best Father's Day songs

Top 10 Best Father’s Day Songs Of All Time – Songs For Dad

It’s hard to find a relationship that is heartwarming, complicated, and fraught with many levels of emotions like our relationships with dads. And no matter how many Father’s Day activities you and your family are going to organize or which thoughtful gifts for dad you are looking for, the best Father’s Day songs for this special occasion may be what the special man in your life will love. Having the right background music is an essential part of the Father’s Day celebration in your family.

best Father's Day songs

10 Sweet Father’s Day Songs For Dads

If you don’t know where to start, just follow us! We’ve picked out the very best songs for this upcoming Father’s Day. Let’s check out what they are.

1. Luther Vandross – ‘Dance With My Father’

This is one of the most sentimental Father’s Day songs of all time. Based on his own personal experience, Vandross composed the song with Richard.

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The song is written as a tribute to his dad, Luther Vandross, Sr, who died because of complications of diabetes. At that time, the singer was only seven. The most poignant moment of his dad was when he danced in the house with his kids. This is where the concept of the song was inspired.

2. Harry Chapin – ‘Cats in the Cradle’

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The song mentions a father and a son who can’t arrange a time to be together. It is considered as a warning for those who always put their career before family. Harry shared that the song was about his own relationship with his son. He frankly admitted that this song really scared him to death.

3. Mike and the Mechanics – ‘The Living Years’

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This is also one of the best Father’s Day songs to celebrate the day. This emotional song was composed based on the perspective of a son who had a conflict with his dad. It was not until his father died that the son realized how stronger their connection was. He regrets not saying more and doing more for his dad when he was still alive, but it’s too late. The message of the song is that you should love while you can.

4. Paul Simon – ‘Father and Daughter’

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We couldn’t miss this song in the best Father’s Day songs for dad. The song is also the singer’s wish for her beloved daughter. Paul Simon composed this song as a tribute to his daughter who was only seven years old at that time. The track was also written for an animated film named The Wild Thornberrys Movie shown in 2002.

5. Lonestar – ‘I’m Already There’

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The song talks about a man who is on the road and explaining about his family’s response to his absence. The man expresses his love to family and how much they mean to him.

Also, he shares that he will always be there for them in spirit, despite the fact that he may be separated from them. The song at that time was associated with the attacks on September 11, along with family members who went with the army.

6. Loretta Lynn – They Don’t Make ‘Em Like My Daddy Anymore

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Loretta is famous for her pride when she is the daughter of a coal miner. She penned this song as a tribute to her hardworking father. Also, it’s her disdain for men who came generations after him that could never compare to her wonderful father. This is one of the most popular Father’s Day songs until now.

7. George Strait – The Best Day

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This is one of the most wonderful Father’s Day songs of all time. With this song, George Strain created a vivid and adorable picture of the simple pleasures, happiness a father and a child can share together in just 24 hours.

8. Trace Adkins – Just Fishin 

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In his sentimental tune of this famous song, Trace Adkins shared that a day of “just fishin” with his lovely daughter was much more than that! That’s the way he showed his love to his child.

9. Michael Bublé – Daddy’s Little Girl

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The song was first performed by Steve Conway. However, it can be said that Michael Bublé is one of the best singers to record this tune, if only since you can almost watch him making it tongue-in-cheek. The song is truly one of the most wonderful Father’s Day songs you might be looking for.

10. Tori Amos – “Winter”

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Tori Amos composed “Winter” to talk about her relationship with her father, a minister. It is also one of the best Father’s Day songs. “Winter” was known as one of the singer’s earliest songs that broke the Top 25 on the charts.

Father’s Day is just in a few weeks. What have you prepared to make your dad feel extra-special on that occasion? Surprise him with the most thoughtful gifts for dad, some beautiful flowers and also don’t forget the best melodies of these best Father’s Day songs. Happy Father’s Day!

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