Halloween Movies For Family

Top 11 Halloween Movies For Family And Kid

As a matter of fact, the concept of “horror movies” has always been intended for adults, with content that is gory or inappropriate for all ages, because after all, their main purpose is to scare us. If you’re looking for movies that are for all ages then you have come to the right place. Here, we’ve collected a list of great Halloween movies for family that even kids can enjoy.

Halloween Movies For Family
Are you looking for the best Halloween Movies For Family?

11 Best Halloween Movies For Family

Our favorite Halloween movies for family promise a wicked good time for your whole crew. Make sure to leave space in your October plan to watch some of these scary movies. We’ve heard this is a perfect way to round off a day of pumpkin picking and daytime activities. 


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Needless to say, ParaNorman is a must-see movie this Halloween night, no matter how old you are. This animated horror film full of ghosts, zombies, and witches sends an extremely human message: respect yourself, even if you feel lost and different.

Although released in 2012, ParaNorman is still faithful to the old visual style – stop-motion but extremely smooth, bold classic smell but also extremely beautiful, with each frame like a wonderful painting that will surprise you.

The Witches

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One of the best Halloween movies for family you should watch is The Witches. Even though it is intended for kids, The Witches should still be classified as a movie for children who have a little understanding, because it simply has some quite tense and frightening segments.

However, The Witches is still a movie worth watching, whether you’ve seen it or not. The film is a humorous work, a trip around the horror land that director Nicholas Roeg has worked hard to build.

Monster Squad

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Director Shane Black is known as a “handler” of strong action movies. However, the work with Fred Dekker in 1987 – Monster Squad – is a strange highlight in his film career.

The film is simply about an evil vampire who gathers an army of famous monsters in history to take over the world but is a magnet that attracts children unexpectedly. And what is the proof? Monster Squad has always been at the top of the 80’s and 90’s kids’ favorite movies. So, if you’re looking for horror Halloween movies for family, this movie is the best choice. 


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The black-and-white stop-motion movie directed by Tim Burton offers an interesting and novel idea. Instead of choosing a human image, the film selects the center of the story to be a dog. The film is about the friendship of a boy passionate about science Victor Frankenstein and his pet Sparky.

After Sparky died in an accident, Vitor was sad and tried everything to bring his close friend back from the dead. He spends his time doing scientific research and conducting experiments on a thunderous night. Suddenly, Sparky returned in a form with a few small changes. Victor tries to keep Sparky in the house but one day, the dog escapes and starts causing a lot of trouble.

The Addams Family

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Not too scary for children, but not too shallow for adults, The Addams Family is what makes Halloween complete. Deep in the film is something dark, a little goofy, and a little bit of humor that will make kids laugh, but also make adults stop and think. Looking for meaningful Halloween movies for family, this film is a good option.

E.T. the Extra Terrestrial

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The life of an ordinary family is disturbed by the appearance of a lovable funny alien. The boy ET integrates into human life but always remembers his home planet. There’s a lot of danger to E.T. and if you’re looking for thrills that don’t necessarily involve ghosts or vampires, Steven Spielberg’s classic could be a good choice.

Monster House 

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Another great movie in the list of Halloween movies for family is Monster House. It is about the story of children living in the suburbs, they curiously explore the neighbor’s house and discover that it is not an ordinary house but a hiding place of evil. What should the children do to fight that spooky house, when the warnings to adults are considered jokes on Halloween?

The Nightmare Before Christmas

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The Nightmare Before Christmas is the story of Jack Skellington, a person living in “Halloween Town” who accidentally opens the door to “Christmas Town” and decides to bring the festival there to celebrate in his town.  His work has led to many unexpected but also humorous consequences.

The humorous debate often breaks out about whether this cartoon is a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie. The answer is that you can watch it from October to December.

Under Wraps

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When three 12-year-olds accidentally resurrect an ancient mummy, chaos and adventure begin. It’s all over until the mummy discovers he needs to return to her resting place at midnight on Halloween to find his long-lost love. One of the best Halloween movies for family that is well worth watching.

Corpse Bride

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Corpse Bride is really one of the best Halloween movies for family you can’t miss. On his way back home to marry his fiancee Victoria, Victor accidentally put his wedding ring on a finger-shaped tree branch at the edge of the forest and read the marriage vows aloud. Unexpectedly, that branch was the finger of a dead girl who had been murdered for a long time. And as a true joke, now that corpse thanks to Victor’s oath has become the guy’s official wife.


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Director Joe Dante pulls off a tough feat in this movie: The creatures he creates look incredibly cute and cuddly – but then they turn into truly terrifying creatures. Gremlins blends suspense, humor, action, and fear into one incredibly rhythmic film.

Above is a list of our favorite Halloween movies for family. Hope you will like them too. And if you want something a little scarier after putting the kids to bed, be sure to check out our list of the best movies on Halloween. Or if you want to have an unforgettable Halloween night with your lover, then these Halloween movies for couples are the best choice.

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