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Mexican Independence Day Foods

Top 10 Mexican Independence Day Foods

September is Mexico’s most patriotic month of the year, as the whole country celebrates Independence from Spain. Flags of all sizes, fake mustaches, big shorts, and everything in red, white and green. And what Mexican Independence Day foods? Below, we’ve listed the most common and typical foods and drinks you’ll see. The Independence Day menu is full of national colors Red, White, Green and the food is damn good.

Best 10 Mexican Independence Day Foods and Drinks 

On this Independence day, there’s a lot of dancing involed, fireworks, confetti throwing, music, whistles and horns, some tequila and overall a huge amount of fun. Read our “How Independence day celebrate in Mexico” to know more interesting activities.

Just lile any other holiday in Mexico, enjoying a variety of seasonal, delicious food is a must. Here are 5 examples of traditional Mexican Independence day foods.


Mexican Independence Day Foods Mexican Independence Day Foods
Pozole – Mexican Independence Day Foods

Pozole is one of the most popular traditional Maxiacan dishes. This stew, made with corn and pork or chicken in a tasty broth, dates back to pre-Hispanic and had ceremonial significance to the Aztec. It’s indigenous roots and use make it a great fit for Mexico’s Independence Day. Families cook up a large pot of pozole to share as part of their celebration. 

Coincidentally, red pozole, green pozole and white pozole are the most popular variations of the dish. Sound familiar? The perfect dish that represenrs the Mexican flag! One of the best Mexican Independence day foods!


Tlayudas Mexican Independence Day Foods
Tlayudas – One of the best Mexican Independence Day foods

Tlayuda is from the state of Oaxaca and on the outside it looks like a big Mexican pizza. Its base is a thin crispy corn tortilla, which is soaked in dried beans and then covered in a variety of different toppings. At the top, you can get creative on your Independence Day by using elements with colors of Mexican flag. It’s really one of the best Mexican Independence day foods you can’t miss!

Chiles en Nogada

Chiles en Nogada Mexican Independence Day Foods
Chiles en Nogada – Mexican Independence Day Foods

Chiles en Nogada originated in Puebla around the time of Mexican independence, making it an excellent Mexican patriotic dish. The dish consists of Poblano peppers stuffed with a mixture of meat and dried fruit and topped with a creamy nut sauce. 

This dish is made with many ingredients that are only available in the last days of summer. Apples, pears, and more importantly walnuts and pomegranates. So, you’ll see Chiles en Nogada on menus in Mexican restaurants in August and September, when the ingredients are in season, although some are now serving it year-round like in Puebla.


Mexican Independence Day Foods
Tacos is very popular in Mexico

Sure, you can find them on the street corners of any Mexican city and at any time of year, but really, traditional Mexican Independence day foods ​wouldn’t be complete without tacos. More than a specific food, this is a way of eating. You can order your own filling like meat, seafood, cheese and salad. To add heat, add hot sauce

Salsa Mexicana (aka pico de gallo)

Mexican Independence Day Foods

The incredibly recognizable Mexican salsa. It contains all three flag colors: red tomato, white onion and green coriander. This Salsa Mexicana is not only popular on Independence Day, but it is also popular on other days of the year in Mexico.

The steps are extremely simple. Just finely dice the tomatoes and onions, chop the coriander. Then mix them all together and add in some diced chili, salt and lime juice and you’re done! Perfect with totopos and corn tortilla chips.


Guacamole Mexican Independence Day Foods

In the list of top 10 Mexican independence day dishes you should enjoy, it would be incomplete without Guacamole.This is one of the favorite dishes all over the world. Guacamole is perfect with nachos or fresh vegetables, or as a topping for banh tet. Guacamole will turn any ordinary party into a Mexican carnival. While there are countless of these Mexican favorites, here’s a simple guacamole recipe for you to try. The most important thing is that the avocado is fully ripe.


Mexican Independence Day Foods

The next dish on my list of top 10 Mexican Independence Day foods would recommend is this amazing Flautas. You can also call it aquitos or tacos dorados. All these terms refer to tacos that are rolled up and deep fried.

Sometimes the terms are used interchangeably or sometimes flautas refer to those made with flour tortillas, and the smaller ones are called “taquitos”.

Either way, these deep-fried cylinders often contain chicken but they can be made with other types of meat along with cheese or potatoes and they’re topped with guacamole or salsa and crema. What a great way to celebrate!


Mexican Independence Day Foods
Tamales – traditional Mexican dish, served for special occasions of the year

Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish of cornmeal with filling. Tamales are wrapped in banana leaves or corn husks and then steamed. Because they are quite laborious to prepare, Tamales are served for special occasions of the year such as Independence Day. And often there will be a group of people doing them together. So, isn’t this a dish to bring your family closer together?

Gelatina Tricolor

Mexican Independence Day Foods
Gelatina is a very beloved dessert in Mexico

Gelatina (jelly) is a very beloved dessert in Mexico. Popular foods for making jellies include cajeta (caramel), agua de Jamaica, condensed milk, custard, and whatever else you love! On this Mexican National Day, you can choose ingredients with colors similar to the Mexican flag to match the theme such as: agua de Jamaica (hibiscus) for red, condensed milk for white and lime juice fresh for green.

Aguas Freshcas

Aguas freshcas – meaning “cool water”, or literally “fresh waters” – is a non-alcoholic light beverage made from one or more fruits, flowers, grains or seeds mixed with sugar and water. They are very common drinks in Mexico. 

Mexican Independence Day Foods
Aguas Freshcas is very common drinks in Mexico

The two most popular Agua Freshcas are Jamaica and Horchata: Jamaica is a hibiscus fragrance mixed with sugar and Horchata is a rice milk drink flavored with sugar, cinnamon and a hint of vanilla. Don’t worry if those flavors don’t appeal to you because you can get creative with your own recipe.

Above are some of the most popular Mexican Independence Day foods that you can order at restaurants while you’re traveling in Mexico, or to try preparing your own at home. They are also great for many other Mexican holidays. Which dish do you like the most? 

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