Top 30 Beautiful & Meaningful Mother’s Day Succulents

It’s fun to place some lush and adorable succulents in the house. Succulent lovers are also into collecting and taking care of these lovely plants. You can surprise your mom with a gift box of beautiful Mother’s Day succulents if she is also a fan of these decorative plants. Check out these most preferred small succulent plants for gifts and choose the best one for your mom. 

30 Cute Mother’s Day Succulents She Will Adore

Giving Mother’s Day succulents is a great idea for those who love gardening or just love cute things. Here we’ve gathered 30 suggestions so you can consider them.


#1. Succulent Garden in Heart Container

Succulent is the symbol of selflessness, tenacity, and strength. It’s more meaningful when these succulents are planted in a heart-shaped container made from concrete. These five 5 Succulents may vary in variety based on their availability but all are beautiful.


#2. Live Succulent Arrangement

These live Mother’s Day succulents vary in color and variety but all of them are lush and stunning. You will receive a small pot of 5 or 6 plants in different varieties. The planter arranges and combines succulents in stunning styles and colors in the pot.

Mother's Day succulents

#3. Seville Farms Mini Succulent

A set of three mini succulents is a perfect succulent Mother’s Day gift for plant lovers. These succulents from Seville Farms require full sun or bright room light and very little care. Your busy mother only needs to water them when the soil is dry. She can also replant them in a larger succulent pot or in her floral garden. 


#4. If Grandmas Were Flowers Cacti Pot

You can send Succulents gift to your grandma if she loves flowers and cacti. She will have an interesting activity to do after she retires. The ceramic pot with a bamboo tray gives it a chic and stylistic look. Customers can customize by entering the desired name of the receiver they want to print on the pot. 


#5. Artificial Succulent Pure Garden

If your mom and grandma are too busy to take care of succulents but they still love decorating the house with these plants, give them an artificial succulent pure garden set. A set of pure garden succulents includes three stone pots with premium-quality artificial succulent plants in a lush green theme.

Mother's Day succulents

#6. Wood Trough Succulent Garden

If your mom and grandma prefer the rustic style of decoration, a succulent garden planted in a long wood trough is one of the best Mother’s Day succulents. She can decorate the living room or working desk with this medium-sized trough. You only have to water the garden with ⅓ cups of water per month.


#7. Wall Succulent Planter

A modern home wall succulent planter is a unique and impressive succulent plant Mother’s Day gift for your mom. The steel planter with black zinc color and 4-18 pockets lets your mom insert her favorite succulents and decorate the house with a lush green hanging garden on the wall in the living room or dining room. 


#8. Owl Ceramic Succulent Pots

This set of three white chic Owl ceramic succulent planters with a 3-platform bamboo saucers stand holder is the best succulent Mother’s Day gift for home decor. Your mom can plant her succulents and cacti in these distinctive and stylistic plant pots and place the holders on the dining table or pantry for home decor. 


#9. Heart-shaped Hoya Plants

If your mom loves cacti, Hoya Kerrii organic plants in the heart shape are one of the best cactus gifts for her. These plants are pet and kid-friendly because they do not have thorns. You can choose a pot of double or single hoya plants. 


#10. Personalized Mother’s Day Succulent

This personalized succulent gift is a perfect gift to surprise your mom, grandma, and teachers this Mother’s Day. Leave the name of the gift receiver in the message for sellers so that her name is printed beautifully and stylistically on the white ceramic pot. The gift set also contains a bamboo tray. 


#11. Best Mom Ever Succulent Pots

A set of three Best Mom Ever plant pots is a perfect gift for mothers on Mother’s Day. Each cute ceramic pot has a small hole at the bottom for water drainage. It makes sure that your mom’s succulents won’t die in a waterlogged pot. 


#12. Sinocrassula Yunnanensis

Sinocrassula Yunnanensis is also known as the Chinese Jade. This succulent looks like a dark mass with tight clusters of leaves which are pretty fun to touch. Besides, it spreads out instead of growing high. It’s one of the most lovely Mother’s Day succulents.

Fenestraria Aurantiaca Mother's Day succulents

#13. Fenestraria Aurantiaca

Fenestraria Aurantiaca succulent is known as a Baby Toes plant that roots in Africa and Namibia. It looks very cute and impressive with chubby leaves. You can give your mom a pack of Fenestraria Aurantiaca seeds and surprise her every day with its growth.


#14. Sympathy Succulent Gift Box

If you don’t know which plant your mom loves, you can still surprise her with a Sympathy gift box. This gift box contains a live succulent and a gift card. You can order a seed package and some stones if your mom is also a passionate gardener.


#15. Costa Farms Haworthia

Haworthia is a small succulent plant that originates from South Africa. A 4-inch Haworthia in a white chic ceramic pot with a golden decor is a premium-quality gift for your mom this Mother’s Day. The plant grows and develops very well in the high-quality soil of Costa Farms.


#16. Elephant Succulent Gift Box

This adorable Elephant plant gift box can be a lovely room or house decor for your mom. The Elephant planter is so cute that it can make her smile and raise her mood. Besides, the small lush green succulent garden on its back makes her feel relaxed and comfortable.


#17. Personalized Succulent Planter

You can send a photo or portrait of your mom to the seller to have them engrave her picture on the wood planter. If you send succulents gift plants in a personalized planter, you can surely make her smile. 


#18. Kalanchoe Daigremontiana

If your mom is a plant collector, this rare Mexican succulent is one of the best cactus gifts for her. It’s very easy to take care of and raise these plants. Your mom only needs to water them once a week and put them under the sunlight.


#19. Live Succulent In Wood Box

It’s very impressive when arranging live cactus gifts inside a wood box. Instead of growing these plants in a pot, the gardener plants lovely cacti in a wood box. It makes the gift more unique and eye-catching.


#20. Mini Firework Succulent Seeds

Mini firework is a lovely pink succulent. Mature mini firework plants look like cute flowers that can make your mother’s room bright and beautiful. A pack of 30 mini firework plant seeds is a nice gift for a gardener mom. 


#21. Assorted Premium Succulent Gift Box

A gift box of assorted succulents is another perfect succulent plant Mother’s Day gift. The plant collection will be a big surprise and happiness for your mother. She can create a stunning garden with these lovely green plants.


#22. Large Indoor Planter Pots 

Planting indoors sometimes is pretty inconvenient because of the problem of water draining. But this large pot with a removable dish for water drainage makes it easier for your mom to make a succulent garden with lovely Mother’s Day succulents in the living room.


#23. Cactus Ring Dish

Fans of cacti will love this lovely ceramic cactus ring dish. There is an adorable cactus in the center of the dish. On each branch of the ceramic cactus, there is a small lovely pink flower. Your mom can hang her rings and earnings on two small branches. 


#24. Decorative Cactus Candle

A cactus-shaped candle set is also a perfect gift for your mom. These candles are made in the shape of small succulent plants for gifts to surprise cactus lovers. Your mom can add these decorative items to her room or have a romantic dinner with your dad.


#25. Rabbit Sculpture Succulent Pot

This rabbit sculpture is super cute. It will fit your mom’s flower garden, outdoor tea table, and balcony perfectly. She can also grow some flowers and succulent plants in the stomach of the lovely pot. 


#26. Cactus Pillow

Apart from live Mother’s Day succulents, you can surprise your mom with a lovely cactus pillow. It varies in color, such as green, blue, gray, and vibrant colors. These funny pillows can boost the festival atmosphere in her room.


#27. Xiaoling Succulents Plush Toy

Your mom will also love this adorable plush toy with a unique cactus pot design. The cartoon smiley face of this little toy can raise her mood. There are three colors for customers to choose from, such as beige, blue, and pink.


#28. Live Succulent in Stitch Pot

The blue stitch pot with many live Mother’s Day succulents makes this gift look like a piece of artwork. Hallmark Flowers also offers customers many other choices of the planter pot, such as Snail, wood chest, Moss & Twig, etc. 


#29. Donkey’s Tail

This rare house succulent plant is grown in mixed soil. It grows lush and beautiful with light green color and chubby leaves. Small plump leaves growing close together makes the branch of Donkey’s Tail look like a laden berry tree. 


#30. Assorted Live Cactus Collection

A collection of live cacti in different shapes, colors, and varieties can satisfy any cactus lover, including your mom. It’s one of the most thoughtful gifts for Mother’s Day succulents but it can be pretty dangerous because of pointed thorns. 

Those are the top gifts of Mother’s Day succulents for passionate gardeners and plant lovers. You can surprise and please your mom, aunt, teacher, and grandma with these lovely plant gifts on their special day. 

Tshirtatlowprice hope you and your family have a happy Mother’s Day!

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