Once Upon A Christmas Miracle

Once Upon A Christmas Miracle: Everything You Need To Know [Updated 2021]

Once Upon a Christmas Miracle, directed by Gary Yates, premiered in 2018. The movie follows the story of a girl who realizes that she urgently needs a liver transplant to save her life. Her life changes when a stranger comes and offers to donate half of his liver to her.

As the two get closer to each other and their families, before and after the surgery, they realize that they have a special connection. They must decide to take their relationship to the next level. Scrolling down to learn more about Once Upon a Christman Miracle review, cast, and some interesting facts. 

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Once Upon a Christmas Miracle cast

Aimee Teegarden – Heather Krueger

Once Upon a Christmas Miracle cast
Aimee Teegarden as Heather Krueger

In Once Upon a Christmas Miracle, Aimee Teegarden plays the character of Heather Krueger. Just before the Christmas holidays, she learned that she needed a liver transplant soon. Soon she met a stranger Chris Dempsey, who donated a part of his liver to her.

Brett Dalton – Chris Dempsey

Once Upon A Christmas Miracle
Brett Dalton as Chris Dempsey

In the movie, Brett Dalton plays Chris Dempsey. He donated part of his liver to a complete stranger named Aimee Teegarden. The surgery brings them closer together and they eventually fall in love and get married.

Plus, the movie also includes lots of other casts: Lolita Davidovich, Cassandra Potenza, Nancy Sorel, Thom Zimmerle, Steve Basic, Melissa Marie Elias, Martin Roach, Micheline Marchildon, Candace Smith, Rick Gensiorek, and more.

Once Upon A Christmas Miracle filming location

The movie was filmed across Winnipeg in Canada. It is the capital city of the province of Manitoba in the country. The city takes its name from Lake Winnipeg. Several film festivals are held in Winnipeg including the Canadian International Comedy Film Festival, FemFest, Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, etc. Winnipeg is also one of the most scenic places in Canada thanks to the great lakes and parks around the country. 

Once Upon A Christmas Miracle
Once Upon A Christmas Miracle was filmed across Winnipeg in Canada

Once Upon A Christmas Miracle is based on a real-life story

The film tells the story of Heather Krueger, who knows that she is in dire need of a transplant. After not finding her a match within her family and friends, a stranger named Chris Dempsey volunteers to get himself tested to see whether he is a match. Luckily, he is a match and this makes everyone surprised that the surgery is done successfully. Post the surgery, both Heather and Chris start spending a lot of time getting to know each other and forming a deep connection. However, they also start to wonder if this connection is anything beyond their recipient and donor relationship.

As you might know, the movie is also based on a true story. In the final credits, the filmmakers showed the audience images of Heather and Chris in real life. The real-life couple also made cameo appearances in the film as one of the background actors.

Once Upon A Christmas Miracle Review

The magic of Christmas is a popular topic of many Christmas movies. However, what most of them lack is sincerity and honesty to that magic. 

For Once Upon A Christmas Miracle on Hallmark, the magic is in the storytelling. Derived from a true-life story, magic was found by the Krueger family on a very warm and inspiring Christmas.

While the story itself contains moments of romance and love, the strongest display comes from family and the traditions that they hold. For Heather Krueger, love and connection are just what she needs to keep her faith in finding a living donor. It’s a belief that never changes throughout the entire movie.

The belief and power of Christmas magic never even entered hokey territory as the story is rooted in reality. Sure, the sentiment could very well increase a bit, but that only works to really bring the overall message home. 

Once Upon a Christmas Miracle Review
What do you think this movie of Hallmark?

Having a little faith and magic in Christmas is not hard when you have family and traditions to back you up.

While Heather is finally getting a living donor and a second chance at life, it’s not without concern. She is extremely grateful for the gift she has received even though she feels indebted to that man.

Through her family and friends, she is able to accept what he has done for her. They help her see that it is nothing more than what she has done for others. Sure the plot can be a little predictable at times, but its magic cancels that out. We end up not caring that Heather will find true love or if she will end up finding a living donor. 

What is more important is the nature of the story being told. They let us believe in the success and the beauty of it all as all characters also believe in this. Even when Heather faces rejection, we never lose hope because Heather never wavers in her. It’s so inspiring to see and calls us to do more in our own lives to help others.

We are inspired to reach out to people in need, especially if we don’t know them. That’s one of Once Upon a Christmas Miracle’s deeper messages. Use the magic of Christmas to change someone’s life all year round.

Final Verdict

With a passionate mix of compassion and human love, Once Upon a Christmas Miracle proves it’s a touching tale of family and tradition. These traditions make Christmas the wondrous wonder it is.

So, if you want to find a movie for the whole family together, Once Upon a Christmas Miracle is a good choice. 

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