October 1967 by David Maraniss, or  The Quiet American by Graham Green and Robert Stone.

Visit a local memorial

On the hunt for what is Vietnam Veterans Day?
What is Vietnam Veterans Day?

It’s great to visit a memorial or volunteer at a commemoration on Vietnam Veterans Day. 

Share your thank you messages on social media

Post a thank you message on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you know a Vietnam veteran, don’t forget to tag him. 

Give a small gift to a Vietnam veteran you know

If you know a Vietnam veteran in your life, gifting him a meaningful gift to show off their bravery is an excellent way. A veteran shirt is a wonderful pick on Veterans Day.

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The Vietnam War was no doubt one of the most brutal. This Vietnam War Veterans Day, show your appreciation to all the brave men and women who battled during this wartime. Hopefully, this post helps you what is Vietnam Veterans Day as well as some ways to celebrate this day.

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