The mendacity of Joe Biden

The mendacity of Joe Biden

Are you searching for the mendacity of Joe Biden
The mendacity of Joe Biden.

Since Joe Biden was inaugurated, he hasn’t made America strong and great. He seems to lose points and approval ratings in the eyes of others. Recently, Biden once again, disappointed many Black voters, his strongest supporters. 

The latest crime is the administration’s mismanagement of the Haitian migrant crisis on the southern border. Yes, there were several derogatory images of agents grazing illegal immigrants like horses, and even there, authorities aggressively sent migrants back to Haiti.

It was reported that then-President Trump called Haiti a shithole country, and Biden reacted on Twitter, saying:  “That’s not how the President should speak. That’s not how the President should behave. Above all, this isn’t what the President should believe. We’re better than this.”

It is always better said than done, right? But the deportation of these Haitians is worse, not better. The Biden administration, and Democrats in general, always seem to say the right things on racial matters, but their actions often don’t match what they say.

Biden pledged to implement a more humane approach to immigration than his predecessor, but what’s going on? The Biden administration has used a Trump-era policy to rapidly deport thousands of migrants, mostly Haitian nationals, without giving them an opportunity to apply for asylum in the United States.

What is Title 42? 

Do you know the mendacity of Joe Biden
The mendacity of Joe Biden.

To justify the multiple deportations, the Biden administration invoked Title 42, a clause of the 1944 Public Health Services Law that authorizes deportations based on perceived health risks. The Associated Press said, “The Trump administration rolled it out to widespread effect in March 2020, banning virtually anyone from Mexico and Canada, and essentially sealing off the northern and southern borders.”

Previously, the Trump administration used Title 42 interpretation to issue a public health order during the coronavirus pandemic to quickly expel migrants at the border, mentioning concerns about the spread of the virus. 

Who is being expelled under Title 42?

Wondering the mendacity of Joe Biden
The mendacity of Joe Biden.

Nearly two weeks ago, thousands of migrants, mostly Haitian nationals, started coming to the Texas-Mexico border in Del Rio. At one point, more than 14,000 people migrated, with thousands sheltering beneath the Del Rio bridge.

The wave of migrants from Haiti arrived after civil unrest broke out this summer following the assassination of Haitian President Jovenal Moïse,  and the flood caused by a storm, as well as a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that destroyed the Caribbean country.

Many Haitian migrants have also been in South America for nearly a decade since the 2010 earthquake caused heavy damage and social and economic instability across Haiti. These particular migrants were being deported to a nation they haven’t been to for many years. Many of them did not leave Haiti in 2021 and they were being banished to danger.

Olga Byrne, the immigration director at the International Rescue Committee said that the Biden administration has expelled Haitian migrants without screening them for Covid-19,  although COVID-19 testing is broadly available as visitors and travelers continue to flock to the United States through the U.S-Mexico border.

Byrne continued, “Title 42 is the most efficient tool at the government’s disposal for quick expulsions to quickly get people out of the U.S. without due process.” 

The government’s special agent to Haiti resigned on Thursday, declining to participate in the government’s “inhuman” deportation regime, indicating the fact that Haiti is currently so dangerous that even “American officials are confined to secure compounds because of the danger posed by armed gangs to daily life.”

However, the Biden administration declined to give any sign that it would stop invoking Title 42, The Washington Post reported Friday.

The Biden administration has exempted unaccompanied children from expulsion under Title 42 but is defending in court its use of a public health order to expel families, claiming that eliminating the health order public health will lead to overcrowding at DHS facilities and a wave of migrants along with the rise of the Covid-19 delta variant, putting risks to public health.

Haitian migrants cleared from Texas border camp 

What do you think about the mendacity of Joe Biden?
The mendacity of Joe Biden.

After more than a week of increasing controversy, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Friday that the encampment of mostly Haitian migrants has been cleared out. 

Until now, more than a dozen flights have brought nearly 2,000 people back to Haiti, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Around 17,400 people,  mostly Haitians, have been removed from the camp for processing or to begin deportation proceedings where they will have the opportunity to seek asylum. According to DHS, about 8,000 people at the camp came back to Mexico.

“As of this morning, there are no longer any migrants in the camp, underneath the Del Rio International Bridge,” Mayorkas spoke at a White House briefing Friday afternoon.

The raging controversy about Biden immigration policies

The mendacity of Joe Biden and his administration
The mendacity of Joe Biden

ACLU attorney Lee Gelernt, the lead attorney in the case said, 

“Anybody who arrives at our border is supposed to be able to seek asylum if they claim a fear of persecution.”

“The Haitian situation is a dramatic and horrific illustration of the harms caused by the Title 42 policy,” he continued. “… families are literally being pushed back into the arms of persecutors and cartels, without any hearing.”

Amid controversy over Title 42,  judge Emmitt Sullivan wrote in the ruling, referring to the protections for asylum seekers that apply under current US immigration law, “The Title 42 Process is likely unlawful.”

However, the judge’s order has been appealed to by the Biden administration. It does not apply to single adults and will not go into effect for 14 days.

Biden seemed to simultaneously remove the terrible optics that migrants present, and do so as quickly as possible while reducing loud criticism from Republicans that he is mishandling immigration and has an open border policy. It’s no surprise that the migration encampment beneath the Del Rio bridge has been removed.

The mendacity of Joe Biden

Looking for the mendacity of Joe Biden
The mendacity of Joe Biden.

During the campaign, Joe Biden vowed to restore the United States’ moral leadership by establishing our asylum system back better. However, after taking some praiseworthy first steps to restore access to asylum, the Biden administration has fully adopted a Trump-era policy that exposes refugees to serious dangers, while increasing the spread of COVID-19.

Biden immigration policy has led to tragic results. Human rights investigators have documented more than 6,300 kidnappings, rapes, and other violent assaults against people deported to Mexico during the first seven months of the Biden administration. 

Others have been put on “death flights” to nations with violence, such as Haiti. Families with babies, pregnant women, survivors of severe torture – no one is spared.

Biden and his administration should stop playing politics with the lives of asylum-seeking refugees and end Title 42 along with all other policies that pose risks to them. America has abundant resources and public health know-how to safely embrace those escaping abuse with dignity.

It comes as no surprise when more and more people feel regret voting for Joe Biden. Joe Biden has disappointed Americans many times. That’s why anti-Biden products sell like a hot cake on the market. Here are some notable items:

What do you think about the mendacity of Joe Biden? Feel free to let us know in the comment. 

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