How To Write A Heartwarming Short Letter For Mother

A thoughtful message with beautiful words and big love from children is always the best gift on Mother’s Day that every mom wants to receive. Just write a heartwarming short letter for Mother and send your love through every touching word to her. It’s more valuable and touching than any luxurious gift in the world. Follow this guide to write a touching short letter for Mother’s Day

What Is A Short Letter For Mother?

Short Letter For Mother

A short letter for Mother is the written form of your love words or heartfelt messages that you are too shy to talk to her. There are many types of letters a son/daughter often writes to his/her mom for different purposes.

  • Thank you Mom letter: You can write a thank you short letter for Mother on Mother’s Day or her birthday to express how much you feel thankful for what she sacrificed and did for you. A thank you letter to your mother should include your appreciation for her favor and sacrifice for you. You can write it on a Mother’s Day card.
  • Congratulations letter for mother: On special celebrations like your parent’s wedding anniversary, when your mom receives a prize, or after she gives birth to your siblings, and so on. It can be written on a card. 
  • Other letters: The daughter and son can also write a short invitation letter to her/his mom on their graduation day or when they want to date with mom. Children can also write a letter to apologize their mom for unthoughtful behavior and mistakes as well as her for forgiveness. 

In short, there are many reasons to write a short letter to your mother. It should include a few sentences that can convey all your thoughts and purposes. But make sure that the gift card has enough space or your appreciation short letter is not too long to fit the card if you are writing a Mother’s Day message to her. 

Why You Should Write An Appreciation Letter For Mother

Short Letter For Mother

Children often write an appreciation short letter for Mother on her birthday, Mother’s Day, or just a normal day. They can also write thanks letters to their mother on their own birthday to say thanks to her for giving birth to them and for other reasons.

This upcoming Mother’s Day is a wonderful occasion for children to write an appreciation short letter for their mom. Don’t miss this special reason to say thanks to your wonderful mother. Sometimes, speaking thanks to your mother requires more effort than writing it to send her. 

You can write these love words on the gift card and attach it to the Mother’s Day gift to make her smile or even burst into tears of happiness. Your mom will keep the card with these beautiful words as a souvenir to remind you and your appreciation. 

Sometimes, your short letter would encourage her very much and make your mom stronger. 

Tips To Write A Short Letter For Mother


Sometimes, the opening is the most difficult part of a short heartwarming letter for Mother’s Day. If it’s too formal, it may fail to touch her heart. If the opening is too dry, the letter cannot make her feel your love thoroughly. 

Here are some tips and ideas for a thank you mom letter that you can use when your mind is empty. From these ideas, tell your own story and convey your love with heartfelt love words. 

#1. Compliment her unique things

You can start the short letter with a compliment on what she is specific about. For example, your mom will be touched if you really like and feel thankful for her cooking. Just think about what you love and appreciate from her to start the letter. Here are some things you can think of and tell her in the short letter.

  • You highly appreciate it when your mom spends most of her time taking care of your family with cozy meals.
  • You love her thoughtful advice as well as interesting stories over meals at the dining table.
  • Her on-time chicken soup when you’re moody makes you feel encouraged.
  • You love the delicious dishes she makes for you every meal, after late classes, or when you are sick.  

It’s better to go into detail about your compliments for your mom and let her see how it means to you. She also loves the opportunity to see her from your eyes. It will stay in her mind as one of the most beautiful memories of her life.

#2. Thank her for something specific


Another way to start the letter is a detailed thank message to her. Shows her how much you appreciate and feel thankful for her caring actions for you in the letter. There are a lot of reasons to say thanks to your mom, but you have to choose a specific thing because you are writing a short letter for Mother

  • Thank Mom for teaching you a skill: It could be a small but cozy thing that you and your mom have in common, such as baking skills or cooking your favorite chicken/fish/chips/etc. 
  • Thank Mom for a meaningful lesson: You can also say thanks to your mom for teaching you about the importance of being honest, caring, or thoughtful. 
  • Thank Mom for the great and memorable favor she did for you. You can remind her of a memorable moment you had with her when talking about her favor. 

Storytelling is very powerful in writing a thank you short letter for Mother. Reminding her of a heartwarming memory makes your letter more touching. She will be very happy when you always keep those beautiful moments in your mind and heart with the biggest appreciation.

#3. Make a top list

You can make your letter more impressive and unique with a top list. Everyone loves top lists and so does your mother. There are many ideas for the top list in the appreciation short letter for Mother you can write in the body. 

  • Top reasons I’m happy You’re my Mom: List out things you want to thank and compliment her. 
  • Top Mom’s moments of the Year: Remind her of the most highlighted moments of her this year, such as trip moments, party moments, cooking moments, etc. 
  • Top Things I want to do with Mom: List the best things you want to experience and enjoy with mom, such as shopping, dating, eating out, having a trip to a foreign country, etc. 

When making top lists, you should not go into details because you won’t want to make it too long in a limited gift card. 

#4. Finish with love words

Don’t forget to close the letter with love words before signing. One of the most important things in a short letter for Mother is a love message. There are many ways to say I love you to your mother at the end of the letter, such as:

  • Always love you;
  • Love, always and forever;
  • With giant love to you;
  • Lots of love;
  • Love and appreciate;
  • Love you till the end of the world;
  • With much love and admiration.

Writing your love is much easier than speaking it. So, don’t be shy to express it and let her feel your love through beautiful words to your mother on your Mother’s Day letter or gift card. It’s more valuable and thoughtful than everything. 

Samples For Short Appreciation Letter For Mother

Mother Teaching Child to Cook and Help in the Kitchen. Mother and Daughter

There are some sample quotes and messages that you can learn from and write in your short thank letter to your beloved mom.

A Thank You Letter

To the best woman in my life, you deserve the most beautiful flowers and wishes Today and every single day.

Thank you a lot for being my mother, who carried me for nearly a year, overcame the hardest and most life-threatening moment to bring me to this world, and be the coziest home for me. Also thank you for being the brightest guiding star in my sky and teaching me how to behave well. It’s absolutely lucky for me to be your daughter/son. 

Don’t forget to say thanks to her and tell a memory of her caring actions that never fade in your mind. 

A Letter From Daughter

I have told you this many times before and I’m going to say that I love you very much till the end of my life. These words cannot convey all my love to you but I won’t stop telling you this. 

I wonder how you could be such a selfless and wonderful mother when you wake up early every morning to make our breakfast and get up late to check our blanket every night. And I wonder if I can become such a supportive and open-minded Mom like you when I have my own child in the future. Happy Mother’s Day, with my best appreciation and admiration.

This can be a sample for a Happy Mother’s Day letter from daughters. 

Dad/Mom’s Letter To Grandma

A very happy Mother’s Day for the first and most amazing woman in my life. I want to apologize for not telling you I love you directly and forgetting many warm hugs and kisses. 

But I want you to know that I love, admire, and feel grateful to you very much. I thoroughly understand how much you did for us after I became a parent. And I want to send many thanks to you from the bottom of my heart.

It’s a sample for a son/daughter who also became a parent. Only after becoming parents can children understand the difficulty of parental work.  

There are many ways to say thanks to your mother and make her feel your big love through a short letter for Mother on Mother’s Day. You can also compose a song or write a poem to surprise her with a heartwarming gift card. 

Finally, Tshirtatlowprice hope you and your family have a happy Mother’s Day!

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