Return To Christmas Creek Cast

Return To Christmas Creek Cast – Know Details About The 2018 Christmas Movie

Return To Christmas Creek Cast Is Headlined By Tori Anderson, Stephen Huszar & Others

‘Return of Christmas Creek’ is a TV film released in 2018. It is the original Hallmark Movie & Mystery that premiered on November 17, 2018, as part of the channel’s annual Miracles of Christmas event. 

The film follows a career-focused Chicago app developer Amelia Hughes (Anderson), lacking in the holiday spirit, who returns to her small neighborhood for Christmas to rediscover the meaning of the festival. There, she reunites with her childhood best friend Mike (Huszar), with whom she begins to develop strong feelings for, and her estranged uncle Harry (Weber). ‘Return of Christmas Creek’ is a TV film released in 2018. Return To Christmas Creek Cast includes Tori Anderson, Stephen Huszar & Steven Weber. Thus, read on to learn the details of the characters in Return to Christmas Creek.

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Return To Christmas Creek Cast 

Return To Christmas Creek Cast
Return To Christmas Creek Cast And Reviews

Tori Anderson as Amelia Hughes

Canadian television actress, Tori Anderson as Amelia Hughes. She plays a career-oriented app developer from Chicago who just went through a breakup with her boyfriend right before Christmas. So she decided to rediscover the meaning of Christmas by coming back to her hometown after 17 years. There, she reunites with her estranged uncle Harry and her childhood best friend Mike, eventually falling in love with him.

Stephen Huszar as Mike Ruggles

Canadian Film and Television actor Stephen Huszar plays Mike Ruggles in Return to Christmas Creek. Stephen as Mike plays Amelia’s long-lost childhood best friend, who lives in her hometown i.e. Christmas Creek. He is shown as a rugged and handsome rescue worker in this movie who plays Amelia’s love interest.

Return To Christmas Creek Cast
Return To Christmas Creek Cast

Steven Weber as Harry Hughes

Veteran actor Steven Weber plays Harry Hughes in this romantic comedy. Harry is Amelia’s estranged uncle who reunites with her after she returns to her hometown for Christmas. After reconnecting with Harry after 17 years, Amelia decides to find out what led to the rift between her dad and her uncle.

Kari Matchett as Pamela

Actor Kari Matchett plays Pamela in Return to Christmas Creek. Pamela plays Uncle Amelia’s ex-girlfriend, whose relationship with Harry is mended by the end of the film. She is said to own a local restaurant in Christmas Creek.

Watch the trailer of ‘Return to Christmas Creek’ below:

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Where Was ‘Return to Christmas Creek’ Filmed?

As reported by and, the movie’s makers began filming in mid-August. The film is about Christmas and its festive spirit. For the same reason, the makers tried to incorporate their beautiful magic in creating the scenes to give it a Christmas feel.

There were many locations and small towns that have been filmed ‘Return to Christmas Creek’. Here are some filming locations, including:

  • Toronto
  • Ontario Region of Canada
  • North Bay

These are the Return to Christmas Creek filming locations where many filmmakers shoot their films. These include small towns that make for a perfect location for makers to shoot scenes that embody simplicity. Toronto, North Bay, are among those locations that have seen the filming of many great movies.

This also makes it easy for producers to adapt everything and props as required in the movie. These Return to Christmas Creek locations allowed them to adapt locations as required. All they had to do was include props and magic to the location that would give it a Christmas feel. If you’ve seen the movie, you won’t be able to know if the scene was shot during the actual Christmas season.

‘Return to Christmas Creek’ Reviews

‘Return to Christmas Creek’ may not be a special movie and still has its shortcomings. Still, for me, it’s a quite charming and entertaining film and in the surprisingly good category of Hallmark’s Christmas movies. As one of the very mixed bunch, ‘Return to Christmas Creek’ is aiming to be one of the better Hallmark Christmas movies overall and one of the better movies of 2018. Maybe not yes, but it’s not a humbug either and overall it’s this is a road worth taking.

This is a predictable story with a lot of familiar Hallmark tropes but not much new being done with it. It really gets treacly in spots, a common problem with Hallmark before ‘Return to Christmas Creek’ and just as bad and perhaps even worse now.

Return To Christmas Creek Cast
Return To Christmas Creek Cast And Reviews

However, ‘Return to Christmas Creek’ also has a lot of plus points. It was shot very professionally and the locations were simply beautiful. Many of Hallmark’s Christmas movies are overrated, meaning they’re used too constantly and too loud. That’s not a big deal here. The film is a rare case in Hallmark’s Christmas film where both main characters are interesting and likable, neither too perfect nor without overriding flaws.

Tori Anderson is an incredibly charming lead and enjoys her material. She has a very great chemistry with the easy-going and empathetic Stephen Huszar. Their relationship also develops realistically and is worth investing in. The story is light and warm, even if the originality pretty much goes out the window. It’s neither slow nor frumpy like other Hallmark Christmas films.

Some other reviews about Return to Christmas Creek:

Summing up, if you’re someone who loves light and warm movies, ‘Return to Christmas Creek’ is perfect for you.

Well, after you’ve read all about this movie and watched it, come back and share your feedback or questions you may have in our comments section below.

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