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discovering what is the history of Parents' Day

What Is The History Of Parents’ Day?

Americans celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Monday in May, Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June. Many people wonder if they have any special day to celebrate both parents. The answer is yes! So, what is the history of Parents’ Day? Let’s get to explore the history of Parents’ Day in the United States to understand more about this special occasion.

what is the history of Parents' Day

Discover what is the history of Parents’ Day

Discover what is the history of Parents’ Day

Every year on the fourth Sunday of July,  Americans celebrate Parents’ Day to honor all parents and parental figures. Parents’ Day is celebrated everywhere across the United States. The special day also has an important meaning in promoting parenting and all aspects of parenthood. The holiday has gained some support for its celebration from all types of parents, same-sex parents included!

Parents’ Day does not come with a centuries-old history. Let’s go into detail to know what is the history of Parents’ Day.

explore what is the history of Parents' Day

Let’s get to know what is the history of Parents’ Day

The bill to establish Parents’ Day was introduced by Mississippi senator Trent Lott. In 1994, Parents’ Day was officially formed after US President Bill Clinton, in his presidential term in the White House, signed a congressional resolution for recognition, uplift, and support of parents.

At that time, he supposed that there still existed a void among people even when people celebrate both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day every year in May and June respectively. The president realized the importance to establish a day that commemorated the efforts of both the parents together. It was then that Parents’ Day was formed. He signed into law a resolution and after that, the resolution was cohesively adopted by US Congress also.

When is Parents’ Day in 2021?

In the United States, Parents’ Day is a national observance, not a public holiday. Parents’ Day is on Sunday, 25 July 2021. On this day, most businesses still follow the regular Sunday opening hours in the country.

discover what is the history of parents' day

Discovering what is the history of Parents’ Day

What is the significance of Parents’ Day?

Parents’ Day is commonly meant to celebrate parenthood. However, it’s important to know that the special day also has another special meaning. While studying what is the history of Parents’ Day, learn more about its significance!

Just look around us and you can notice a rapidly changing society in which the divorce rate is quickly increasing. In such complicated situations where families are breaking down so fast, celebrating Parents’ Day plays an important role in putting forward the importance of parents in society. It emphasizes the idea that a child should be brought up together by both parents. 

The day also reminds us of the importance of parents in a family and in society. As mentioned in Congress resolution, Parents Day is a meaningful occasion to “recognize, uplift, and support the role of parents in the rearing of children.”

Since its establishment, Parents’ Day celebrations have been encouraged all around the world. Parents are considered to be a wonderful source of love, hope, and help for their children.

finding history of Parents' Day

Finding what is the history of Parents’ Day

With their parents’ help, children can learn many important skills for their life such as courage, integrity, modesty, compassion, self-reliance, reverence, and respect for others. Parenthood is always regarded as a privilege, which, however, is accompanied by a lot of responsibilities. 

As parents are the ones who always try their best to gain the most wonderful things for us, it’s important to appreciate all their efforts. Pay attention to their hard work and give them a token of love. And Parents Day is such an exemplary opportunity to express our love, gratitude, and appreciation for all they’ve sacrificed.

Parents’ Day celebrations

There are several festivities organized on Parents’ Day. They include picnics, outreach programs to parents, and support with childrearing. When it comes to Parents’ Day celebrations, we cannot forget to mention The Parents’ Day Council.

Parents' Day celebrations

What is the history of Parents’ Day & How is it celebrated?

This organization plays an important role in promoting and celebrating Parents’ Day by holding a wide range of events. They are those who award “Parents of the Year” at local, state, and national levels. Those selected to be awarded are people who exemplify the standard and ideal of positive parenthood. Through this activity, exemplary parents coming from each state will be nominated for “National Parents of the Year”.

Parents’ Day is a wonderful occasion for children to send thoughtful gifts to their mothers and fathers. Also, they may send to those who play an important role in their life some gift cards, beautiful bouquets of flowers, cakes as well as many other food hampers.

People also love Parents’ Day as it is a perfect time for the whole family to come together for lunches or dinner. There are special tributes to parental figures held through local announcements, at church services, or at local community events. On this special day, several churches hold special services under the theme of parenthood.

Symbols on Parents’ Day

When exploring what is the history of Parents’ Day, it’s important to know about its symbols. On this meaningful day, you will have chances to see different symbols related to parents and parenthood. The most typical symbols belong to the images of people engaged in active learning activities with their children. The images are usually on photos, posters, paintings, stickers, and sketches to promote Parents’ Day. 

In addition, lovely images of flowers are also known as an important part to promote the day. Organizations make these images to spread the message that: commitment is a core family value; parental responsibilities are super vital to children’s growth and development. Most importantly, they emphasize that unconditional love is needed for a strong bond between parental figures and their children.

As Parents’ Day is fast approaching, it’s time you prepare the most thoughtful gifts for mom and the best gift ideas for dad. In case you are stuck on finding the most perfect gift, you can refer to these meaningful gifts below to get more inspiration!

Above we’ve been with you to explore what is the history of Parents’ Day. On this upcoming Parents’ Day, try to make all the best things to honor your beloved parents. The most important people in your life will surely feel happy and they can even burst into tears when receiving your love and concern. Happy Parents’ Day and wish your family have memorable moments together!

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