Thanksgiving Traditional Foods

What Do People Eat On Thanksgiving? 12 Thanksgiving Traditional Foods

It can be said that Thanksgiving is one of the most important American holidays after Christmas. This is a great opportunity for family members to gather, and enjoy delicious food together. Usually, the most special main course on the Thanksgiving menu will be the turkey. So besides turkey, what do people eat on Thanksgiving? Here is a list of traditional dishes that you will always see at the Thanksgiving table.

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What Do People Eat On Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving expresses gratitude for nature’s generosity for bountiful harvests. Therefore, this meal is considered the most hearty dinner of the year for Americans, Canadians and some Western countries. If you’re wondering what do people eat on Thanksgiving, here’s the answer.


What Do People Eat On Thanksgiving
What Do People Eat On Thanksgiving? Of course is Turkey!

What do people eat on Thanksgiving? Turkey is a must. A roasted turkey with glossy, dark brown skin is the symbol of the Thanksgiving table. On this occasion, the best turkeys are bought, then filled with ingredients such as chestnuts, onions, herbs, and nuts and roasted whole in the oven. Chicken is baked with vegetables, butter and sage leaves to enhance the flavor. 


Whether baked or mashed, potato or sweet potato, this food is still an indispensable element of the Thanksgiving meal. After a protein-packed turkey, potatoes are a great starchy, balanced meal.

Chicken stuffing

what do people eat on Thanksgiving
Besides turkey, what do people eat on Thanksgiving?

The breadcrumbs, herbs, and seeds that have been stuffed and baked with the turkey are then removed to serve as a side dish. This dish has a very attractive taste because every ingredient in it has absorbed the spices and gravy from the chicken.

Cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauce or cranberry jam is a sauce that is often served with turkey at Thanksgiving. Nowadays, some people serve their cranberry sauce straight from the can or jar, but if you have time, you can make it yourself as the recipe is super simple. Cranberries are simmered with sugar until thickened, forming a sour sauce that balances out the fatty flavors of turkey and mashed potatoes.


What Do People Eat On Thanksgiving
What Do People Eat On Thanksgiving?

A turkey will not be complete if the cook wastes the gravy that is extracted while the meat is roasting in the oven. Gravy is obtained after the baked chicken has absorbed the spices and aromas of vegetables and herbs, and is then cooked with flour or cornstarch to thicken. The sweetness and richness of this sauce is the soul of turkey, keeping the meat from being pale and boring.

Marshmallow sweet potatoes

Are sweet potatoes sweet enough for you? Believe it or not, this is one of America’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes, and it’s baked across the country for the holiday. While it certainly wasn’t the dish served at the first Thanksgiving dinner in 1621, they are widely available today.

All you need to do is bake some sweet potatoes, then mash them, add some cinnamon and butter, cover with marshmallows, then back them to the oven until the marshmallows on the surface are golden brown.

Green Bean Casserole

What do people eat on Thanksgiving
Green Bean Casserole is a popular when it comes to what do people eat on Thanksgiving

Green Bean Casserole was created by the Campbell Soup Company in 1955. This dish includes green beans, cream mushroom sauce and fried onions. The dish was then well received and gradually became part of the traditional American Thanksgiving meal.


Cornbread is favorite and popular when it comes to what do people eat on Thanksgiving. Bread is commonly used in American meals, so on Thanksgiving, this basic dish is indispensable on the table. Cornbread is simply a type of bread with the main ingredient being cornmeal instead of wheat flour.

Pumpkin pie

What do people eat on Thanksgiving
Pumpkin pie is favorite dish in Thanksgiving

The end of the year is the time when the pumpkins are ripe and the harvest is coming. Westerners use pumpkin popularly in their daily meals and throughout Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie has a base mainly made of flour, butter, milk, and then crispy toasted. The pumpkin filling is smooth, mixed with milk cream and spices. When served, each slice of cake is usually accompanied by a little whipped cream and sprinkled with cinnamon powder.

Pecan pie

Pecan pie is another popular cake baked for Thanksgiving that uses pecans as the main ingredient. Pecans are also harvested at this time of year. The pecans used in this cake are sweetened with maple syrup, which adds a sweet flavor to the cake.


What do people eat on Thanksgiving
The most popular Thanksgiving drink is still apple cider

Thanksgiving also has the same typical drinks as other major holidays. Depending on the family, their party will have different traditional drinks, but the most popular is still apple cider. Apple cider is actually non-alcoholic apple juice and is very easy to make. Apples are pressed to get water, then boiled, filtered and refrigerated.


For a long time, Thanksgiving has always used all the vegetables traditionally harvested at this time of year to prepare dishes. However, note they are vegetables that grow in the ground, under soil, not on the ground or on trees or plants. So that means potatoes, carrots, radishes, sweet potatoes, squash, and the most popular Thanksgiving vegetable – pumpkin.


What do people eat on Thanksgiving? The answer is clear. These are the most popular dishes at the Thanksgiving table. Also, if you’re looking for something new to the Thanksgiving menu this year, check out our Southern Thanksgiving recipes. Wishing you and your family a happy and warm Thanksgiving!

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