Best Thanksgiving animated movies

10 Best Thanksgiving Animated Movies Of All Time

When a special Thanksgiving feast is done, there’s still one interesting thing left to do. Can you guess what it is! Well, it’s curling up with all members of your family and enjoying a fantastic seasonal flick that honors the spirit of Turkey Day. Refer to these great Thanksgiving animated movies and have a memorable Thanksgiving celebration!

10 Best Thanksgiving animated movies

These wonderful classic Thanksgiving animated movies are always ready to get you in the spirit ahead of Thursday’s party.

1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 

Admit it, the holiday will be much more exciting when watching  Snoopy, Woodstock, and everyone’s favorite insecure Peanuts character, Charlie Brown.

Thanksgiving animated movies - A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

For a long time, Charlie Brown is a familiar name when it comes to the holidays. And it’s no surprise that A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is listed in the best Thanksgiving animated film. While it is said that A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is among the greatest movies for kids during the Thanksgiving season,  the film attracts people of all ages.

2. The Land Before Time 

This 1988 animated classic is created with endless efforts of animation legend Don Bluth, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas The story talks about a group of young dinosaur children who are forced to relocate to the Great Valley. This is known to be a place where prosperity awaits them.

The Land Before Time

The Land Before Time is truly one of the meaningful Thanksgiving animated movies to watch on this special occasion. The film is a timeless and warmhearted story of courage, friendship as well as gratitude for family and friends. 

Let your kids enjoy this film as it also helps teach children a valuable lesson about accepting each other for who we are with open arms.

3. The Secret Of NIMH

This classic animated movie is known as the finest masterpiece of Don Bluth. And there is no doubt that it fits perfectly with the theme of Thanksgiving. In the movie, a young mother mouse has to find a way to move her family’s home before the plow of the local farmer destroys it. But Timmy, her youngest son is facing pneumonia and cannot be moved.

The Secret Of NIMH

At that time, she finds the fabled rats of NIMH. They are super-intelligent rodents with heightened cognitive abilities due to human genetic testing. The film attracts the audience as it is both eerie and charming. Above all, the main themes of family and love in the film are absolutely timeless.

4. Free Birds

Thanksgiving animated movies

Are you looking for fun Thanksgiving animated movies? If yes, then don’t miss this – the Free Birds. It is a computer-animated science fiction film that centers around two turkeys traveling back in time to prevent Thanksgiving. In the movie, two rival turkeys are trying to get turkey off the Thanksgiving menu once and for all. The interesting film will certainly bring smiles to your face!

5. An American Tail 

Here we continue to come with one of the most meaningful Thanksgiving animated movies to see – An American Tail. The film draws much attention from the audience as it emphasizes the importance of family. 

Best Thanksgiving animated movies - An American Tail

The film tells us the story of Fievel Mousekewitz and his family when they emigrate from Shostka to the United States to get freedom. However, he gets lost and then has to find a way to reunite with them.

The film also attracts audiences because of the vintage feel and heartwarming animation style it brings. Let’s add this classic to the list of best Thanksgiving animated movies this Thanksgiving season!

6. A Winnie the Pooh Thanksgiving

When it comes to the best Thanksgiving animated movies, we cannot miss A Winnie the Pooh Thanksgiving. This animated film is considered to be a great option if your kids are joining in movie night to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. 

A Winnie the Pooh Thanksgiving

Produced in 1998, this film featured the voice talents of Jim Cummings, John Fiedler, and Paul Winchell. The special tells us how Pooh and his friends discover the true meaning of Thanksgiving. The movie was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Children’s Program.

7. Garfield’s Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving animated movies

Don’t forget Garfield’s Thanksgiving if you are looking for wonderful Thanksgiving animated movies. The movie is an animated television special that is based on the Garfield comic strip. It is considered a slapstick film with tons of laughs as well as loads of sarcasm. Let’s watch it and have fun with your family on Thanksgiving Day!

8. The Last Unicorn 

You can also take The Last Unicorn into consideration if you are finding the best Thanksgiving animated movies for this upcoming Turkey Day. 

The Last Unicorn 

However, it’s important to note that the movie is definitely not for younger viewers. The reason is that it comes with intensely disturbing scenes that are best suited for children above the age of eight. However, as the themes of it talk about loneliness, regret, happiness, and courage, the film absolutely fits with the theme of Thanksgiving.

9. Peter Pan 

Peter Pan movie

Sometimes, an interesting Thanksgiving movie doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the holiday at all. Peter Pan is a typical example of this! This is a movie coming from the Golden Age of Disney classics. Until today, the famous movie keeps on inspiring awe and wonder in children.

10. Pinocchio

Thanksgiving animated movies

It can be said that no character knows more about thankfulness than Pinocchio. in the final act of the film, Pinocchio awakens as a real boy, which makes him so delighted. Until now, Pinocchio is considered one of Disney’s most recognizable and beloved works.

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We deeply hope that with our recommendations of the best Thanksgiving animated movies, you can find out a good film to watch with your family on Thanksgiving Day! If there is something we miss on the list, please feel free to share with us! Happy Thanksgiving!

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