List Of Thanksgiving Foods

List Of Thanksgiving Foods For A True Holiday Meal

Thanksgiving is an annual traditional holiday celebrated in the United States and Canada, in ancient times celebrated to celebrate the harvest, and also to give thanks to God for blessing a full and peaceful life. This is also the time to eat… a lot! There are a number of traditional foods served this holiday, and Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without them. That is the list of Thanksgiving foods below.

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List Of Thanksgiving Foods | 13 Best Thanksgiving Dishes To Try This Year

You can’t beat the classics, and we’ve got the list you need to have the perfect treat, from turkey to potatoes to stuffing. Whether you’ve been hosting your family’s Thanksgiving dinner for years or you’re new to the whole hosting thing, follow this list of Thanksgiving foods and you’ll never go wrong.


List Of Thanksgiving Foods
List Of Thanksgiving Foods For A True Holiday Meal

The first dish that is mentioned and is also an image associated with Thanksgiving is turkey. Turkey is made by cleaning and then removing the legs and head, then marinating the chicken with other seasonings such as wine, ginger, sliced ​​onions, then refrigerated overnight so that the spices can infuse. meat. Then, stuff the sliced ​​carrots and potatoes into the chicken’s belly and bake for about 1 hour. Every 20 minutes the turkey will be brushed with a layer of honey for an attractive golden color.

Mashed Potatoes

List Of Thanksgiving Foods
Mashed Potatoes is one of the popular when it comes to the list of Thanksgiving foods

This dish is not only popular in North America in general but also very popular in Asian countries because of its richness and aroma. The potatoes will be boiled and peeled, then mashed into a soft and creamy dish. You can add some bacon depending on your taste.

Stuffing/ Dressing

Not only stuffed turkey but other dishes, prepared as fillings are also considered a popular list of Thanksgiving foods. Vegetables, breadcrumbs, mushrooms or bacon, … are processed and then stacked, covered with foil, and then baked. It all makes for an irresistible stuffing on the Thanksgiving table.

Green Bean Casserole

In the List Of Thanksgiving Foods, this Green Bean Casserole is a must-have dish!
In the List Of Thanksgiving Foods, this Green Bean Casserole is a must-have dish!

After turkey, this green bean casserole is also a very popular Thanksgiving dish across the United States. This is essentially a side dish, made from frozen cowpeas mixed with cream of mushroom soup, sprinkled with fried onions, and then slowly cooked in the oven.

Roasted Vegetables

The roasted or fried vegetables served with the main dish on the Thanksgiving table are extremely diverse and colorful, they help the party balance nutrition, reduce boredom, and have a delicious taste!


List Of Thanksgiving Foods
Do You Know the List Of Thanksgiving Foods?

A turkey will not be complete if the cook wastes the gravy and fat that is extracted while the meat is roasting in the oven. Gravy is obtained after roasting the turkey is then cooked with flour or cornmeal to thicken. The sweetness and richness of this sauce is the soul of turkey, keeping the meat from being pale and boring.

Pumpkin pie

Next on the list of traditional dishes is pumpkin pie. This is also an indispensable dessert on this holiday. Thanksgiving takes place at the time of season change (late autumn and early winter), so pumpkin pie makes people feel that autumn is still somewhere in the midst of the approaching winter cold. The mild spicy flavor of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger blends with the layer of butternut squash, creating a special attraction for this cake.

Cranberry Sauce

List Of Thanksgiving Foods
Cranberry Sauce is so sweet and tangy

There’s just something about the sweet but tangy (slightly sour) flavor of cranberry sauce that makes it the perfect accompaniment to turkey. There are many places that sell cranberry sauce, but you can also make your own very easily.

Prepare cranberries, sugar, lemon zest and water, then cook this mixture on a small flame until thickened. That’s all you need to do!

Candied Yams

In the list of Thanksgiving foods, Candied Yams is also one of the popular dishes. The sweet taste and soft texture of potatoes make them a versatile side dish that you can easily turn into many dishes. Candied Yams is one of them.

It’s easy to make, all you have to do is add brown sugar and butter, put marshmallows on top and bake them into yummy candied yams – a deliciously sweet dish that everyone loves.

Pecan Pie

Complete the Thanksgiving meal with a delicious pie
Complete the Thanksgiving meal with a delicious pie

Complete the Thanksgiving meal with a delicious pie, a pie that uses pecans with spices and maple syrup. It is irresistible even when guests are too full to eat more, they will still make room for this pie!

La tourtiere

This is a traditional Thanksgiving cake in Canada. Minced beef (or pork) is processed and then grilled with a crispy potato pie crust on the outside, creating a delicious savory cake with a characteristic and attractive taste.


Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Menu
On Thanksgiving, this basic dish is indispensable on the table

Bread is commonly used in American meals, so on Thanksgiving, this basic dish is indispensable on the table. Cornbread is simply a type of bread with the main ingredient being cornmeal instead of wheat flour. 

Apple Cider

It would be remiss if there were no drinks on this list of Thanksgiving foods. Thanksgiving also has the same typical drinks as other major holidays. Depending on the family, their party will have different traditional drinks, but the most popular is still apple cider. Apple cider is actually non-alcoholic apple juice and is very easy to make. Apples are pressed to get water, then boiled, filtered and refrigerated.

Final Thoughts 

Thanksgiving expresses gratitude for nature’s generosity for bountiful harvests. Therefore, this holiday meal is considered the most hearty dinner of the year that you need to put in a little effort. Hopefully, with this list of Thanksgiving foods, you will have a perfect party table for your family.

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