Veterans Day activity for kids

11 Best Veterans Day activity for kids

Veterans Day is a great opportunity for us to give back to those who have served the country. It’s also a good chance for kids to understand veterans and their sacrifices. Parents often describe veterans as men and women who wear a uniform and work on military bases. Of course, these things are not wrong, but sometimes they can be abstract for kids.  

There are various ways for kids to learn and commenmorate Veterans Day. If you’re looking for the best Veterans Day activity for kids, here are some fun ones: 

Fun Veterans Day activity for kids

Take a look at fun Veterans Day activity for kids as below:

Attend a parade or ceremony

There are a lot of Veterans Day parades or ceremonies on Veterans Day. Check your local community to find out which ones might be best suitable for kids to join. In addition, spending time meeting some of the veterans and let your child socialize with them. Encourage your kids to be reporters of the day and let them interview veterans if they want to share their stories. 

Say thank you

Best Veterans Day activity for kids
What is the best Veterans Day activity for kids?

Saying thank you is the at least thing we can do for veterans. Set a good example for your kids. When you see a veteran in your area, simply say thank you. If you want to say more instead of “thank you”, you can refer to these sweet messages and Veterans Day quotes. 

Kids’ minds are like a sheet of white paper. When you thank veterans, they will learn from you. Talk with your children about why you say thank you to the soldier you pass in the airport or at the town. Though it’s a simple act of thankfulness, it means so much. 

Make poppies

In many parts of the world, Veterans Day is also known as Remembrance Day and the poppy is a common symbol that has been used to signify respect and solemnity for fallen soldiers. Help kids learn a bit about the meaning of poppies and Veterans Day by making paper poppies. 

Give thanks

Great Veterans Day activity for kids
Looking for fun Veterans Day activity for kids?

A meaningful gift is always a great way to start, especially it comes from the heart. Encourage your kids to draw a picture, craft something special, or simply write a thank you note to give soldiers. A gift doesn’t necessarily cost pricey. This simple gift also lets our heroes know that their service is always appreciated and never forgotten. 

Sing a song

It’s a great idea to teach your little angel songs about veterans, national anthem, such as  “God Bless America” to help them evoke their patriotism and gratitude. 

Raise the flag

Searching for fun Veterans Day activity for kids?
Fun Veterans Day activity for kids you shouldn’t miss.

Raise a flag in your yard and talk about the history of Veterans Day with your children. Explain the meaning of colors and why it’s significant to pay respect to soldiers who have battled and continue to fight to protect them and the country. 

Let your little ones research a veterans organization to donate to, and then ask them to donate money to do so. You can teach kids about setting aside money and use their dollars to give back to soldiers and the community. Explain to them why it’s important to give time and money to veteran organizations. 

Look for volunteer opportunities

On the hunt for fun Veterans Day activity for kids?
Interesting Veterans Day activity for kids to do this year.

There is no better way to teach children about giving back to soldiers than through action. Look for volunteer activities at veteran organizations in your community. In addition to volunteering, encourage your kids to pick clothes, toys, and books to donate to your local Disabled American Veteran’s (DAV) chapter.

Write a Letter to a Veteran

It is reported that many veterans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, substance abuse, depression, and even suicidal ideation. The statistics for these problems have gotten worse in recent years. According to Operation Gratitude, letters are the most treasured item in the care packages the team sends.

Let your kids write the words from their hearts. The letters are sure to brighten their day and make veterans feel loved and appreciated. 

Read a book about soldiers’ experiences

Great Veterans Day activity for kids
If you’re looking for Veterans Day activity for kids, check it out here. We’ve got the best Veterans Day activity for kids.

Have your little ones read a picture book about veterans and ask them some questions relating to the book such as what are some of the physical objects the veterans bring with them, or what are the impacts of the war, and more. 

Take a virtual trip to a memorial or military museum 

There are various virtual museum trips your kids can take to understand more about the military and history. Here are some popular ones: 

  • The National WWI Museum and Memorial, Kansas City, Missouri: The museum gives some online exhibitions on topics including volunteerism during World War I, the end of WWI in 1918, and more.
  • National Museum of the U.S. Navy, Washington, D.C.: Your children can see digital exhibits, artifacts, and photography related to different wars. Additionally, the museum gives high school lesson plans on Pearl Harbor.
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington D.C.: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund offers a virtual tour of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the National Mall, available online or through the VVMF’s Mobile Tour app.

Awesome gifts for veterans to express appreciation

Fantastic Veterans Day activity for kids
Take a look at the best Veterans Day activity for kids.

Veterans Day is nearly coming! Express your deep gratitude and appreciation with a meaningful gift such as a veteran shirt. These t-shirts are a great idea for those who have served in the military. 

Though t-shirts seem to be an inexpensive and simple item, they mean so much. These t-shirts feature meaningful quotes and images that highly appreciate their service. They ​will be a good start to show men and women who have served in our armed forces how much you truly appreciate them. 

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that the freedom that we enjoy is never taken for granted. So, don’t hesitate to express love and support for soldiers who have selflessly serviced our country. In addition, it’s great to help your little ones understand the sacrifice of the military by joining fun Veterans Day activity for kids .

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