Trump will head to the US-Mexico border

Trump Will Head To The US-Mexico Border On June 30

The Former US President Donald Trump is about to return to the public eye.

Trump will head to the US-Mexico border soon

Donald Trump will head to the US-Mexico border on 30 June

In one of his latest statements, Donald Trump has revealed that he would visit the US-Mexico border later this month. Trump said that in this journey, he would go with Texas Governor Greg Abbott after both of them complained about an increase in migrants crossing into the United States. Trump will head to the US-Mexico border soon.

Trump accepted an invitation to visit the US-Mexico border on June 30

Trump, Abbott, and some other Republicans have criticized Democratic President Joe Biden for rolling back immigration restrictions of Trump while the situation is much more complicated. At that time, the number of migrants arriving at the border of the country has reached the highest monthly levels in 20 years. 

In a statement on Tuesday, Trump stated: “The Biden Administration inherited from me the strongest, safest, and most secure border in U.S history and in mere weeks they turned it into the single worst border crisis in U.S history”. The former president also claimed that lately, he had received Abbott’s invitation to visit the border on June 30. Among his frustrations about the change in the country’s immigration policy, Trump had accepted that invitation.

Trump frankly expressed his displeasure about the current situation. In his statement, he also supposed that the country was going from having border security that was the envy of the world to a lawless border that was currently pitied all over the world.

These days, the Biden administration’s handling of the border is receiving much criticism from Republicans. The President and Vice President Kamala Harris, who was tasked with dealing with the immigration crisis, also get criticism, for not having visited the border since taking office in January.

Trump said he will head to the US-Mexico border

Former President Trump will head to the US-Mexico border

However, in his statement, Trump didn’t say the specific place where along the 2,000km (1,250-mile) border he would be visiting. 

This upcoming trip to the US-Mexico will be the former president’s first trip since January 12, just some days before he left office. At that time, he had a visit to a section of the border wall in what was kind of a farewell victory lap.

The contrast in opinions between Trump and Biden about building a wall along the border

When Trump was in office, he chose the building of a wall along the border a signature of his presidency. At that time, Donald Trump emphasized the importance to stop illegal immigration as well as drug smuggling.

Right on his first day taking office on January 20, Biden issued an executive order which paused wall construction. According to President Joe Biden, it was not a serious policy solution to build a massive wall that spans the entire southern border.

Last week, Abbott revealed that his state would construct its own border wall. However, whether he has the resources and legal authority to do that or not is still unclear.

A very important thing to know is that the trip of the Former President to Texas will come as he works his way back into the public arena following his departure from the White House.

Besides his trip to the US-Mexico border on June 30, Trump is considered to hold a rally near Cleveland, Ohio, on June 26. This is where the former president is expected to stump for candidates he has endorsed. One of them is Max Miller, who is running to unseat Republican Representative Anthony Gonzalez.

Moreover, Trump will also reportedly hold another rally in Tampa, Florida, on July 3. This special event is going to mark his second post-presidential public appearance in the state that he now calls his home. Let’s look forward to the reappearance of the Former President and wait what is going to happen next.

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