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Unicorn symbolism and meaning: What do the unicorns represent?

It is not an exaggeration to say unicorns are among the most wondrous creatures of all. Throughout the ages, this creature of legend has stepped out of the bible and the mythical stories to be with us anytime we look in this world. However, what is the unicorn symbolisms that make us so enchanted by them in our everyday life?

Follow us to check out the meanings of this mythical creature. We bet you will be surprised at all it represents.

Unicorn symbolism 1: Magic and healing

Actually, we can find symbolism in many different animals, from the smallest to the biggest one. While the ant symbolism stands for strength, honesty, loyalty, patience, and diligence, the unicorn represents magic, healing, purity, innocence, unity, freedom, and many other symbols.


There is no doubt that magic is the very first and may be the most outstanding meaning of unicorns. Being one of the most mysterious creatures, the unicorn represents magic as well as enchantment. It is believed that a unicorn has the ability to bless innocent and virtuous people with wisdom and miracles.

The unicorn’s horn and hair are what link the creature with such great capacity. In people’s belief, the spiral horn of the unicorn possesses healing power. Many legends and stories of unicorns reveal that you will be healed from severe wounds and get good fortune if you touch a unicorn’s horn. That explains why in the past, some wealthy people always tried to trade for the unicorn’s horn so that they can extend their longevity, and also the horns may help protect them from mishaps.

Although it turned out that those horns belonged to narwhals or rhinoceros, we find it hard to deny that people had a really strong belief in the unicorn’s power. Even, they decided to pay a fortune with the hope in the wonderful power of the unicorn’s horns.

Unicorn symbolism 2: Purity and Innocence

Interesting unicorn symbolism for anyone.

In addition to their magic power, the unicorns are also known as a symbol of innocence and purity throughout history. Legend has it that only people with the purest heart are able to see a unicorn. In other words, a unicorn only appears in front of ultimately innocent people. This explains why people believe that unicorns can only be tamed by a real virgin.

Unicorns are said to be gentle and friendly when they are in the arms of a virgin. However, when confronted with a fake virgin who pretends to catch them, the creature will turn aggressive and unhesitatingly stab that one with their horns.

Unicorn symbolism 3: Unity

With their silver-white fur, it is no surprise to know that unicorns have been associated with femininity. They are considered to represent the moon that is also connected to women. Now you know why unicorns appear in many paintings and works of art under the shining moonlight.

Furthermore, the unicorn’s horn also has a strong connection with masculinity. With this magical power, the creature can boast speed and strength to move trans-dimension and even to kill an elephant only by its horns.

Because of the fact that the unicorn owns both qualities, many have linked the creature with a sexless creature. Therefore, what the unicorns represent are unity and differences of people.

Unicorn symbolism 4: Freedom


Also known as a spiritual horse, the unicorns are supposed to be able to gallop throughout all dimensions and realms, to appear at any place it wants at any time. Legend has it that unicorns live in the 7th dimensions where angels also live. However, they possess the freedom so they can choose the place where they want to live.

So, what do these creatures represent with such amazing power. The answer is that the unicorns are also the symbol of freedom, or to say they represent a free spirit.

Since the unicorns have the capacity to run so fast, they are also considered the symbol of traveling. If you get the feeling that your spirit animal is a unicorn, then maybe you are born to travel. You will always desire to set out on a new adventure so that you can discover new lands as well as people from different cultures around the world.

Unicorn symbolism 5: Peace

Currently, unicorns are also known as the symbol of authenticity. Depicted as a creature with white fur, these mythical creatures are special with their manes and tails in the rainbow colors. This easily made the unicorn a symbol of peace, in which skin color or even any different factor is never a reason for discrimination. For that fact, you may also know why a rainbow unicorn is a symbol of the LGBTQ+ community.

Unicorn symbolism

Unicorn symbolism 6: A symbol of wisdom

Through several exciting unicorn facts, most people agree on its horse-like body. The creatures hold the same meaning like horse – a symbol of movement and travel. The magical power of the unicorn lies in its tremendous strength and speed.

Legends also revealed that a unicorn can kill an elephant only with its horn. This is proof of the creature’s endless and miraculous power. It is supposed that anyone who drinks from a unicorn’s horn can be healthy and protected from all diseases. That explains why people always try to chase after the unicorn.

However, it will never appear until it meets a virgin. Unicorns are also the representation of the highest wisdom that humans always desire to seek. It is the wisdom existing beyond the worldly mind, which leads us to ultimate happiness as well as enlightenment.

Unicorn symbolism 7: Being as a Celtic animal symbol 

Unicorn symbolism

A very wonderful thing about unicorns is that the unicorn spirit shines in Celtic lore and myth. The unicorn is the official National animal of Scotland. The creature holds a very special place in the hearts of the people in this country. They consider the unicorn’s mythical meaning to be that of healing, purity, happiness, innocence, and vibrant life. Also, the animal is the symbol of power.

The unicorn was regarded as a wild, freedom-loving creature. And there is no doubt that very few creatures in this world can measure up to the beauty of the unicorn. As with many other unicorn legends, the Celts believed that only a virgin can charm the unicorn. Absolutely, such an amazing creature can make a perfect image for Coats of Arms. The belief is that unicorns began to appear in Scotland prior to the 15th century. National Unicorn Day is on 9th April.

Unicorn symbolism 8: Unicorn as a spirit animal


If you are wondering “what is my spirit animal?” and you meet a unicorn in your dream, then your spirit animal is the unicorn. The unicorn spirit animal will guide you to realize your dreams and bring your visions to fruition. This creature works alongside the angels, guiding you forward with angelic unconditional love as well as pure innocent intent.

Also, the unicorn is considered a spirit animal that enhances our belief in a magical world where what we dream can really happen. Miracles appears when the unicorn shows itself to you. In case you are struggling through hard times, the unicorn will bring you joy and upliftment. The magical creature will remind you not to give up on your dreams. Each experience of tough times is just temporary.

Unicorn symbolism 9: Unicorn dreams

Unicorn symbolism

It is supposed that dreaming of a unicorn companion may mean that you have an out of body experience. And in that experience, the unicorn appears as a protector and guide. Unicorn spirit often imparts messages through our dreams, particularly when you feel muddled in uncertainty. However, please keep in mind that unicorns only appear in dreams to those who are true and honest.

When you see the unicorn running away from you in the dream, it represents a loss of innocence. This means something has broken your trust. This might be a part of your youthful spirit that you can never get back. 

Unicorn symbolism 10: Unicorn in Astrology and Zodiac signs

In the Celtic Astrology system, the legend appears for people born between July 8 and August 4. It is said that people born under this sign are natural nurturers and healers. They are believed to be loyal to anyone whom they give their trust.

Unicorn people have a presence about them that will be almost royal but not naughty. They can become good leaders thanks to their keen wit, intelligence, and “never say never” outlook. Problem-solving is their gig, with follow-through afterward. Those people are able to see things through to the very end.  You will deal with all challenges with confidence. With the right team, unicorn people can pull off nearly anything.


What do you think about the mythical meanings of this legendary creature? Do you know any uncommon facts about unicorns? If you know anything else about the creature or an additional unicorn symbolism, please share it with us. We also want to know more about this creature! Thank you for reading!

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