11 Wonderful Christmas Outdoor Activities At The Best Price

Engaging in Christmas outdoor activities with no money? Well, it’s hard to believe but, scroll down! T-Shirt at Low Price is now ready to recommend to you 11 free (or super cheap) Christmas outdoor activities that will surely make this upcoming Christmas so magical.

Indulge in the Christmas atmosphere with some fun Christmas outdoor activities

Free Christmas outdoor activities 

Admit it, guys, you are going to spend a quite huge sum of money this Christmas, from Christmas room decorations to purchasing gifts for your loved ones. And it’s sad if you are on a budget and cannot afford some Christmas outdoor activities for your family, friends, or your lovers. Never give up! Your Christmas can also be awesome with these free Christmas outdoor activities.

How do you make Christmas fun without gifts?

A lot of people wonder how they can make Christmas fun without gifts. Traditionally, this special occasion has been involved in consumerism with the buying and exchanging of gifts. In several countries, the Christmas season is the largest economic stimulus due to the dramatic increase in retail sales. In 2013, the United States’ retail industry reached more than 3 trillion dollars during the Christmas season. While giving and receiving gifts is fun and meaningful, the celebration of this occasion can still be special without breaking the bank. Below we have 7 suggestions on how to make Christmas memorable without spending a fortune on presents.
1. Send a meaningful letter to your loved one
2. Go Christmas caroling
3. Invite a new guest who faces the holidays alone
4. Pack a shoebox for a child in need
5. Get together with neighbors
6. Start a fun tradition
7. Get creative in the kitchen

Visit Santa for free

The very first outdoor activity we suggest is to visit Santa for free. You should know that pictures with Santa can break your budget if you don’t plan for them in advance. That’s why, instead of heading to the mall to see Santa, you can search around town where you can visit him and take some pictures for free. Don’t forget to bring your kids with you because this is going to be a wonderful experience for them.

For a very long time, Santa Claus has become a familiar symbol of Christmas. Children are often excited when they hear some stories about Santa Claus. They have a strong belief that at Christmas, Santa will come and bring them lovely presents. Visiting Santa will interest your children.

One of the amazing Christmas outdoor activities is to go out and visit Santa

In the past, our family has taken our kids to the local fire station for pancakes with Santa, which was extremely inexpensive. And what’s more awesome, most towns and cities now have a free holiday festival. You can enjoy a parade, family-friendly games, and pictures with Santa, etc all for free. Pay attention to many places such as banks, libraries and even churches as these places can allow opportunities to take pictures with Santa at no cost.

Volunteer in your community 

This is another interesting thing you can follow if you are looking for free Christmas outdoor activities. By volunteering in your community, you will help spread joy this season. Church, local homeless shelter and library will also be ideal places that help you find a way to give back this year.

Also, you can ask if there is any way to volunteer by folding brochures of stuffing blessing bags from home. In this activity, you don’t have to spend money, your time is enough for a gift. And if you have children, let them do this with you. It’s a good chance for them to learn that Christmas is about giving. 

Volunteering at Christmas is one of the meaningful Christmas outdoor activities

Go on a candy cane scavenger hunt

Looking for some Christmas outdoor activities near me? Going on a candy cane scavenger hunt is our suggestion.

Christmas is time to relax. Let’s create the best memories with your children through some free Christmas outdoor activities. Hind candy canes all-around your house, yard, or garden. Allow your children to go for a candy cane scavenger hunt for each sweet treat. You can think of this as an Easter Egg hunt but with candy canes. We believe this will be one of the most favorite Christmas outdoor activities that our kids love.

Going on a candy cane scavenger hunt is one of interesting Christmas outdoor activities for your kids

Go to see a holiday production

We suggest you check out your local high schools, colleges, or community theatres for any upcoming holiday production. You can take part in a play, a Christmas or even a ballet on a budget when you are supporting local schools. This is a big opportunity to enjoy something you don’t see in your everyday life. Furthermore, this activity will help expose your children to fine arts.

Join fun Christmas outdoor activities like holiday show to make the holiday full of laughter

Surprise the neighbors with Christmas carols

You can download free sheet music, round up ground-up friends, bundle up, and hit the streets. This is among fun Christmas outdoor activities that will bring your neighborhood happy moments together, which is impressive. 

If you are looking for fantastic Christmas outdoor activities then Christmas Caroling is a great idea

If you are finding some Christmas outdoor activities near me, you can consider donating to a local drive. Donate anything, whether it’s money to a favorite charity, or toys, coats, and foot to a local drive. It’s what the season of giving is all about. We hope you will make your Christmas more meaningful with all the best things you can donate.  

Donating a toy is one of the best Christmas outdoor activities to spread joy

Head to a Christmas tree farm near you 

If you are not fond of an artificial Christmas tree, this year, we recommend you try the real thing. Search for some farms near you if you plan to go in a short time. There are so many incredible farms to check out. And we believe that the entire experience will make a wonderful family trip. 

Heading to a Christmas farm is one of the great Christmas outdoor activities

Because it’s a Christmas tree farm near you, we estimate that this activity will be at no cost. This will be an ideal option for the best outdoor activities on Christmas day. However, you should bring some money with you in case of any arising problems.

Visit one of the best Christmas towns across the USA 

Christmas is the perfect time to bundle up as well as take a road trip with your whole family. Why not spend the holidays in one of the quaintest and most spirited towns in the country? Take a family drive to see the neighborhood holiday decoration. It is among the best Christmas outdoor activities that will let you experience the Christmas atmosphere in different towns in your country. 

Visiting Christmas town- one of the great Christmas outdoor activities bring you happy moments

Super cheap Christmas outdoor activities

See a Christmas choir or orchestra

This is one more among the most common Christmas outdoor activities you can try. There are plenty of music-related Christmas events to attend during the holiday season. Whether you want to see a big performance, go to a local choir or holiday concert, there are countless musical performances for you to choose. Of course, these performances will deliver all the Christmas cheer you desire. 

Christmas choir is one of amazing Christmas outdoor activities that you should join

If you are on a budget, we highly recommend that you should go to a local choir to save money. Usually, the performance’s cost is from 10$ to 50$.

Share the fun with the birds 

This will be among the super cheap Christmas outdoor activities. We believe this will be a perfect Christmas activity for kids to do with their parents, and it yields some practical results too. The birdseed Christmas tree ornaments look good, which helps attract goldfinches to your yard. It is so exciting, right? 

Christmas outdoor activities with birdseed ornaments will amaze your kids

Go ice skating with your family

Whether you’ve got a romantic date in mind or a fun afternoon with your kids, ice skating is never a bad idea. If you are searching for some cheap Christmas outdoor activities, you can think of ice skating. You can make some of your favorite Christmas Time memories on the ice. We suppose that you only need to spend less than 10$ for each session. It’s quite cheap, right?

Looking for fun Christmas activities, why not going ice-skating with your family?


What Christmas outdoor activities will you do with little or no money? We guess that you also have a lot of ideas in mind. Feel free to share with us about your incredible ideas and we are excited to receive all your comments. Hopefully, our information is helpful and we wish you a Merry Christmas.

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