Top 30+ Middle Eastern Roast Chicken Recipes Your Family Will Love

Chicken lovers can try some new Middle Eastern roast chicken recipes to make the meal more diverse and enjoyable. Chicken is very easy to process, cook, and combine with vegetables, herbs, and seasonings for different styles and concepts. 

Check out these Middle Eastern chicken recipes for dinner to feast your family, friends, and guests with yummy chicken dishes for Easter meals or weekend parties.  

Best Middle Eastern Roast Chicken


1. Roast Chicken with Vegetables

It’s an impressive Middle Eastern roasted chicken marinade recipe for your family Easter meal. You just need to blend Middle Eastern spices and rub the chicken to have a flavorful dish for the holiday feast. Vegetables and potatoes get on well with the chicken for a quick and delicious one-pot dinner.


2. Lebanese Chicken and Potatoes

A Lebanese whole roast chicken recipe will gather guests around the Easter dinner table with its attractive flavor. A big mouthful of both chicken and potato will blow off your mind with the burst from Middle Eastern seasonings and traditional Lebanese taste. 


3. Arabic Roast Whole Chicken

It’s one of the easiest Arabic baked chicken recipes that you can cook for the whole family this Easter Day. Arabic roast chicken is very tender, aromatic, and flavorful. The yummy Middle Eastern roast chicken brings your family a healthy Easter lunch with very low cholesterol.


4. Chicken Shawarma

Looking for middle Eastern roast chicken? Chicken Shawarma is a delicious traditional roast chicken recipe from the Middle Eastern countries. Both the smell and flavor of Chicken Shawarma are insane. Choose the boneless thigh for a juicier roast chicken or cook the chicken tenderloin and breast for a healthier dish. 


5. Easy One-Pot Chicken and Rice

It’s an easy chicken recipe with rice, Middle Eastern seasonings, and a beautiful salad. Note it in your lists of Middle Eastern chicken and rice recipes that you will cook for the Easter meal this weekend. A perfectly spiced chicken with fragrant rice will impress everyone at the dining table. 


6. Oven Roasted Chicken Breasts

A beautifully oven-roasted Middle Eastern-style seasoned chicken breast can be served as the main course or a side dish on the Easter dinner table. Place stunning slices of well-roasted chicken breast on a Shawarma salad and it will make you happy.


7. Roast Chicken with Za’atar and Sumac

This perfect Middle Eastern roast chicken recipe for family Easter dinner was invented by chef Yotam Ottolenghi. The moist and tender boneless chicken thighs are spiced with sumac and za’atar, then tossed with many marinade ingredients like onions, garlic, and lemons, and roasted until the outside looks attractive and the inside is well-cooked. 


8. 7-Spice Roast Chicken

The Lebanese whole roast chicken recipe with seven spices makes the Easter lunch a party. The showcase of fragrant spices will make every family member and guest wow at how perfectly they match each other and how aromatic the chicken is when you serve it hot. Both bone-in and boneless thighs are accepted.


9.  Za’atar Roasted Chicken

Za’atar adds Middle Eastern flavors to this roast chicken beautifully. The smell of roasted chicken harmonizes perfectly with the aroma of this spice to fill your kitchen with a wonderful scent of a mouthwatering Easter dinner. Make your family love this middle Eastern roast chicken from the bottom of their stomach.

10. Middle Eastern Roast Chicken with Couscous

Add this Middle Eastern roast chicken recipe to your family’s favorite menu. Serve it with a cup of Greek-style yogurt. A bite of the aromatic well-seasoned roasted chicken and couscous will cause a burst of flavors in your mouth and touch your heart right away. 


11. Moroccan-Spiced Roast Chicken

Try a roast chicken seasoned with Moroccan spices and feel the heat of this dish. Lay the chicken on a bed of red onions, sweet potatoes, and cauliflowers to roast and enjoy! It’s enough for a holiday meal if you don’t want to cook too much. You can mix a simple salad to cool down. 


12. Mediterranean Roasted Chicken

The more you rub and massage the chicken with herbs and spices, the more charming and yummy it is. When you roast the whole chicken, spend more time to make these flavors penetrate deep into the inside of the chicken. Then, you can feel the heat and aromas of Middle Eastern seasonings. 

13.  Chicken with Lemons, Sumac & Spiced Yogurt

You can add to roast chicken a summer scent with lemons, sumac, and spiced yogurt in this recipe. Roast chicken is often lower in cholesterol than fried chicken. This dish is better for your health with many good natural spices and yogurt. It can go with the side dish of crushed new potatoes. 


14. Roast Chicken With Lemons & Shallots

Marinating chicken and any kind of meat makes the meat more tender and sweeter naturally. Shallots make the meat more fragrant and aromatic. Besides, lemons make the chicken skin more crispy while the meat is still juicy and moist when you roast the bird in the oven.  


15. Middle Eastern Chicken with Toum

Your family will definitely love this Middle Eastern chicken with delicious Toum, a regional creamy garlic condiment in Middle Eastern cuisine. The flavorful roasted chicken is also served with roasted cherry tomatoes, Greek yogurt, pitas, lemon wedges, and a yummy marinade. 


16. Arabian Chicken with Pomegranate Sauce & Pilav

Arabic baked chicken recipes often include many regional spices. This Middle Eastern roast chicken gets on well with pomegranate sauce and pilav. In addition, serve the roast chicken with feta salad, beetroot, date, and yummy spiced almond. 


17. Hot Clementine Sumac Roast Chicken

This pretty chicken will delight your family this Easter lunch when you serve it with parsnips and sweet potatoes. Mix sumac with other spices and clementine juice to marinate and coat the chicken. The combination of citrus and sumac makes the meat taste beautiful. 


18. Pomegranate & Clementine Roast Chicken

Pomegranate juice and clementine scent make the roast chicken not only aromatic but also sweet, natural, and juicy. Just place the well-roasted chicken on the dinner table and allows family members and guests to serve themselves with their favorite parts and vegetables on the sheet.


19. Sumac Chicken with Israeli Hot Sauce

Feel the heat in the Israeli hot sauce and sumac chicken. The whole roast chicken also has a fresh and cool flavor from oranges and lime while herbs, red onion, and garlic give the meat an attractive aroma. The hot Middle Eastern roasted chicken marinade makes the winter meal cozier.  


20. Roasted Chicken With Clementines & Arak

If the whole chicken needs more time and experience to marinate and cook, chicken chops are easier to process and make a delicious Middle Eastern roast chicken dish for family meals. The chicken comes together with arak, clementines, fennel, and mustard harmoniously. 


21. Roast Chicken with Pixies & Ouzo

Add something new to your family’s Easter dinner with this amazing roast chicken. Marinating the chicken with citrus and fennel makes chicken thighs flavorful. The clementines and pixies make the chicken skin more crispy. 


22. Chicken with Heirloom Eggplant & Melon Salad

Roast chicken breast with eggplant and serve it with cantaloupe salad. This yummy chicken is also very healthy with very low cholesterol. It’s also easier and faster to complete the preparation and cooking. Add some sumac to give it the Middle Eastern flavor. 


23. Mussakhan

Mussakhan is one of the top favorite regional chicken recipes of the Palestinians. Treat your kids and family with brown-color and flavorful chicken thighs and drumsticks. Top the chicken with fried pine nuts. It’s one of the best Middle Eastern chicken recipes for dinner.


24. Spiced Chicken with Malfouf Salad

Malfouf salad is another perfect side dish with spiced roast chicken. This Lebanese cabbage salad is very easy to make with some mint, spices, and lemon juice only. Well-roasted chicken legs or thighs should have crispy brown skin. 


25. Yemeni Chicken Mandi and Rice

It’s another impressive Middle Eastern roast chicken dish with rice for a cozy and full Easter lunch with your family. You can cook either whole chicken or chicken thighs and legs and serve this dish with plain or spiced yogurt and spicy cilantro paste. 


26. Lebanese Garlic Chicken Roast

The Middle Eastern spices and vinegar make the chicken skin turn brown after roasting. Moreover, your guests will be amazed at how soft and yummy the potatoes are. You can also taste and smell the garlic. 


27. Roast Chicken Stuffed with Rice Pilaf

Have you ever eaten chicken stuffed with rice before? Try this mind-blowing dish now with one of the best Middle Eastern chicken and rice recipes. Moreover, almonds and raisins or currants will surprise and delight guests during the holiday feast. 


28. Zaatar Lemon Chicken

What about a lemon kitchen with summer flavor? It’s extremely a showcase of flavors and scents. Serve the whole chicken and decorate the plate with lemon slices, lime quarters, mints, and green grapes. Sweet grapes amazingly match the roasted chicken.


29. Apple Harvest Roasted Chicken

Love the flavor of apple and apple cider? Make an applied roasted chicken and you will be happy with it. Smell the autumn scent inside the oven and on the feast table after you complete this chicken roast. 


30. Chicken with Summer Squash

It’s a perfect Middle Eastern roast chicken dish for the summer party and family banquet. Serve the chicken with a simple yummy green salad to have a fresh and cool finish to the meal.


31. Easy Pan-Roasted Chicken

You don’t even have to use the oven to roast this easy chicken for quick family meals. Just heat a skillet and pan-roast the well-seasoned chicken for 20 minutes only.

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Final Thought

You can make those easy Middle Eastern roast chicken dishes every day and make a more complete whole chicken roast on weekends or holiday meals to surprise your family and guests with Middle Eastern flavors. 

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