Top Toddler Thanksgiving Song

13 Best Toddler Thanksgiving Song to Play on Turkey Day

Best Toddler Thanksgiving Song to Play on Turkey Day
Are you searching for great Thanksgiving songs for your kids, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together of best toddler Thanksgiving songs.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s a fun time to get your turkey in the oven, prepare some interesting Thanksgiving activities, and spend your quality time with your dearest ones. Whether you’re sipping a delicious, fall-flavored cocktail or enjoying the perfect pumpkin pie, it’s not truly a celebration without a great soundtrack. 

Here, we’ve got a list of the perfect toddler Thanksgiving songs for snacking all day and enjoying autumn. Thanksgiving is about saying thanks to your significant ones and everything you have in your life. So, there’s a lot of reasons to commemorate and play these terrific tunes.

Though there are plenty of Christmas songs to touch you, Thanksgiving doesn’t have series of songs. If you’re on the hunt for a tune to get your kids on the holiday spirit, these toddler Thanksgiving songs will be a great pick. These common hits are bound to make for the ideal soundtrack to your Thanksgiving holiday.

Toddler Thanksgiving Song

Great Toddler Thanksgiving Song
What is the best toddler Thanksgiving song?

Now, have a look at these Thanksgiving songs that will fascinate your little ones.

“We Are Family” by Sister Sledge

YouTube video

If you have sisters, you know they’re the best, right? Enjoy this song by legendary disco group Sister Sledge. The upbeat tempo and empowering lyrics proudly declaring the everlasting bond of sisterhood never fail to get us up and moving. This is also a great toddler Thanksgiving song to inspire them the sisterhood and how to love each other. 


​​”Turkey Hokey Pokey” by The Kiboomers

YouTube video

A classic toddler Thanksgiving song that will get your kids dancing to the beat. With a cute and simple animation, this adorable song will surely get your children excited. The song has a fantastic mix of singing and rhythmic beats. The highlight, yes, is the new vocabulary word-“wattle”!


“Ten Little Turkeys” by The Learning Station

YouTube video

This song is an ideal pick for toddlers and preschools. It’s a wonderful song to emphasize maths skills or even use fingers to act out the song. A great song for kids to learn the tune quickly. The song also gives kids confidence and happiness while singing. With the eye-catching image and joy tune, the song will surely attract your toddler. 

“Gravy Insane” by Gustafer Yellowgold

YouTube video

What’s better than a turkey dinner than gravy? While you’re heating the turkey, watch Gustafer Yellowgold’s jam with your kids. The song is about a family of bats indulging in sweet sauce. 

“The Lord is Good to Me” from Disney’s Melody Time

YouTube video

This song has the right beats which catch the kid’s attention and get them hooked on it. Your little ones are sure to drone out this tune from Melody Time. 

“Five Little Turkeys” by Zebra Nursery Rhymes

YouTube video

A familiar twist to the “Five Little Monkeys”, this song is an ideal toddler Thanksgiving song. It’s all about turkeys. It’s a great way for toddlers and preschools to learn how to count on their fingers and start their numeracy skills. 

“Gobble Gobble Turkey Wobble” by Koo Koo Kanga Roo

YouTube video

This toddler Thanksgiving song has enough fun sass, dance moves that will help your little ones follow the beat. 

“Thanksgiving Feast” by The Learning Station

YouTube video

This song from  The Learning Station is set to the common tune “Frere Jacques” and has numerous repetitions. It is a good way for toddlers and kindergartens to learn something quickly and sing along with their buddies.

“If You’re Thankful and You Know It” by The Kiboomers

YouTube video

This friendly toddler Thanksgiving song gives familiar nursery rhymes that your kids will be fascinated by so long after the turkey’s gone. Clapping/stomping/shouting on the beat is a wonderful skill, and this tune makes it easy.

“Thanksgiving Day” by Mother Goose Club

YouTube video

This song introduces youngsters to the ins and outs of the autumn holiday with a heartwarming, rhythmic beat by Mother Goose Club. Your kid may want to listen to this merry song all the holiday.

“Do The Turkey Hop” by The Kiboomers

YouTube video

Do The Turkey Hop is a merry Thanksgiving dance song for toddlers and preschool children.  Your little ones will have a fun time singing along to the song. The catchy melody of the song will surely impress kids.  “Do the turkey hop (hop, hop, hop)/ Do the turkey run (run, run, run)/ Do the turkey gobble/ It’s a lot of fun.”

Albuquerque Turkey

YouTube video

Albuquerque Turkey is no exception as kids practice rhyming and dancing to this joy and silly Thanksgiving song for toddlers and kindergarten kids.

Powwow: Thanksgiving Song

YouTube video

This toddler Thanksgiving song will definitely get your kid up and moving, improving both their brains and their bodies! They’ll enjoy following the guidance to move like the various animals and other things found in nature.

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Music is an effective way to introduce a new concept to your kids. It builds their vocabulary and improves knowledge bout a specific subject or theme. So, this Turkey day, go ahead and get your playlist ready. Before or after dinner, you and your little ones can sway to the music and enjoy one of the best festive Thanksgiving movies. 

If you’re not sure what to watch this autumn season, consider our list of best Thanksgiving movies for kids on Netflix. Aside from these interesting Thanksgiving flicks, we’ve rounded up the best Thanksgiving presents, cool Thanksgiving activities for kids and adults, Thanksgiving decoration ideas, and much more. 

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