what are events and activities of Halloween

What Are Events And Activities Of Halloween?

Spooky season has arrived and winter is approaching, so why not enjoy the chill and join in some fun Halloween activities? So, what are events and activities of Halloween this year? Coronavirus restrictions mean Halloween events and activities may look a little different this year, but wherever you go, there’s plenty to do with family and friends this October.

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What are Events and Activities of Halloween?

As the current Covid-19 means many Halloween events are canceled in 2020. This year, many places have stabilized so a number of destinations and attractions are planning to ensure that the spooky festivities can continue. But, do you know what are events and activities of Halloween?

Well, spooky castles, haunted hotels, or Halloween towns are the top attractions for travelers looking for chilling experiences, horror happenings, and family events. Scroll down and discover the events you can visit this year.

Halloween in Salem Massachusetts

Referring to the famous Halloween destination, Salem cannot be ignored. The town is famous for its tragic witch trials in 1692. A group of young girls claims to be possessed by demons and accuse some local women of being witches. The hysteria led to a series of investigations and arrests, causing 19 convicted “witches” to be hanged and many other suspects to jail.

What Are Events And Activities Of Halloween?
What Are Events And Activities Of Halloween?

Despite its tragic history, Halloween is now the main business in Salem. The spooky season accounts for about 30% of the city’s annual tourism. Here you can join a series of spooky and family-friendly events.

There’s an immersive witch trail rendition, masquerade ball, carnival games, psychic fair, and haunted attractions. Major events include the grand parade and fireworks display. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the city, many in costume, for the best Halloween experience.

Hersheypark in the Dark

The popular theme park gets a seasonal makeover for fall weekends in October. Visitors have the chance to experience more than 50 attractions, a trick-or-treat trail, and a dazzling dance party in the dark with Hershey characters.

What Are Events And Activities Of Halloween?
Do you know What Are Events And Activities OfHalloween?

Emma Crawford Coffin Festival

Held in Manitou Springs, Colorado, this tranquil mountain town hosted a Halloween special that featured a large-scale coffin race. Besides, visitors will be able to participate in a variety of other events such as a month-long costume contest, ghost tours every weekend in October, and more.

Haunt ‘O Ween at Woodland Hills, California

A giant Halloween adventure perfect for families with kids of all ages, this experience includes costumed live actors, pumpkin picking, immersive installations, and more.

What Are Events And Activities Of Halloween?
What Are Events And Activities Of Halloween? Best Destination You Must Go

Derry Halloween

The city of Derry in Northern Ireland celebrates Halloween in a big way. There is usually a full event program with fireworks, parades, and street theater. Thousands of people in costume also roam the streets of a lavishly decorated city.

Derry Halloween has become so popular over the years that it has gathered acclaim from all over the world. So if you’re looking for the best place to enjoy the Halloween atmosphere, Derry is an ideal option,

Terror on Tillson in Romeo, Michigan

Every October, homeowners on a two-block stretch of Tillson Street get together to create one of the best residential Halloween shows in the country. Visitors flock to the vicinity to see the splendid Halloween decorations including giant clowns and pumpkins, a haunted pirate ship, and more. Best of all, it’s completely free!

What Are Events And Activities Of Halloween?
Wondering What Are Events And Activities Of Halloween?

Sycamore Pumpkin Festival

At this fun festival, visitors can browse thousands of decorated pumpkins, shop for arts and crafts. It is also possible to participate in events such as cake eating contests, races, and grand masquerade parades.

Halloween Activities Ideas For Your Family

Halloween is often all about trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins and dressing up as spooky characters, going out with a bucket, and not coming back until it’s filled with Halloween candy. This year, Halloween will fall on a weekend – October 31 is a Sunday, which means you have more time for events and activities. It’s time to break out a family-friendly activity to make it an unforgettable Halloween Day. 

What are events and activities of Halloween this year? Discover now!

Make a DIY Halloween costume

If you have time to spare, making a DIY Halloween costume with your kids is a great way to bond and get creative. Remember Halloween when you were a kid – almost every costume is homemade and includes a black bin bag!

What Are Events And Activities Of Halloween?
Know What Are Events And Activities Of Halloween And Enjoy Spooky Halloween!

Pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving is a long tradition. Visit your local pumpkin garden and choose the best pumpkin together. You can buy carving kits available at supermarkets, they are much safer and easier to use than knives.

Have a Halloween movie night

Bring the cinema to your home and host a Halloween movie night. Fill the living room with blankets, prepare popcorn and soft drinks and get cozy with your favorite Halloween movie. Don’t forget to turn off all lights for full effect

Prepare traditional Halloween dishes

What Are Events And Activities Of Halloween?
What Are Events And Activities Of Halloween? Halloween Dishes are a must!

In the joyful atmosphere of the festival, an indispensable part to spread the Halloween atmosphere is to prepare dishes typical of the festival. With a spooky theme, let’s you and your loved ones make horror dishes together. Some traditional dishes often presented on Halloween are pumpkin soup, apple candy, soul cake, etc.

To be more creative, you and the kids can make items together: witch finger cookies, spooky lemon cake, graveyard pudding, and more.

Organize Halloween-themed games

What Are Events And Activities Of Halloween?
What Are Events And Activities Of Halloween?

Depending on the theme you choose, you can make a list of games for Halloween night so you can play together. A Halloween night with many spooky and creepy games will leave unforgettable memories in the hearts of attendees.

To add more horror to the game, the right combination of sound and light is also really important and necessary.

Now you the events and activities of Halloween this year. And you probably have an idea to have fun for yourself during the holidays, right? Hope you all have a true Halloween with lots of fun and surprises!

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