Top 40 Unique 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Your Sweetheart

The 3rd Wedding Anniversary is a great milestone in a marriage relationship. You go through the two hardest years in your marriage life as husband and wife, build your own family together, and go through many ups and downs hands in hands. 

So, why don’t you grant yourself and your partner a unique gift on that special day? Here are the top ten unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for a memorable celebration with an amazing 3 year anniversary meaning. Check them out below. Whether you’re looking for traditional 3rd anniversary gift or cotton anniversary gifts, we’ve got you covered. Keep in mind that the price is not important. It’s the meaning of the present that makes the gift valuable. 

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40 Unique 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Shopping for the unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for your husband or wife is quite hard. Instead of waiting for the last minute to find something, get your partner a 3rd-anniversary gift they’ll never forget. This post will help you get more ideas to make the D-day special!


1. Mug For Couple

Drinking is a daily routine. A custom mug will be a unique traditional 3rd anniversary gift for your partner. Your husband or wife will miss you much when he/she drinks cold or hot drinks, bitter coffee, sweet chocolate, or water. 

You can make it fun with your own paintings to surprise your partner. Or else, have the seller print a special word, saying, or symbol of your own on the mug to remind him/her of a memory that never fades in your mind.


2. Engraved House Portrait

Another 3 year anniversary gift for girlfriend is the engraved house portrait. It can be your dream house where you want to live with her for the rest of your life. Besides, the house portrait can represent a promise of a lifetime relationship.

Choose the size of the portrait based on the place you want to hang it. If you don’t prefer a wooden engraved portrait, you can buy a house painting or paint it yourself.


3. Still Having Coffee Together Spoon

If you had the lover mug on previous anniversaries, prepare a lover spoon for another sweet 3rd year anniversary gift. That’s a lovely way to celebrate your relationship every morning coffee or tea break. 

The Alloy Steel spoon is laser engraved. You can buy it on Amazon at the prize of $12.99 for a medium-size lover spoon. The enraged patterns can last for years. If you are a coffee lover, you can get an anniversary spoon every 3 years for a special collection. 


4. Personalized leather keyring

Leather accessories like travel cases, tassel keyrings, or a lovely crafted luggage tag made from leather satisfy those who love crafting items. Choose the materials with his/her favorite color to make the accessories.

You can also take him/her to the leather crafting workshop and experience making a custom item and bring it home. That would be a great idea for a noteworthy anniversary. Both males and females can use leather accessories.


5. Steak Dinner

A delicious and romantic dinner can be a great year 3 wedding anniversary gift for your partner. After an enjoyable time in the leather workshop or at the cinema, take your wife/husband to a cozy restaurant and enjoy a delicious steak dinner.

You can also cook it and enjoy a cozy dinner at home if you are a good cook. A home dinner can be better than eating out on that special day. Music, flowers, and dim candlelight will make the atmosphere better. A small sip of wine also fits this romantic space.


6. Custom Music Sheet 

The price for a custom music sheet varies. It would be great if you can compose a song for your 3rd anniversary for husband or wife. You can surprise your partner with a self-composed song and play it with the guitar or the piano. 

No matter what you write in the song, the love you put in the lyrics and melody is enough to touch his/her heart. But don’t write about betrayal, breakup, or sad stories. Just leave a happy memory of that special milestone.


7. Sunflowers – Unique 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A bunch of sunflowers helps you express your love, loyalty, and positivity which are key elements in a lifetime relationship. That’s why this flower is one of the best unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for couples. 

Go to the flower shop to choose the most beautiful sunflowers to make a vibrant bouquet or have it delivered to your house with a card. If you can’t buy sunflowers in your city, you can choose an accessory or clothes with sunflower patterns to replace them. 


8. Engraved Photo on Leather

Leather is always one of the best materials for 3 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for wife. Women often get emotional by small but meaningful souvenirs or handmade items. Why don’t you engrave a wedding photo on a leather piece and gift her on that special day?

Leather is a better material to preserve the photo as well as your memorable moments than paper. 


9. DIY Leather Bracelet

Many girls prefer DIY accessories to gold or diamond. You can make a simple DIY bracelet from leather strips to gift your girlfriend or wife on the 3rd anniversary. It’s also one of the loveliest anniversary gifts for boyfriend of 3 years. It’s not expensive but this unique gift is priceless. The best value of a present comes from its meaning and the sentiment of the giver. Your partner can wear this traditional 3rd anniversary gift, bring you everywhere he/she goes, and miss you every single second.


10. Custom Hoodies

The couple’s hoodies with a 3rd anniversary symbol are nice gift ideas for couples. Like the DIY leather bracelet, this fashion item can be used as a couple’s present to show off love. You will miss your husband or wife when you wear a couple’s outfit.

Many fashion shops offer printing services. You can order the patterns for your couple’s hoodie a few days before the anniversary day and have them delivered to your house. 


11. A Tour For Couple

After getting married, many couples often focus on taking care of their family, children, and career rather than thinking about their personal interests like when they were single, especially the wife. So, if you give your partner a trip to romantic destinations, it will be a great 3rd year anniversary gift for her.


12. Twilight Romance Canvas Wall Art

Wall paintings, embroidery pictures are also very suitable for unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts. Choose the favorite materials for the painting and the pattern that fits the corner of the house where you want to hang or put it.


13. Cosmetics or Perfumes

If your best friend is a girl, giving cosmetics or perfumes is an ideal choice because every girl would want to become beautiful and attractive on her wedding day. Perfume is also an interesting option to surprise your friends or partner, but you should pay attention to the preferred taste of the recipient.


14. Personalized Rose Are Red Violets Are Blue Mug

It must be one of the most impressive and unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for your husband or wife, especially for young couples. You can have the name of your partner and yours printed on the mug to surprise him/her. 


15. Massage Chair

Taking care of the health of the whole family is a must, especially on a wedding anniversary that marks an important milestone in the family relationship. It’s one of the most reasonable special unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts to take care of each family member.


16. Teddy Bear

It’s a romantic 3 year anniversary gift for girlfriend that can make her hearts melt. Teddy bears come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and reasonable prices, so this is an easy choice for a meaningful wedding anniversary gift. 


17. Handbag

One of the ideal 3rd wedding anniversary gifts, a handbag is always an ideal choive. Before giving your wife a handbag, you should learn about the current fashion trend so that you can bring her a big surprise. Your girlfriend or wife can keep her essentials when going out and telling her friends about her gallant and subtle husband or boyfriend.


18. Shirt 

Shirts are indispensable in men’s wardrobes, especially for those who do office work. Give your husband a shirt to remind you to always accompany him anytime, anywhere. When he goes to work, your husband often tends to be polite and respectful. So a plain shirt would be a safe bet.


19. Unique Ties

Shirts often go with ties. As a caring wife, don’t forget to choose a unique tie of his taste to match his shirt. Ties vary in colors and materials. I bet you definitely know his style. Don’t purchase duplicated ties in his wardrobe. This is one of the recommended best 3 year anniversary gifts for him.


20. Cat Shirt – Cat Types Heart

When it comes to the best unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts or any occasion, t-shirts are a top option. If your girl loves cats, a lovely cat shirt will surprise her strongly. It varies in color and size. Just order the one with her favorite color. You can also surprise your woman when you choose the right size without asking her. A caring husband always keeps in mind all her measurements. 


21. Wine & Cake

Wine is one of the best unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for your husband. Give him a luxury high-class wine to surprise your sweetheart. You definitely know his preferred taste of wine, don’t you?

If your husband cannot drink wine or be allergic to alcohol, give him other drinks, such as coffee, latte, or good DIY detox drinks for health. 

Skillful cooks can make a homemade cake for the anniversary. It’s more meaningful than buying the cake out. But you can buy her favorite cake if you are not good at baking.


22. Vase

Lovely valuable decorative vases with beautiful and extremely unique designs will also be a great wedding anniversary gift for your wife. A vase with beautiful flowers can create a warm and romantic atmosphere for couples in the dining room or bedroom. 

Coming home with a bunch of roses of your wife’s favorite flowers every day after work will make your relationship more firm. If your wife prefers small pots of plants, you can also choose her favorite plants to gift her. 


23. Books

You can give your sweethearts good books of love novels or favorite category. Books are not only giant treasures of knowledge but also beautiful worlds of imagination. You can share lots of interesting things via this unique 3rd wedding anniversary gift.

Some books have impressive titles that you can use to send your thoughts or love to your partner subtly and romantically.


24. Love Sunflower Fishing Hook Shirt

As said, the sunflower is a symbol of royal love. Love Sunflower Fishing Hook shirt is a nice and low-priced gift for your boyfriend on your 3rd anniversary. It will remind him of you whenever he’s out for a drink or a fellow meeting.

25. Movie Tickets

If the favorite movie of your partner is released or premiered on your anniversary day, the movie ticket is an undoubtedly perfect 3rd wedding anniversary gift. Enjoying a romantic movie together on that special day is also a good idea for the anniversary. 

If you get bored with romantic movies, watch a scary movie instead. It would be a strange but addictive spice for your love. 

A ticket to her preferred music festival, concert, gallery, or play is also a great 3rd year anniversary gift for her if there is no interesting movie at the cinema. 


26. Personalized Blanket

A personalized blanket for her to use on the sofa or at the office is better than many love words. Whenever wrapped inside the blanket, she will miss your warm arms more than usual. 

The blanket can help you keep your wife warm when she gets cramps or cold when you are hot there. You can also bring your couple’s blankets on business trips or picnics. 

I Get Us Into Trouble Shirt Funny Troublemaker Tee

27. Sweet Photoshoot

Photos are the best place to store your memories and time. Times always drift out of your hand like sand and wind. Only by taking photos can you capture the best moments to revise those memories together in the 4th, 5th, and following anniversaries.

You can invest in a special photography trip with your partner on the weekend or holiday outside the city or in another country. That’s one of the most meaningful and memorable unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for your wife or husband. 


28. To My Wonderful Current Wife On Valentine’s Day Mug

Many couples celebrate their 3rd anniversary on Valentine’s Day. You can buy a ‘To My Wonderful Current Wife On Valentine’s Day Mug’ for your wonderful woman to honor and please her. There are two sizes for you to choose from at different costs.


29. Engagement Watch

The couple’s watch is not a necessary accessory telling you the time but it’s also an “assertion of sovereignty” of the partner. This is also a gift that can be worn every day, helping to remind you to always remember the other person. A pair of watches as a wedding gift will be meaningful when they honor your strong relationship.


30. To My Husband Mug

When your man feels thirsty, make him miss you with the ‘To My Husband’ mug. Have your names filled in two rings on the mug and claim your sovereignty of that man in front of other females and even males. It’s so fun and unique, so if you’re still wondering about the surprise 3 year anniversary gifts for him, consider this mug.


31. Couple Name Pillow

That’s another way to show your love and mark your sovereignty with your man. Have a pillow with your and his names on the sofa to show your husband how much you love him whenever he comes home from work. 


32. Kensington Hill Interlocking Hearts

This bronze finish sculpture is suitable to place in front of your house for decoration. It includes two interlocking hearts on a black finish base symbolizing your long-lasting relationship. It’s one of the best unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for couples.


33. Wood Burned Desk Photo Clock

Customers can order their messages and personalized photo carved on the wood clock. This amazing gift will definitely surprise your partner. Let your partner feel your love every single moment with this present.

Unique 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

34. Hallmark Signature Wood Anniversary Card

Another perfect 3rd anniversary for husband, wife, or friend is an anniversary card with a touching quote – ‘when my heart found you, It knew’. The card will send your love to the receiver for you.

Unique 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

35. Memory Candle Holder

Nothing is better than memory. Therefore, a memory candle holder is a meaningful 3rd year anniversary gift for anyone. Don’t forget to keep every beautiful memory and anniversary in your love diary and gifts. 


36. Silver Diamond Double Knot Bangle Bracelet

It’s a very beautiful 3 year anniversary gift for girlfriend. Surprise your girlfriend or wife on this special celebration. With a modern and stunning design, the silver diamond double knot bangle bracelet will please your lover. 


37. Signature Paper Wonder Pop Up Love Card

Surprise your lover with beautiful love notes on a signature paper wonder pop-up love card. When your boy/girlfriend, husband, or wife opens the card and the paper wonder pops up, tell them how much you love him or her.


38. Rest Sound Machine

A rest sound machine is an essential item for those who suffer from insomnia. Moreover, you can take care of your partner with his present, especially when you are not by her/his side. Caring is also a part of love.


39. Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

This is one of the best unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for tech fans. This smart speaker can be controlled by your voice. You can ask it to play music, make a phone call, set alarm, or answer your questions.


40. Infinity Bracelet with Charms

Jewelry is the traditional present on every anniversary. But you can always surprise your girlfriend or wife with a well-designed infinity bracelet. There are two options for customers: 14K white gold finish or 18K yellow gold finish both of which look charming and luxurious.

Unique 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts You’re Sure To Love

Final Words

Those are the most special unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for couples from Tshirtatlowprice. Don’t forget or ignore this special celebration. Annual anniversaries are special milestones in your relationship. You love your partner every single day but spending a special day looking back on the ups and downs in the year past together will be a noteworthy moment. 

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