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Top 12 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Mom From Children

Despite the fact that it’s hard for little ones to go out and buy gifts on their own, they can totally help you choose or make incredible Mother’s Day gifts. The most thoughtful gift ideas for mom from children will surely be the most adorable things! You can ask them to pick something small like the type of metal for the necklace you want to give her, support them to acquire something they think of for themselves, or guide them to make a DIY Mother’s Day craft as a gift. After all, it’s your choice. But we believe that mom will love it when she knows the gift comes from her special little person.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Mom From Children

If you are stuck on finding the best Mother’s Day gift from children, have a look at our recommendations right below. We’ve gathered sentimental pieces you can buy, as well as simple homemade gift ideas that will melt the heart of any mom. 

Once you’ve got the best gift for mom, don’t forget to prepare some Mother’s Day activities that all family members can enjoy together. Let’s do everything possible to make the mom feel super special on this upcoming Mother’s Day.

gift for mom cookbook

1. Mom and Me Cookbook

This cookbook should be one of the best gift ideas for mom from children if the special mom is interested in spending family time in the kitchen. Mom and Me Cookbook is the key to teach little ones basic cooking techniques and also help them prepare simple recipes. Then, Mom can expect that the kids can take care of breakfast in bed next year. This is considered the perfect family-oriented cookbook for teaching kids ages 3 and up that every mom should have.


Best Cat Mom Ever Shirt 2

2. Best Cat Mom Ever Shirt

This lovely cat mom shirt can also be one of the best gift ideas for mom from children. A cute design with the pretty cat wearing the red bandana together with the quote “Best Cat Mom Ever” creates an ideal shirt for a mother who loves cats. The special mom in your life will be happy anytime she wears it!


gift for mom necklace

3. Fingerprint Necklace 

Personalized gifts can be thoughtful gift ideas for mom from children. And Mom will surely appreciate this very unique-in-design necklace that is engraved with your toddler’s actual fingerprint, handprint, or footprint. Even, you can make the accessory more outstanding by getting it engraved in Mom’s actual handwriting.


gift for mom mothers day card

4. Color-Your-Own Mother’s Day Card

A DIY Mother’s Day craft idea can be one of the best ways to honor the wonderful mom in your life on a special day just for her. For a cute DIY gift, simply download this lovely template from Etsy, print it out, and tell the kids color in it. Together with a bouquet of flowers, it makes a perfect gift for mom.


Happy Mothers Day Mugs Single Mom Because You Did It All 1

5. Single Mom Mug Mother’s Day Cup 

A coffee mug is another option in the best gift ideas for mom from children. This will be a great gift for a single mom. The stunning mug with the meaningful quote “Dear Mom, Happy Mother’s Day And Happy Father’s Day. Because You Did It All” will surely make your single mother feel special and appreciate it a lot!


gift for mom flower art print

6. Handprint Flowers Art Print

This is another DIY gift idea for mom on this Mother’s Day. Just purchase the template online, download and print it, you’ll have a sweet leaf and petal design. Next, let your child handprint the “flowers” with craft paint to make the complete art.


gift for mom kid drawing

7. Kid Drawing As An Art Print

Pick the best artwork of your child and then upload it onto so they will transform it into a foil-pressed or standard art print for you. Even, you can use a few extra bucks to get it framed for a perfect gift.


gift for mom photo canvas

8. Photo Canvas & Easel Set

Invest in a Mother’s Day-themed picture frame, or display your lovely kid’s picture on this awesome mini easel. It will surely make a cute desk decoration for all to see. 


gift for mom finger paint

9. Crayola Bold Washable Fingerpaint

Prepare some blank paper together with these finger paints for your kids and let them create their own masterpiece for Mom! Who doesn’t love such a meaningful gift from their little ones?


gift for mom book

10. Mommy, Mama and Me

If there is more than one mom in your family celebrating this upcoming Mother’s Day, then all your family members will have a great time enjoying this book together. The rhyming words will tell you the story of how a toddler spends the day with their two moms. This interesting book will certainly delight any mom who receives it.


gift for mom apron

11. Handprint and Footprint Apron

If the special mom in your life is someone who really loves cooking, this unique apron is considered one of the best gift ideas for mom from children. All your children need are their hands, feet and fingers for different patterns in this creation such as flowers, butterflies and bees. Mom will absolutely love it!


gift for mom book for mom

12. Breathe, Mama, Breathe: 5-Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms

What do busy moms need most of all, especially during this tough time due to the COVID-19 pandemic? It’s true that sometimes moms just need a minute to themselves – time to relax after long hard working days. Let’s help the kids choose this book for their moms and let them know that she’ll get some “me time” every day to use it.


Yes! We all know that children are a little too young (and somehow light on cash) to find and purchase a gift for Mother’s Day. And with our suggestions above, we are sure that moms of all types will treasure those thoughtful gift ideas for mom from children! 

Of course, it’s not just Mom who will appreciate those gifts. Years down the road, the children will also love looking back on memories when you two bought or created unique gifts for one of the most wonderful women in their life!

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