Thanksgiving activities for teens

10 Amazing Thanksgiving Activities For Teens

In general, the term “Thanksgiving” reminds us of a holiday when all members of the family gather around the dining table to enjoy delicious dishes. Also, people don’t forget to plan something exciting for the holiday, for example, organizing some Thanksgiving traditions. Refer to these following Thanksgiving activities for teens if you are looking for something that almost all teens will enjoy doing this Thanksgiving season!

Best Thanksgiving Activities For Teens 

Thanksgiving Day is a federal holiday in the United States. As this is a special day in the country, many Americans love to discover more about the history of Thanksgiving as well as anything around the occasion. They would like to know what are the best activities to participate in on that day. Besides Thanksgiving parties, there are many more ways to celebrate Turkey Day in the United States!

And whether you are a parent looking for fun activities for your children or you are a young person looking to have fun for yourself, here we come with the best recommendations for you. Start to create fun things on Turkey Day with any of these Thanksgiving activities for teens!

1. Try Thanksgiving Coloring 

Let’s imagine how wonderful these pages will be when they are decorated with new colors. We are sure that kids will love doing this. But it is also one of the impressive Thanksgiving activities for teens. Actually, teens or any other member of the family can join in the coloring activity.

2. Do A Turkey Run

This is one of the wonderful Thanksgiving activities for teens that will help enhance the relationship of all family members this holiday season. Find a safe area to run and have memorable experiences with your loved ones!

In addition, several neighborhoods hold community runs with a view to raise funds for charity. This is a practical activity that many teens can join in. You can check out with your neighbors if they have ever participated in that activity to get more information. 

3. Join A Pumpkin Hunt

Thanksgiving activities for teens

Thanksgiving activities for teens – Pumpkin hunt

For a long time, treasure hunting was considered a popular game for children of all ages. And it’s great when the teens become the winner of a pumpkin hunt this Thanksgiving Day. Yes! A pumpkin hunt is always one of the leading Thanksgiving activities for teens that they will surely love!

To organize this game, adults, or even teens, will hide pumpkins anywhere in the house. They can be indoors, outdoors, or in the backyard. Prepare fun and interesting cue cards and hand out them to your teens and their friends. Set a timer for them to find the pumpkin and bring it to you!

4. Take Part In Sack Race

When it comes to exciting Thanksgiving activities for teens, we can’t help mentioning sack races. That’s why let your children try their best for a sack race. You can prepare old sacks for them or let them use pillowcases. To make the game more attractive and interesting, you can add some fun obstacles to the race. Consider using some Thanksgiving-themed items like pumpkins and corn stalks to get in the holiday spirit!

Sack race - one of the best Thanksgiving activities for teens

Sack race – one of the best Thanksgiving activities for teens

5. Watch a Thanksgiving Movie 

The moments spent with family on Thanksgiving are meaningful. Let your teens be with other family members and watch their favorite Thanksgiving movies. And believe us! They will never say no to A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

6. Play Pumpkin Bowling

You don’t have to go anywhere farther. Just do it right at your home! Try a new game – pumpkin bowling – as one of the best Thanksgiving activities for teens this Turkey Day!

play pumpkin bowling

Get the best experience with pumpkin bowling

There is something you need to prepare for the activity. Let’s go to the local hardware or any gardening store near you to get hay bales to make your own driveway or backyard bowling lane. Don’t forget to purchase some bowling pins. And of course, pumpkins are an indispensable part of this game.

7. Candy Corn Ring Toss

Organize this game for your teens and we believe that they will love it. This DIY Candy corn game is considered to be perfect for all those fall fun harvest celebrations. What’s more, the game is easy to set up and it is also inexpensive. You can get the tutorial for this game at Kid Friendly Things to Do.

Candy Corn Ring Toss

8. Turkey Leg Wrap

Here we suggest to you one of the most interesting Thanksgiving activities for teens – the Turkey Leg Wrap game. Chances are Turkey legs will be on your dinner table at the Thanksgiving party. But you can also think of them as a part of the fun. In this game, teens have one minute to wrap up their teammate in burlap and a chef’s hat. Such a fun game to try!

9. Family Football Game

Family Football Game

Start a friendly football game for the whole family outdoors and get your teens to join in with you! All family members will work up a sweat together and have a memorable experience this Thanksgiving.

10. Pumpkin Toss

Let’s make this Thanksgiving more wonderful with anything about pumpkin, and of course, this pumpkin toss game included! This creative fall DIY idea will be fun all season long—and it’ll be just as fun next year too.

Great Gift Ideas On Thanksgiving

Besides exploring some fun Thanksgiving activities for teens, there is one more important thing to keep in mind when the occasion comes around – it’s gift-giving. Have you discovered some thoughtful Thanksgiving gift ideas for your loved ones? If you don’t know where to start, just have a look at the following items! They will never let you down!

There are many fun Thanksgiving activities for teens that will make the children feel excited. Hopefully, the list above is helpful so that teens can have a memorable Thanksgiving season. Also, don’t hesitate to share with us if we miss something on the list. Thanks for your attention.

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