Top 10 Fun Facts About A First Time Mom

Most first-time moms have expectations. What they will be like as a mother, how they will feel and even what the baby will be like. But your ideas of parenthood and parenting reality are like to be two different things. We have listed a top list of fun facts about a first time mom. If you’re also mothering for the first time, see if these apply to you.

Top 10 Fun Facts About A First Time Mom

That being said, there are a lot of things about being a new mom that it’s a big suprise or you don’t think it will happen, and almost all mothers have experienced the same. Here are top 10 fun facts about a first time mom. 

Goodbye, Hair

Ok, the fun facts about a first time mom are many and perhaps it’s the most common. Did your hair come out when you were pregnant after giving birth? If it does, it’s probably not what you expected, and that’s one of the things motherhood can be a real shock. It is very sad that many mothers after giving birth experience a lot of hair loss.

Top 10 fun facts about a first time mom

New moms are late for everything

Don’t even bother making appointments when you’re taking care of a newborn. Your baby has the other plan for you. It’s hard enough to get yourself and the baby dresses, but there’s always an unknown element. As soon as you step out the door, your baby can start crying unreasonably or pooping so much that a clean bath is required. 

A Stretchy Surprise

The next thing in the list of fun facts about a first time mom is stretch marks. Stretch marks are not what we want to think about. They don’t sound interesting at all. Unfortunately, they can be a reality, and they are weird things that we realize can happen to us after we give birth.

Call all mothers: you’ve been there, right? You may not have your tiger stripes on your buttocks, but you can have them elsewhere.

Lack of sleeping is normal

Lack of sleeping is one of the common facts about a first time mom

Just because babies are seeping doesn’t mean parents will be rested. The most difficult thing about being a new mom is sleep deprivation. When you bring home a newborn, there’s a good chance you never sleep more than two or three hours at a time – at least for the first time. 

Although newborns sleep almost 18 hours a day, they will wake up every 2-3 hours to eat, and eating can easily take an hour, that means sometimes you can only sleep an hour at a time to start the next feeding. So try to sleep when the baby sleeps.

Babies make a ton of laundry 

It’s surprising how such a tiny being can make such a crazy mess. Between explosive boop, spraying pee, spit-up and throw up, be prepared to go through tons of diapers, clothing, bibs and blankets. Well, you don’t get it wrong, I mean TONS. So, if you can afford it, hire a laundry for you – you’ll be glad you did. 

It changes your life every possible way

After you become a parent, there is no way back. No late night bars, no casual travel, and no last minute plans – at least from the start. You will always be responsible for this little, helpless being, and that’s a terrifying but wonderful feeling.

Short term memory loss after giving birth

There are many postpartum women who have problems with their amnesia and forgetfulness. Many women complain that soon after giving birth, they often  encounter the situation of doing first and then forgetting. For instance, they can’t remember the house keys, street name, house number, where to lock the car, and more. That is the dementia that women encounter very often.

Fun facts about a first time mom you should know

Explaining this phenomenon, doctors said that women with memory loss after giving birth is often due to the influence of pregnancy hormones that cause brain slowdowns. The effect of this hormone on each mother is different, no one is the same.

But don’t worry, because postpartum mindset can completely improve and overcome if you are properly rested, supplemented with adequate nutrition, do not have too much pressure to balance life and receive sharing from family members.

Everything can be forgiven when your baby smiles

Don’t underestimate the power of cuteness. You can forgive messy nappies, sleep deprivation and everything when your baby smiles at you. And the first time your baby laughed? It is one of the best moments in your life. 

So Amazing

The interesting thing in the list of facts about a first time mom is you will feel proud of yourself. You’re a wonderful mother and have a knack for taking care of your baby. You may have had some anxiety, stress, and doubts prior to having a baby. It’s okay, you definitely did because it’s normal but once you become a mom, you will be surprised because of how good you are. 

Breastfeeding can be extremely difficult

Are these fun facts about a first time mom right for you?

Before having a baby, you might simply think that the baby grabs on and starts sucking. Turns outs it is a lot more complicated than that. There can be difficulty with latching, swallowing, supplying milk, clogging of the ducts, etc. And when a baby can’t eat, it’s so terrifying because it can be a life-and-death matter. 

I know that there is an industry devoted to breastfeeding. There are lactation consultants, all kinds of products and even whole shops dedicated to breastfeeding. 

Final Thought

I’m sure that all moms have experienced these fun facts about a first time mom. 

Motherhood is full of surprises. Especially if you’ve never done that before. Especially if you’ve never done that before. Thay days pass quickly when you become a mom. You have a lot of things on your plate, more than anything to snuggle your lovely  little one. 

Some surprises of being a mom are great and some are not great, but at the end of the day, you will have a strong and beautiful baby, and that’s what counts. 

Finally, Mother’s Day is coming and I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day. You really are amazing!

Don’t forget to give wishes, flowers or some little things such as a T-shirt or a Coffee Mug to your mothers, friends or yourself.

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