32 Fun St Patricks Day Activities For Whole Family

St. Patrick’s Day is the funniest day of the year. We know that this holiday involves mischievous little leprechauns, shamrocks, rainbows, fun St Paddy’s Day gifts and of course, lots of green! However, it is also the day to celebrate the life of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Here are 32 interesting St Patricks day activities to enjoy this day with your loved ones.

Fun St Patricks Day Activities To Celebrate This St Patricks Day

Whether you want to look for St Patrick’s day activities for adults or St Patricks day activities for kids, we’ve got you covered. Here, you will find a list of fun St Patricks day activities out there. So right now string up the St. Patrick’s Day decorations, make yourself some Irish drinks, and prepare to have a good time.

1. Plant Shamrocks

St Patricks Day Activities
Fun St Patricks Day Activities For Everyone

Why not kick off the annual St Patrick’s Day tradition of planting shamrocks. You can do this with your kids and teach them about the meaning of shamrock. Such a meaningful and interesting St Patricks Day activity!

2. Wear green

March 17 would not be complete without the color green. Whether you’re trying to avoid being pressed or want to have your whole ensemble green, consider using a full pop of color, even with a simple green accessory.

3. Enjoy a Family Brunch

Although St. Paddy’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holiday with a festive family brunch at home. Remember to prepare some delicious food – and of course, don’t forget the festive party decorations.

4. Bake Festive Desserts

St Patricks Day Activities

It’s time to turn your favorite dessert into something festive. Or, if you want to try something traditional, why not try some Irish treats like Irish apple pie? Do it yourself or with your family.

5. Have a Guinness

Guinness is really the typical St. Patrick’s Day drink, and whether you like a stout or not, give it a try if you haven’t. You may just find that delicious, rich beer is your new favorite. 

6. Learn the History Behind St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day has a history of more than two centuries. With this rich background, there is a lot to learn about this day. Spend the day teaching your child about Irish culture by visiting museums or reading books about Irish culture. It will be one of the best St Patricks Day activities that you shouldn’t miss

7. Learn How to Stepdance

St Patricks Day Activities

Another great way to immerse yourself in the holiday spirit as well as in Irish culture is to learn some Irish dances. Try out traditional jigs or stepdance by watching an online video or taking a virtual class! Don’t miss this idea to the list of St patricks Day activities.

8. Attend a St. Patrick’s Day Parade

On March 17th across the country St. Patrick’s Day parades are held. You can do an online search to see if there’s a parade happening near you this year. Last year, parades were postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, these annual celebrations will return in 2022. Chicago, New York City, and Boston are just a few of the cities known to hold the notorious St. Paddy’s Day parades.

9. Have A Shamrock Cookie Decorating Contest

It’s not just Christmas we can decorate cookies. This activity can be part of any holiday. Get your kids and family together for a shamrock cookie decorating contest, where the winner gets to brag (and maybe an extra cookie or two after dinner). Ensure you invest in a shamrock cookie cutter and freeze green ahead of time!

10. Whip Up A Shamrock Peppermint Shake

fun st patricks day activities

When it comes to the best St Patricks Day activities, things related to drinking always come first.. Don’t limit drinks on St. Your Paddy’s with alcohol. With vanilla, cream, mint and green food coloring, you can have the most delicious and beautiful milkshake. 

11. Leprechaun House

Elves need homes too! This year add a little spice to your Christmas traditions, and build a little elf house. Build your wall with toaster pastries, Graham crackers or homemade gingerbread, then decorate with green candy or cereal and rainbow or cereal to make a house fit for St Patricks Day spirit.

12. “ShamRock” Your Neighbors

We’ve had a blast of “Booing” and “Jingling” from our neighbors over the past few holidays, so we’re spreading the luck to “ShamRock” as well. Children can draw or color fake pictures and stick them on their neighbor’s door with a hint of luck. You can leave a few gold coins, a goblin or a sweet treat.

St Patrick’s Day Activities For Adults

Check out our list of St Patrick’s day activities for adults and have a memorable time with your friends. 

13. Enjoy a Shamrock Shake

On St Patricks Day, it’s so great if you enjoy a Shamrock Shake in the morning. Hal Rosen, McDonald’s franchise owner, has been making mint green shakes in honor of St. Patrick’s Day since 1967. Since then, milkshakes have become popular on St. Patrick’s Day at St. Patrick’s. McDonald’s to celebrate the holiday.

14. Bake soda bread

fun st patricks day activities

If you’re a foodie, why not make this traditional Irish soda bread recipe. This tasty treat that includes flour, baking soda, buttermilk, and salt is easier than you think. This type of bread was rooted in Ireland in the early 1800s and allowed those who didn’t have an oven (which was most people at the time) to make bread.

15. Play Some Bingo

If you don’t know what to do on St Patrick’s Day, why not hold your loved one for a fun round of bingo? Especially, this St Patrick’s Day bingo game includes various symbols related to the holiday, such as clovers, leprechauns, beer, golden vases, and Irish flags.

16. Drink Green Beer

fun st patricks day activities

One of the must-do St Patrick’s Day activities for adults is drinking beer. Whether you brew yourself or go to the bar to enjoy it with your friends, make sure to add this activity on March 17. Remember to enjoy an Irish toast for extra good luck.

17. Celebrate Mass

Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday for Ireland’s patron saint. Many participate in St. Patrick’s Day to honor Irish history and culture. But for some, the holiday is to celebrate the patron saint who brought Christianity to the country. So, if you’re Christian, you can go to the church and take a break from Lent. 

18. Taste some whiskeys

st patrick's day activities for adults

One of the fun St patricks day activities that you don’t want to miss if you taste some whiskeys. Today Irish whiskey is very popular. As reported by the Distilled Spirits Council, Irish Whiskey sales generated over $4 billion in revenue by 2021. And how perfect would it be if you tried it on St. Patrick’s Day? Pick up a few bottles from your local store and prepare to be the whiskey connoisseur you always knew you could be.

19. Listen To Irish Poetry

Ireland has birthed lots of famous poets in history. So, on this St Patricks Day, you can totally enjoy great audio works of W.B. Yeats, Seamus Heaney and Samuel Beckett. All are available on Spotify.

20. Photo Booth

We like to hang all of our holiday crafts on a blank wall then use them as the backdrop for a photo booth. This is a great way to capture the creativity of the kids and instead keep every craft project they do. Add some fun accessories and let the kids go silly while you take pictures. Still wondering about St Patricks day activities? Consider this idea!

21. Make St. Patrick’s Day cards

st patrick's day activities for adults

Cards are the best way to celebrate any occasion, and Patrick’s Day is no exception. Make some St. Patrick’s Day cards for your grandparents, mom, dad, friends, people at the church, or the patients at the local hospital. This will touch anyone’s heart and make them happy. 

22. Listen to Irish music

What could be better than enjoying an Irish music party on St. Patrick’s Day? On March 17, soak up some classic Irish tunes and get the whole family on board for dance in your backyard or living room. Looking for the best St Patricks day activities? Don’t miss music. 

Fun St Patricks Day Activities For Kids

Take a look at our ideas for St Patricks day activities for kids if you have no ideas. 

23. Have a Costume Contest

St Patricks Day Activities For Kids

Clearly, wearing green is a must on St Patrick’s Day, but you can take it to the next level with some creation. Spice up those leprechaun hats and turn them into a fun contest to see who has the unique festive outfit. Kids will love contests and even adults, so add this idea to the list of St Patricks Day activities

24. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

For an extra fun activity with the whole family, set up a scavenger hunt around the house or a nearby park. Form teams to find clues that lead to some delicious treats. Who knows – you might just find a golden vase at the end of the rainbow!

25. Make Some St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

St Patricks Day Activities For Kids

Spend a quality day making kid-friendly crafts. Once your kids are satisfied with their shamrock wands, they can go ahead and make their own shamrock pins! This is a great way to spend your time with your child. 

26. Gold Coin Shake

Gold Coin Shake would be one of the fun St Patricks Day activities. To set up this fun game, fill green cups decorated with gold coins and seal the bottom. Then let the children shake the cups and guess how many coins are in each cup. 

27. Search For Four-Leaf Clovers

St Patricks Day Activities For Kids

Take your little ones on an adventure of finding four-leaf leaves. They’ll be entertained endlessly as they search the clover field to find the lucky ones, and it’s a good way to get outside and spark the imagination.

28. Shamrock Lacing

All you need is a medium-sized sheet of shamrock paper. You can print, laminate, and cut separately OR buy from a craft store and a paper puncher. Do it with the kids and have a good time together. This shamrock lacing activity is easy, fun, and festive for kids. Wiring is a great exercise for fine motor skills and practical life skills.

29. DIY Shamrock Stamps

Stamp activities are like magic to every kid, and how great is it for them to do on their own? Making shamrock stamps is also very simple. You only need to spare the top of the bell pepper when slicing. Use the stalk to hold the pepper as you dip into the paint, then stick it on a clean sheet of paper. Do this as a family activity for both adults and kids.

30. Make Green Slime

St Patricks Day Activities For Kids

Making your own slime is really fun – but you can make your own slime to the next level. You can watch the goo come to life in front of you and the best part is that this slime set comes in so many colors, so you don’t have to limit your Saint Paddy’s Day fun.

31. Melted Crayon Rainbow

Create stunning art for the gallery with a rainbow of crayons. Hot glue new crayons to the top of the canvas. Then, spin the hair dryer (on the highest setting) onto the crayons. They will melt and flow down the canvas creating a beautiful color palette. Ice from one or the original shape before starting to melt to personal touch.

32. Surprise Ball of Lucky Things

Use foil, cling film, wrapping paper or crepe paper to roll lucky small items into lucky balls or balls. Gold chocolate coins, erasers, charms, stickers, or anything else that’s small and “lucky” will work and the kids will have fun opening up new surprises. Visit dollar stores for cheap snacks.

Best St Patricks Day Gift For Kids And Adults


While dressing green and drinking beer is certainly a way to celebrate Irish pride, not everyone wants to go to a crowded bar. Or leave their kids and get lost in the fun! If family get together is your style, consider our St Patricks day activities and pick the best ones. 

Finally, T Shirt At Low Price hope you have a happy St Patricks day!

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