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Celebrate Halloween 2021: What Are Halloween activities?

Halloween parties are the ideal time that everyone from kids to adults will engage in many creative games and fun activities. What are Halloween activities and how are they organized? Scroll down to discover all the most exciting ways that create the best things of a Halloween season.

Do you know what are Halloween activities

Do you know what are Halloween activities?

We believe that most of you are so excited about welcoming a new Halloween season. Are you ready to roll out all the interesting games for a night of family-friendly fun? Just believe it, you will find a lot of surprises when getting to know about different activities on Halloween Day.

Yes! Halloween will be less exciting without certain activities. So, when you think about Halloween activities, what first comes to your mind? Chances are memories of trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, trying the best Halloween costumes and carving pumpkins are the first activities you think of. 

There are many fun and impressive ways to celebrate Halloween Day. Follow us and we will explore them one by one. Let’s look for the best ways to keep kids engaged and adults entertained on this special occasion.

What are Halloween activities – Traditional Halloween Activities

While it’s important to learn what is the history of Halloween Day or why do we celebrate Halloween, we should also know the most popular activities when the special day comes around. What activities will you join in this upcoming Halloween season? Follow us to get more inspiration and make the holiday more meaningful and memorable than ever!

Pumpkin Decorating

What are Halloween activities - pumpkin decorating

There is no question that pumpkin decorating is among the most popular activities when it comes to Halloween. On this day, people usually carve or paint pumpkins with their friends or family! Search for the most creative pumpkin carving ideas and follow their tutorials to get the best results. 

Here, we suggest that you should choose small to medium-sized pumpkins that are easy to carry and decorate. Also, try to prepare plenty of pumpkins on hand in case anyone makes a mistake and needs to start again.

Jack O’Lantern making competition is one of the most favorite contest when decorating pumpkin for Halloween. This is known as a yearly Halloween tradition that came to America from Irish immigrants.

what are Halloween activities - Jack O'Lantern Making Competition

What are Halloween activities – Jack O’Lantern making competition

Well, there are so many people who are excited about this contest on Halloween Day. Normally, a traditional American jack-o’-lantern is made from a pumpkin and lit from within by a candle. One tip in this game is that you should first cut the top of the pumpkin to make a lid, before you carve out the pumpkin flesh.

Pumpkin carving is popular for both kids and adults. However, because kids shouldn’t use sharp tools, they can choose to paint the pumpkin instead. 

Halloween Pumpkin Hunting Game

What are Halloween activities? Let’s keep on with another idea to celebrate Halloween Day with pumpkins. It’s the Halloween pumpkin patch hunting activity. 

Halloween Pumpkin Patch Hunting Game

Not only for kids, but this is also a very fun game that adults can participate in. In this game, you will have to hunt from floor to ceiling to find the hidden pumpkins around the house. Everyone will try their best to be the one who can find the most hidden pumpkins. 

Visit A Pumpkin Patch 

What are Halloween activities

How about visiting a pumpkin patch on Halloween Day. Heading to a  pumpkin farm is also an outstanding Halloween activity. Look for some great pumpkin farms around you and drive there. Even, people pack a picnic and make it a full day activity. 

Halloween Costume Competition

what are Halloween activities - Halloween costumes

What are Halloween activities – Halloween costume contest

Well. It sounds really interesting. Halloween costume competition is a wonderful answer to the question of “what are Halloween activities”! And Halloween costume competition is one of the great Halloween activities for adults and also for kids.

There is no doubt that all your guests will appear in different Halloween costumes. And a Halloween costume competition is organized to determine the best and worst costumes on that special day. Of course, there are some small prizes for the game, for example, slimy goo or skeleton key-ring.

Currently, there is a wide range of places where you can hire a Halloween costume. Or if you can do it yourself, it will be much more interesting.

Halloween Face Painting

When someone asks you “what are Halloween activities”, don’t forget to tell them about face painting. This is one of the most popular games for people of all ages. Everyone from kids to adults will try face painting to celebrate Halloween Day. A lot of people are interested in these activities as it is fun and it keeps them busy.

Halloween Face Painting

In case you are not good at face painting, then you can completely consider hiring a professional face painter. Or you can think about mask making, where you can come with a mask that has been already made. 

Usually, people will try to make their faces look as scary as possible. For a long time, Halloween is famous for decorating spooky faces that can frighten other people.


What are Halloween activities? There are many activities to explore but we will never forget to tell you about trick or treating. This tradition is known as one of the most popular Halloween activities for kids, especially in America.

Trick or Treating

In trick or treating, groups of kids in Halloween costumes will travel from house to house and ask for treats with the phrase “Trick or treat”. After that, they will collect different treats, such as chocolate and sometimes money, in return for not doing a trick. The “trick” in this activity mentions a threat, usually idle, to perform mischief on the homeowner or their property when the kids get no treat from them.

Trick or treating, for a long time, is considered a fun way to start the Halloween party, especially when kids are there. Afterward, they will come back home to join in fun Halloween party games as well as enjoy delicious food.

Tell ghost stories

what are Halloween activities - tell ghost stories

Another popular Halloween activity is telling ghost stories. This activity is best done when all people are in a darkened room. Besides reading or listening to ghost stories, people also watch horror movies on Halloween Day. 

We’ve just explored what are Halloween activities. What activities are you going to participate in this Halloween season? Let’s celebrate Halloween Day with all the best party game ideas and cherish your loved ones with the best Halloween gifts. Wish you and your special ones have a memorable occasion!

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