Patrick’s Day is nearly approaching! It’s the perfect time to enjoy hearty dishes, whip up your favorite green beer, get fun with interesting Patrick’s Day memes, bless your loved ones with inspirational Patrick’s Day sayings, and join fun St. Patrick’s Day activities. If you’re not sure what are St Patricks Day things to do, then here are some ideas that everyone can enjoy. 

St Patrick’s Day Activities For Kids

Looking for St Patricks Day things to do?

Make St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

Your little leprechauns will surely love making fun crafts such as pretty rainbows, shamrock-shaped plates, leprechaun-inspired projects, or wreaths. Making crafts is sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit. 

Make Green Slime

Making slime is one of the best St Patricks Day things to do that will surely put a huge grin on your kid’s face. Sime is great, fun, gooey, and sticky to make with family members. A slime kit comes in various colors, so your little one doesn’t necessarily have to limit the fun to St Patrick’s Day. 

Attend a St. Patrick’s Day parade


When it comes to fun St Patrick’s Day activities for kids, attending a St. Patrick’s Day parade is a great one. St. Patrick’s Day parades are held across the country, both in large cities and small towns. If you do not know when a St. Patrick’s Day parade takes place, check out your city’s site or do an online search for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day parade near you. 

Wear Green

March 17 isn’t complete without one piece of green clothing, right? Prepare a green costume or simple green accessory for your kid to stand out in the colorful holiday.

Read Irish Stories

If you’re looking for fun st. Patrick’s Day activities for kids, consider some famous Irish books about Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. Your kid will be excited to get inspired and discover more about St. Paddy’s Day. There is a bunch of interesting books for kids such as A Fine St. Patrick’s Day by Susan Wojciechowski. 

Play St. Patrick’s Day Games

No matter your kid’s age, there are always St. Patrick’s Day-themed games for them. Give your child fun indoor and outdoor games like relay races, tag, and hopscotch to bring them laughing and competing on the special holiday. Don’t forget to prepare some prizes to raise their mood!

Plant Shamrocks

If you’re on the hunt for things to do st Patrick’s day 2022, then planting shamrocks is definitely the way to go. Your family can start an annual St. Patrick’s Day tradition by giving a shamrock plant as a present. Shamrocks are not only more long-lasting than a bag of green candy but planting them also builds self-confidence and responsibility in kids.

St Patrick’s Day Activities For Adults

What’re interesting St Patricks Day things to do?

Drink a Green Beer

Raise a glass of your favorite Irish beer or whip up some Guinness, the official drink of  St. Paddy’s to get in the spirit. Whether you’re usually into the beer or not, indulging in a pint this March 17 is always a great idea. 

Taste some whiskeys.

Drinking whiskey is one of the greatest St Patricks Day things to do.

Irish whiskey is one of the popular drinks these days. And what’s a better time to try out this drink than St. Patrick’s Day? We think not. Invite a few friends to your home and enjoy a whiskey party. 

Bake something green.

It’s great to bake festive desserts or cakes on St. Paddy’s Day. It’s a wonderful way to ring in the colorful holiday. Also, you can try making some traditional Irish treats like Irish apple cake. These green treats are sure to add a festive flair to every St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Give small Patrick’s Day gifts to your loved ones

Giving a special gift is also one of St Patricks Day things to do that is sure to brighten up the holiday. Whether you want to bless your loved ones or just treat yourself this holiday, you’re sure to find something on this list of awesome Patrick’s Day gift ideas

Held a shamrock cookie decorating contest

There is a wide range of fun St Patricks Day things to do, and decorating cookies is a part of it. Gather your family members and friends to join a shamrock cookie decorating contest. Make sure to prepare the rewards for the winner such as extra cookies after dinner. 

Listen to Irish music

What could be better to get you in the holiday spirit than immersing in Irish music? On March 17, throw on some Irish folk song of all time, and perform a jig in your living room with your loved ones. 

Drink an Irish coffee


If Guinness is not your favorite drink, then Irish coffee might be an ideal option. Irish coffee is a hot classic that features brown sugar and lightly whipped cream for extra sweetness. Take a glass of toasty Irish coffee on Patrick’s Day morning and savor it slowly. 

Watch an Irish Movie

Nothing is cozier than enjoying the best Irish movies with family on St. Paddy’s Day. You can spend the day or night watching a fun St. Paddy’s Day film and make sure to prepare some green matcha popcorn. 

Make a Traditional Irish Meal


St Patricks Day falls in March, which is still chilly, so why not warm up with classic Irish food? There are plenty of Irish dishes that you can try cooking like colcannon, potatoes, corned beef, and more. 

Listen to Irish poetry

Patrick’s Day is a great opportunity for you to enjoy some of history’s most famous poems. You can get inspired for free by listening to the audio works of Seamus Heaney, W.B. Yeats, and Samuel Beckett on Spotify.

Learn the History of St. Patrick’s Day

Each holiday has a long history. As Patrick’s Day rolls around, it would be more meaningful when you know its origin. There is a lot to discover about St. Paddy’s Day. Teach your little ones about Irish culture by visiting a museum or reading Irish books or literature. 

Take part in a Fun Run

St. Patrick’s Day is also a fun time to participate in a fun run. There are a few races across the country you can join in that allow for charitable donations before the day’s celebrations. The money raised from the event will be used to hold similar events and help local businesses.

St Patrick’s Day Activities For Toddlers

Not sure what’re St Patricks Day things to do, then take a look at these ideas.

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday of the year, no matter your age. For toddlers, the experience is one filled with shamrocks, green things, and colorful rainbows. They may not understand this holiday, but with some interesting St Patrick’s Day activities for toddlers, they can start getting a sense of the happiness and joy it brings. 

Make a Rainbow With Finger Paint

It’s great for toddlers to use finger paint to make a rainbow. They will get a sense of a unique sensory world involving slippery touch, sight, and squishy sounds. Paint each fingertip a different color in the rainbow order and gently guide his fingers on the paper in a curve.

Draw Shamrocks


If you’re not sure what’re fun St Patrick’s Day activities for toddlers, then consider letting them draw shamrocks on the stencil. Draw a shamrock shape on a rigid board to create the stencil, and then cut it out. Give your toddlers a few green crayons and guide them on how to color inside the shamrock. 

Play With Green Playdough

Playing with green playdough is one of the best St Patricks Day things to do that reinforces your kid’s green lesson. You can also make your own playdough and get your little ones involved so that they can experience the mixing colors and stimulate their sense of smell. 

Drink Green Milk Shakes


You can make a drink of green milkshakes on March,17. Simply put a couple of spoons of ice cream in the blender with food coloring and then you’ll have a green shake. Your children will be excited and delighted to see the color go from white to green and will love knowing how you do it. 

Have a Green Food 

Food is an important part of your toddler’s day, so prepare all-green foods and snacks like peas, green beans, steamed broccoli, or wilted spinach to celebrate the holiday. Take time to point out a food’s color, size, shape, or quantity for them to remember. 

Make Leprechaun Traps


Whether you’re in need of St Patricks day ideas for kids or just in search of cool St Patrick’s day school activities, making DIY leprechaun traps is one of the popular things to do for st Patrick’s Day. Prepare a copy of leprechaun traps and essential materials such as scissors, markers, paper, and other craft supplies and let kid create their own trap. 

Walk And Find Green Things 

Green is the symbol color of St. Patrick’s Day, so it’s an ideal opportunity to teach your toddlers about green things. Walk around the neighborhood or visit a park as there’s a lot to talk about. Look at the ground and look under the blanket of brown grass to find new shoots that have emerged. Or find green caterpillars on the tree branches or leaves. 

You can ask your toddler simple yes and no questions to see whether or not he realize the green color, for example, “Is this green?”, “What’s the color?”. 

St Patrick’s Day School Activities

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday that you can introduce your student to this celebration of Irish culture. Here are some cool St Patrick’s day school activities. 

Read a St. Patrick’s Day themed book 

St. Patrick’s Day is a great chance to discover Irish customs and history. Brief your students on how different religions and cultures celebrate some holidays. Ask your students some questions to see whether they understand bout St. Patrick’s Day. For example:

  • Who was Saint Patrick?
  • Why do people often wear green on St. Patrick’s Day?
  • How is this holiday celebrated in Ireland?

Throw a Small Celebration

On St. Patrick’s Day, you can have your students wear green on St. Patrick’s Day to immerse themself in the holiday spirit. Decorate your classroom with a green theme and prepare some green snacks and foods. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to help your student understand the holiday history. Also, it would be more fun if you teach your students some Irish dancing. 

Organize St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt

There are plenty of interesting St Patrick’s day school activities for students to enjoy. You can buy or make small paper four-leaf clover and hide them around the classroom. Give clues for them to find out all of the four-leaf clovers. You can combine curriculum materials into the activity by asking students to answer a question to go to the next clue. Make sure to prepare some special prizes for the team winner. 

If you’re teaching remotely, you can organize a virtual scavenger hunt where students need to research online to answer St. Patrick’s Day questions. They can move to the next hint when they answer the previous question correctly. The student who completes the scavenger hunt will get a prize!

Read St. Patrick’s Day Books

If you’re searching for st Patricks Day ideas for kids at school, then consider reading Irish books. There are various renowned books that your student may enjoy like Curious George by H. A. Rey, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, or St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning by Eve Bunting. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that these fun st. Patrick’s Day activities inspire you to know St Patricks Day things to do. We guarantee that these St Patricks Day ideas for kids and adults will definitely make them enjoy and celebrate all things Irish on March 17. 

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