Should Father's Day have an apostrophe?

Should Father’s Day Have An Apostrophe

Should Father's Day have an apostrophe
Many people often wonder that should Father’s Day have an apostrophe?

Many people argue that should Father’s Day have an apostrophe or not. Some people assume it should be spelled Fathers’ Day having the apostrophe after the letter s instead of before. Some believe that it shouldn’t have apostrophes. Now, get started to discover it with us. 

Should Father’s Day have an apostrophe?


There is an apostrophe in Father’s Day and the reasons are quite simple. Here are the reasons: 

Firstly, Father’s Day is an officially acknowledged holiday and, in the United States at least, the official spelling of the holiday is in fact “Father’s Day.”

Secondly, the argument for the “Fathers Day” variant is not especially convincing when you bear in mind that the day to which the possession is mentioning is the holiday. It is true that fathers do not own the third Sunday in June, but they do own the holiday Father’s Day that falls on that day. And if dads do not own it, who does? Mothers absolutely not.

Thirdly, Father’s Day is dedicated to honoring fathers as individuals as they relate to a particular family. It doesn’t mean a day honoring all fathers in the world or honoring fathers as a group. It is a day to honor each father as an individual.

So, what is the difference between Father’s Day and April Fools’ Day? For Father’s Day, people are honoring fathers as individuals people as they relate to their own families. However, April Fools’ Day is a day to acknowledge all of the fools in the world, a collective group. When it comes to April Fools’ Day, you seldom think about one fool- or even a small set of fools. This probably why the day is also named All Fools’ Day.  April Fool’s Day is a day meant for all the fools of the world. That’s why the apostrophe is after L.

This is also the reason why it is commonly understood that there is no social responsibility to wish someone who is not your father a “Happy Father’s Day.” For example, you can wish anyone a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year” during the holiday season, but you will see that people as well as you only wish “Happy Father’s Day” to their father and not to everyone. 

This is because Father’s Day is intended to honor fathers as individuals, not as a group.

Father’s Day is considered a day in which children could express their love and appreciation for their fathers by giving them meaningful DIY Father’s Day cards and gifts. Many times children are not always able to show affection to their fathers so having an officially acknowledged date makes it easier for them to find a way to give their fathers love and appreciation.

Should father’s day be capitalized?

Should Father’s Day have an apostrophe?

Bear in mind that since Father’s Day is a holiday, it should always be capitalized. So, if you see “father’s day” or “Father’s day”, be sure to capitalize them. 

Is father’s day always on a Sunday?

Should Father’s Day have an apostrophe

Yes. There is no fixed date for Father’s Day, so the date changes every year but it always falls on the third Sunday in June for most countries. In some countries like Bolivia, Italy, Portugal, or Spain, Father’s Day is honored annually on March 19.


So, do you clear on should Father’s Day have an apostrophe?  Hopefully, this post helps you know should Father’s Day have an apostrophe. Take the holiday to show him how you appreciate him in your life. If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

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