Problems with Biden administration

Problems with Biden administration

top Problems with Biden administration
What are the problems with Biden administration?

Nearly a year since President Joe Biden took office. But Biden so far failed to turn many of his campaign promises into reality including police reform, immigration, eradicating Covid-19, voting rights, a federal minimum wage hike, and eliminating the filibuster.

The fall of Afghanistan is a disaster for the Biden administration. The way Biden withdrew from Afghanistan that most Americans see as humiliating and incompetent. But it’s not the only disaster one. The economic recovery seems to have stalled. Inflation is threatening to spiral out of control, leading to speculation that Biden could become another Jimmy Carter.

President Biden faces a wave of criticism due to the simultaneous failure of so many important policies, foreign and domestic. Let’s see the problems with Biden administration. 

Border crisis problems with Biden administration

Border crisis problems with Biden administration
The U.S-Mexico border crisis problems with Biden administration

President Biden fiercely condemned Trump’s border and his “Remain in Mexico” agreement after he took office. Biden terminated it soon after he was inaugurated. 

Biden’s soft words and inept decisions don’t work. When Vice President Harris said, “Please don’t come,” no one listened to her. Such claims are reliable only if they are backed up by the prospect of strong and certain enforcement. But that’s exactly what’s missing.

Therefore, a surge of migrants arrived and illegally crossed the border every day, overwhelming border control officers and local cities where they were detained and deported, before spreading out across the U.S. Especially, many of them are suffering from COVID-19. So does the wave of hard drugs, gang members, and infection possibilities flooding over the border.

The number of migrants has reached a 21-year high and the number of unaccompanied children arriving is also at record levels under the Biden administration.

The border is a total disaster and the public knows it. For months, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and other administration officials had erroneously repeated that the border was closed.

Then Biden decides to restart a policy that forces migrants to remain in Mexico as they wait for their court hearings, which he had criticized severely before. His new move doesn’t get a lot of support. Expelled migrants might face violence, rapes, assaults, kidnappings, and other abuses in northern Mexico. 

If Biden had had tough enforcement at the beginning, border crossings skyrocketed, and they might have not been faced with dangerous situations in Mexico. 

Inflation problems with Biden administration 

Inflation problems with Biden administration 
What are the inflation problems with Biden administration?

There are plenty of economic problems with Biden administration from the debt limit issue to the massive spending bill. But the most dangerous risk is inflation, which continues to spike across the economy, irritating consumers and businesses alike. 

In addition, it gives a big warning sign that the economy is being mismanaged. It also promotes Democratic plans to pour more funds into an overheating economy.

Though voters want roads and bridges, they fear that more federal spending means more inflation. The Congressional Budget Office reports that even two smaller Congressional spending bills are not fully funded. The larger bill that Biden is pushing doesn’t come close. That leaves only two ways to close a silly gap: a tax on the middle class – which won’t pass Congress – or printing money – will increase inflation.

Covid-19 problems from Biden administration 

Covid-19 problems from Biden administration 
What are the Covid-19 problems from Biden administration?

Biden vowed to get America back on track. That’s the reason he defeated Trump. However, the United States is facing an alarming surge in the number of Covid-19 infections and deaths and Biden isn’t doing enough to beat the pandemic.

Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg stated that Biden’s sharp decline can only be explained by the public perception of his uneven handling of the pandemic. Rosenberg says that millions of dollars spent selling Biden’s Build Back Better program “remind” voters that President Biden is not focused on the virus.

“The president’s decline is alarming. It’s serious. But it can also be reversed. And that is not going to be reversed by passing these two bills alone. He must master the Covid, ” Rosenberg said.

Recently, Biden’s vaccinate-or-test mandate, which will apply to businesses with at least 100 employees and includes about 80 million workers, has drawn the threat of lawsuits from two dozen Republican attorneys general and prompted some to announce their resignation. 

The U.S troop’s withdrawal from Afghanistan- the worst problems with Biden administration

The U.S troop's withdrawal from Afghanistan- problems with Biden administration
The U.S troop’s withdrawal from Afghanistan is one of the biggest problems with Biden administration.

On top of these problems from Biden administration is the complete destruction of the US military position in Afghanistan. Just a month ago, Biden stated we had trained and equipped enough friendly Afghan forces to protect the country and deter the Taliban. 

President Biden said at a July 8 press conference that “Do I trust the Taliban? No. But I trust the capacity of the Afghan military, who is better trained, better equipped, and more competent in terms of conducting war.” 

He continued to reject any comparison between Saigon’s fall to the North Vietnamese and Kabul’s fall to the Taliban. North Vietnam had a much more competent military, he said.  “The likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely.”

But only a month later, that “unlikely” prospect happened, and the Pentagon was speeding the military to evacuate Americans. The withdrawal of the U.S troops from Afghanistan left a chaotic and tragic end. 

13 American soldiers fell in the country and never came back to America. Thousands of Afghan allies and hundreds of American citizens were left behind and surrounded by the Taliban. That’s why Biden’s job approval rating has dropped below 50 percent. 

How to express our objection to problems with Biden administration?

After the failure of Biden’s policies in domestic and foreign policies, Biden is starting to lose support. Consumer confidence has fallen dramatically as prices increase and wages lag. What Biden did has shaken voters’ faith in his promise to bring power and stability to the White House.

The wave of anti-Biden is growing bigger and anti-Biden products are popular and used widely in life, especially anti-Biden shirts. If you’re looking for some political shirts, here are some outstanding ones to show your objection to the problems with Biden administration. 

What do you think which is the worst problems with Biden administration? Feel free to let us know in the comment.

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