Best Halloween Gift For Everyone

If you’re looking for the right eye-popping Halloween presents, we’ve got you covered with a list of the best Halloween gifts. Here are some of the most enchanting Halloween gifts to leave everyone spell-bound. 

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Best Halloween Gift For Everyone

If you’re looking for the right eye-popping Halloween presents, we’ve got you covered with a list of the best Halloween gifts. Here are some of the most enchanting Halloween gifts to leave everyone spell-bound. 

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Global Parents Day activities

What Are Global Parents’ Day Activities In 2021?

If you are wondering if there is Global Parents Day in this world or not, you’ve come to the right page. In this article, we are going to share with you all about this special day, from its history to the most outstanding Global Parents Day activities and events. Keep on reading to check it out!

Happy Global Parents' Day

What are Global Parents Day activities?

When is Global Parents’ Day?

Though Parents’ Day is celebrated in different countries around the world on different dates, Global Day of Parents takes place every year on the 1st of June.

Coincidentally, Global Parents’ Day falls on the same day as International Children’s Day. It is the irreplaceable child-guardian bond that partly makes these two holidays complement each other.

History of Global Parents’ Day

what are Global Parent's Day activities

What are Global Parents Day activities? – History of the day

Let’s learn more about the history of the day before we go into the detail of the best Global Parents Day activities!

In the United States, President Bill Clinton signed Congressional Resolution into law, establishing National Parents’ Day in 1994. The main purpose of the resolution is to recognize and emphasize the “…uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children.”

Later, the United Nations also stressed the significance and importance of families and their related issues. In 2012, through the resolution A/RES/66/292 the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed that June 1 would be celebrated as Global Parents’ Day worldwide. The major spirit of the day is to honor parents all over the world.

The General Assembly also emphasizes in the resolution that the family has the primary responsibility for the nurturing as well as protection of children. It’s important that children should be brought up in a family environment full of happiness, love, and understanding.

What are Global Parents Day activities and events?

There are various Global Parents Day activities held every year. Whatever the event might be, the ultimate purpose of those celebrations is to let your parents or guardians know how thankful you are for their commitment.

Adolescent children prepare their parent’s favorite dish

Children cook for parents on Global Parents' Day

Children cook for parents – Best Global Parents Day activities

You don’t need to be good at cooking to do this special thing on Global Parents’ Day. But the dishes that you cook will contain the sweet taste of love and gratitude for your parents. Let’s believe that they will be surprised at how much you have tried to prepare a special meal just for them.

Give parents meaningful Global Parents’ Day gifts

giving gift to parents

Gift giving – meaningful Global Parents Day actitvies

A beautiful bouquet of flowers can make a pleasant gift to parents. If it’s not your choice, you can also pamper your parents with thoughtful gifts for them. While parents always that you don’t need to prepare them gifts on this day, a thoughtful gift will certainly melt their heart.

Send greetings cards of Happy Parents Day to parents

Happy Global Parents Day greetings cards

Send parents greetings cards – outstanding Global Parents Day actitvities

Another activity on Global Parents’ Day is to send greeting cards to parents. Let these greetings cards help you express your love, best wishes to your parents. Finding the most meaningful quotes and wishes for Parents’ Day will be useful in this situation.

Take parents out for a lunch date

Lunch or dinner? It’s up to you and your parents. If you find it inconvenient to cook for them a special meal at home, heading to a restaurant can be a perfect choice.

Global Parents Day activities

Best Global Parents Day activities

Have family gathering on Global Parent’s Day

Simple as it might be, this is one of the greatest Global Parents Day activities you can expect. Be with all the members of your family and wish your parents a happy Global Day of Parents. You can be together to enjoy delicious food or watch a special movie about the day.

The theme of Global Parents’ Day

On discovering the best Global Parents Day activities, it’s vital that we can determine the theme of the day!

“Appreciate all parents throughout the world” is the theme for Global Parents’ Day 2021. This theme works as an endorsement of all parents’ struggles and sacrifices to bring their children the best things.

Let’s think, where would we be without our parents and guardians? Just admit it, we can never be who we are today without those important people in our lives. Our parents are the ones who have shaped us and shown us the ropes of the world. We will grow up but never forget their sleepless nights changing our diapers or suffering from our tantrums. 

Global Parents' Day theme

Global Parent’s Day – a special day to honor parents

Global Parents’ Day also reminds us to recognize parents’ affection and effort and to value all the sacrifices they make for us. There is no question that parents always do their best to provide the best conditions for the development of their children. Even in their hardship, parents will still make every effort to show us their love and care. 

However mature we are, we still owe parents all everywhere a big thank you for their hard work, sacrifices when they bring up us. It’s important for the children to know that being a parent, let alone working one, is such a difficult task. 

Global Parents’ Day is a wonderful chance to children to appreciate and encourage their parents for their selfless efforts to do the best they can for their children. Also, the day is an occasion to honor their lifelong sacrifices towards nurturing their relationship with the children.

Don’t misunderstand that Global Day of Parents is for us to appreciate just our mothers and fathers. The day is also to celebrate parental figures, guardians as a whole. They may be step-parents, adoptive parents, and other types of guardians.

Best Parent’s Day Gift Ideas

Global Parents’ Day has passed. But in the United States, Parents’ Day is celebrated on the Fourth Sunday of July. It means the special day is just in a few weeks. It’s time to prepare the best gifts for mom and thoughtful gifts for dad, showing them how much they mean to you!

We strongly believe that you’ve got a memorable Global Parents’ Day in 2021 with the most meaningful Global Parents Day activities. Particularly in the United States, Parents’ Day is fast approaching. Let’s make every effort to make your parents feel extra-special on their day!

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