Should single mothers celebrate Father's Day

Should Single Mothers Celebrate Father’s Day

Should Single Mothers Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day comes each year. But that doesn’t mean every family celebrates it. A home with an absent father can make Father’s Day difficult. Facing Father’s Day as a single mom may bring many questions. Should single mothers celebrate Father’s Day? 

Should Single Mothers Celebrate Father’s Day

Single mothers have to fill the shoes of both parents, so many people argue that should single mothers celebrate Father’s Day?

It may be a common question many people wonder about. Every single mother approaches it differently depending on their situation. On Father’s Day, many single mothers feel hard to answer the questions from their kids like “Mom, what are we doing today? I don’t have a dad.” You may feel tired to give a suitable answer, right? 

Should single mothers celebrate Father’s Day? Single moms should take this day to realize that their kid is seeking for a connection with their real dad. Even though single mothers may dislike their father, it’s best to honor the great memories of their dad by talking about him in an honest and positive way in front of their child. Talking about your child’s father with them can improve a respectful and trustworthy relationship between mom and child.

It’s true that when we see our children hurt, we hurt even more. So, consider Father’s Day as a good chance to help the kids recognize their dad.  Here are a few appropriate ways to help your kids celebrate a Father’s Day without difficulty: 

Honor whoever their father maybe

Should single mothers celebrate Father’s Day

It can’t be denied that each child has a father, whether that person is in the picture or not. Perhaps you are a single mom by choice, and your child’s father is nothing more than a number on a sperm donation form—they are still part of your life as they play an important role in creating your little angel. 

Maybe the father is a failure, someone who made your life more intricate than it should be, and then left when you needed them most. That man still gives you the best gift in the world- it’s your lovely baby. 

No matter how you feel about who he is, or no matter how justified you are in those feelings, there is no denying that your kid views him as a half himself. So, it’s significant to help them understand the good in whatever ways you can, even if you don’t know that good. 

It’s a great idea to make a card with your kid this Father’s Day. Tell them to write anything they love or imagine they have enjoyed about their dad. You don’t have to gift this to the actual person. Your kid and you can agree on a place to put it away. 

Celebrate the other important men in your child’s life

Should single mothers celebrate Father’s Day

It’s best to help your little love know that though his real father is not around,  everyone around him loves them. Father’s Day is not just a day to honor the men who contributed genetic material. It’s about honoring influential men that have a positive impact on your child’s life.

That can be an uncle, a teacher, a neighbor, their grandpa. Talk to your kid about influential men in their lives and help them to find a way to honor those men. It’s just simply a call, a DIY Father’s Day card or gift, a dine at the weekend during Father’s Day week. How you celebrate doesn’t important as reminding your kid of the wonderful men they still have in life. 

Think ahead 

Should single mothers celebrate Father’s Day

Your child currently might not enter a school yet. But sooner or later, your little one will go to school. So, it’s a great idea to think about the activities that your kid’s school will organize. The school normally hosts a ‘Donuts with Dad’ Father’s Day event so you should think about who should come with your kid. Remember to check with that person’s schedule ahead of time to ensure that he can be there with your child. 

Make it a family day

Single moms always try their best to be both a mother and a father for their children, so should single mothers celebrate Father’s Day?

Why not turn Father’s Day into Family Day? The purpose is to emphasize and honor your family, no matter how untraditional that family may be. Make a special breakfast, play games together, watching movies together, walk in the park, or go picnic, or hold exciting events that your children will enjoy. Your child won’t care a lot about what you do, provided that you do it together. Turn this into a joyful day instead of a sad and regretful day.

Bear in mind that your feelings leave a profound impact on your kid. Whether you are sad or depressed, try to approach this day with a positive spirit.  

Encourage your kids to talk about their dad

Should single mothers celebrate Father’s Day

Even though their father is not a part of their life, it’s vital to acknowledge their father on Father’s Day. It’s normal for your child to ask questions about dad on that day. Make them clear that there is nothing they ever have to hide from you. If their dad has passed, this holiday may be hard for everyone, but try to make it a day of remembrance. Tell your kid how great a dad was. You could celebrate this day by making his favorite meals, or taking your child to his beloved restaurant and sharing great memories of him. 

If their dad was never there, acknowledge that your kid has a father and talk about him in an honest and respectful way. 


Perhaps, this holiday can feel cold and isolating, for fatherless children this holiday can be a great opportunity to realize their mothers for the many important familial roles they’ve played while raising them. It’s not exaggerated to say that single mothers are incredible. They have been doing the work of two very well. Father’s Day is a also good chance to treat yourself and do something just for you. We hope that you can find the answer to ‘should single mothers celebrate Father’s Day?’.

How do you hold Father’s Day as a single mom? I would love to hear about it. Do you think should single mother celebrate Father’s Day? Feel free to share your comments here. Wishing you all (including single moms) a Happy Father’s Day!

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