Patrick’s Day is nearly approaching! It’s the perfect time to look for funny St Patricks Day shirt ideas on a feast, raise a glass of Patrick’s Day drink, and bless your loved ones with cool Patrick’s Day sayings. We’ve curated a list of the best St Patricks Day shirt ideas to surprise everyone on your list: young and old, green-loving and not. 

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Cool St Patricks Day Shirt Ideas


1. I Kissed A Farmer And I Got Lucky St Patrick’s Day Shirt

If you’re looking for st Patricks Day shirt ideas, consider this tee. The shirt depicts a truck, clovers along with the green text “I Kissed A Farmer And I Got Lucky”. A nice design will definitely make your Irish party even more magical and amazing!


2. Happy Patrick’s Day Gnome Shirt

Featuring the adorable gnome and the shamrock, the quintessential symbol of St. Patrick’s Day, the shirt is bound to get everyone’s attention! It’s the perfect way to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day. 


3. Let The Shenanigans Begin St Patricks Day Shirt

This shirt is one of the cool St Patricks Day shirts for adults. With a cool design, the shirt is perfect for those who love shamrocks and  Saint Patty’s Day! Pair it with your favorite shorts or denim jeans for a cool combo. 


4. Irish By Blood American By Birth Patriot By Choice Shirt

If you’re finding stunning St Patrick’s day shirt designs to express your faith and love for the country, this tee would make you satisfied. The quote “Irish By Blood American By Birth Patriot By Choice” will certainly win your heart. 


5. Cat Be Lucky 4 Leaf Shirt

If you’re on the hunt for cool St Patricks Day shirt ideas you can wear year after year, pick green and black shamrock and cat design. This comfy tee is only $15.99, a great price for something you likely wear all year round. 


6. Skull 4 Leaf Clover Leopard Bandana Shirt St Patrick’s Day

If you’re in search of a cool look, Skull 4 Leaf Clover Leopard Bandana Shirt has a skull made of 4 leaf-clover will definitely give you a festive look for the holiday. It’s comfortable and soft enough to dress up anywhere, so whether you’re going to parties and working from home, you’ll feel just festive enough.


7. This Kiss Me I’m Vaccinated Shirt

This Kiss Me I’m Vaccinated Shirt is one of the St Patricks Day shirt ideas that will put a huge grin on your face. The shirt is made of 100% premium cotton that will keep you at ease during Patrick’s Day parties or special occasions. 


8. Kiss Me I’m Vaccinated Shirt Kiss Shamrock

Pair this funny st Patricks Day shirt with denim jeans and you are sure to be the centerpiece of the crowd. The shirt is ideal to express your thoughts while looking cool. Made from high-quality soft cotton, it won’t fade or loose after many washes. 


9. Kiss Me I’m Vaccinated Shirt American Irish Flag

For all the Irish-Americans who share ancestors in Ireland, what’s a greater gift than this shirt to show identity and the Irish spirit?

The shirt features a graphic logo of the shamrock along with the quote “Kiss Me I’m Vaccinated” making it perfect to celebrate the Irish event while expressing your views.

Cute St Patricks Day Shirt Ideas

Who doesn’t love cute St Patrick’s day shirt designs while celebrating?  Dress up cute St Patricks Day 2022 shirts and appeal to the target audience with lovely shirts. These adorable St Patricks Day shirt ideas are perfect to honor the culture and all of its beautiful symbols. 


10. Being A Great Grandma Doesn’t Make Me Old It Makes Me Blessed Shirt

When it comes to St Patricks Day 2022 shirts for grandma, you can never go wrong with this shirt. Featuring the quote “Being A Great Grandma Doesn’t Make Me Old It Makes Me Blessed” and pots of gold, this cool shirt is perfect to express your love for your beloved woman!

No matter what St. Patrick’s Day event your grandma attends, she’ll always shine when wearing it. 


11. Crochet Four Leaf Clover Heart Shirt St Patricks Day

Rock the Patrick’s Day celebration by wearing this cute Crochet Four Leaf Clover Heart Shirt. For friends or family members who love crocheting or knitting, the shirt is sure to please them. 


12. Beer Meow Shirt St Patrick Day

For cat lovers, nothing evokes their happiness and joy than wearing a cat-themed shirt on St. Patrick’s Day. Make your cat love feel special with this cute shirt.

We guarantee the cat lover in your life will adore the image of the adorable cat holding a cup of beer. The unisex tee comes in nine colors and eight sizes from S to 5XL.


13. Let’s Go Brandon Trump Patrick’s Day Shirt

This Trump shirt is among the world’s best St Patricks Day shirts funny. It’s perfect for Trump lovers, Biden haters, and people with a good sense of humor. 

Your Trump supporter will love this fashionable and funny shirt featuring Donald Trump holding a glass of beer and the slogan “Let’s Go Brandon”. It’ll express their thoughts on how awesome Trump is. What’s more, they are sure to be the center of attention wherever they go. This funny St Patricks Day shirt not only keeps them comfortable but also steals the limelight too. 


14. Dear Liver Today Will Be A Rough One Stay Strong Shirt

One of the most popular St. Patty’s Day activities is drinking your favorite beer and this funny St Patricks Day shirt will show the boozy side of the holiday. The shirt is super soft, moisture-wicking, and comfortable to wear all day long. 


15. Cat Shoes Shamrock Shirt St Patrick Day

There are so many awesome St Patricks Day shirt ideas, and this cute Cat Shoes Shamrock Shirt is one of the best. With a cute cat in the shoes, the shirt is bound to win any cat lover’s heart. Made from 100% premium cotton, the shirt is so soft, breathable, and body odor-fighting. It’s machine washable and pairs well with jeans or leggings.

Funny St Patricks Day Shirt

St Patrick’s Day has been all about fun, jokes, drinking, partying, and more. So, when it comes to St Patricks Day shirt ideas, you never go wrong with funny St Patricks Day shirt ideas. St Patricks Day shirts funny are always winners. 


16. Hello Darkness My Old Friend I’ve Come To Drink With You Again Shirt

This shirt is perfect for husbands, boyfriends, and those who love beer, drinking, beverage. Patrick’s Day is a great opportunity to whip up your favorite green drink, so get the shirt now to express your love for an Irish beer. 


17. Kiss Me I’m Irish Or Drunk Or Whatever Saint Patricks Day Shirt

If you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, get in the holiday spirit by going green with the Kiss Me I’m Irish Or Drunk Or Whatever Saint Patricks Day Shirt. The shirt features the shamrock and the quote: “Kiss me, I’m Irish or drunk or whatever”.

Add a bit of contrast with another bright color to your look, creating something that really stands out in that inevitable selfie.


18. Shenanigans With My Gnomies St Patricks Day Gnome Shamrock Shirt 

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than having a good time with your important woman? Give your grandma an opportunity to enjoy the holiday night and create cherished moments in style with this lovely shirt. 

The shirt has a cool saying “Me And Grandma Are More Than Besties I Am Her Accomplice And She Is My Alibi” along with an image of kid and granma’s hands touching knuckles. The shirt is bound to leave a good impression on everyone. 


19. Leprechaun Dabbing Cat Shirt St Patrick Day

St Patricks Day shirts funny are not about wordplay but also funny imagery. This Leprechaun Dabbing Cat Shirt with the dabbing cat wearing the Leprechaun outfit will certainly get people laughing. Pair it with a cardigan for a simple look. 


20. It’s Not A Party Until The Irish Show Up Shirt

This hilarious shirt featuring the Irish flag and text style that says “It’s not a party until the Irish show up” is great for anyone to wear on St. Patrick’s Day. It looks nice and does a great job of expressing your love for the country. It gives the ultimate comfort and will serve as a long-lasting Irish gift. 


21. Everyone Is A Little Irish On St Patricks Day Except The Germans Shirt

One of the most unique St Patricks Day shirt ideas is this Everyone Is A Little Irish On St Patricks Day Except The Germans Shirt. It features the Italian flag along with the quote “Everyone Is A Little Irish On St. Patricks Day Except The Germans We’re Still Italians”. The shirt is a great way to express your love for the country. 


22. Jack Jim Johnny Jameson The Founding Fathers Of St Patrick’s Day Shirt

The holiday is never complete without a festive St. Patrick’s Day shirt. With a funny pun design, the shirt makes for an excellent gift that anyone will adore. This hilarious shirt will definitely brighten their day. Don’t be surprised if this fun t-shirt becomes their favorite out of all!


23. Sons Of Shenanigan Malarkey Chapter Shirt St Patrick’s Day

Thinking about buying St Patricks Day shirts for adults for Irish? How about surprising them with this special ‘Sons Of Shenanigan Shirt’ that they can use on daily basis? The shirt is a good way to show off your Irish pride, and we’re sure everyone will be excited when they see it. 


24. Veteran Shirt Kiss Me Or Irish Or Drunk St Patrick Day

A great shirt for veterans on Saint Patrick’s Day that they will cherish for a lifetime. The veteran in your life will definitely be proud to wear on Veteran Day.


25. St Patrick Day I’m Gonna Need Another Beer Shirt

Here’s a useful gift for the Irish in your life! This fun shirt will help them express their patriotism and activate the holiday spirit.


26. Trump Make St Patrick’s Day Great Again Shirt

As one of the best St Patricks Day shirt ideas, this shirt is definitely the way to go. A funny design along with Trump’s phenomenal slogan “Make St Patrick’s Day Great Again” makes for a cool gift for those who love Donald Trump.

St Patricks Day Shirt Teacher

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday that everyone enjoys. It’s also the perfect opportunity to express your love and gratitude to an educator in your life. So, what are the best St Patricks Day shirt ideas for teachers? Our list of st Patricks Day shirt ideas is sure to fit any budget. 


7. Teacher St Patrick Day Shirt I Teach The Cutest Leprechaun

If you’re not sure what’s a cute St Patricks Day shirt teacher, consider this tee. With a funny design of a cute leprechaun sitting on the branch and the saying “I Teach The Cutest Little Leprechaun”, the shirt is an excellent pick to surprise your teacher on St. Paddy’s Day.

Watch her face light up when he opens your gift. That happiness is priceless, and we believe she’ll treasure it! 


28. Teacher St Patrick Day Shirt Became A Teacher Worth My Time

Looking for a sentimental St Patricks Day shirt teacher that will help your teacher feel loved no matter what the occasion is? A simple and sweet gift like this shirt featuring a heartfelt saying “I Became A Teacher Because Your Life Is Worth My Time” can be a wonderful way to remind her of your appreciation and love.

Her devotion and teaching passion deserve recognition.  Your loving teacher will be happy to shed tears. 


29. Teacher St Patrick Day Shirt Shenanigator Definition

This shirt is the ideal way to express your love for your beloved teacher. The shirt says, “Shenanigator Definition (noun) A Teacher Who Instigates Shenanigans” making it perfect for any teacher to dress up in the classroom on St. Patrick’s Day. 


30. Teacher St Patrick Day Shirt Teach The Cutest Leprechaun

This stunning shirt will surely keep your teacher nice and cool every time she wears it. Let the gorgeous shirt speak your affection with the quote “I Teach The Cutest Little Leprechaun”. Just imagine the look on her face when she wears it. 

Finald Thoughts

Which St Patricks Day shirt ideas do you like most? We hope that these St Patricks Day shirt ideas inspire you to find the perfect one for your loved ones. Thoughtful and useful, these St Patricks Day 2022 shirts will make their holiday even better!

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