Lets go Brandon Christmas song

Lets go Brandon Christmas song has taken the Internet

What is Lets go Brandon Christmas song?

Lets go Brandon Christmas song has taken the Internet
Have you listened Lets go Brandon Christmas song yet?

Meme “Let’s go Brandon” has gone viral on the Internet by storm since the interview of Brandon Brown and an NBC reporter took place. When the racer was speaking about his victory, the crowd at  Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway loudly shout “F*** Joe Biden”. However, the reporter stated that the crowd was cheering “let’s go Brandon.” 

Most recently, a Christmas song featuring the phrase has gained popularity. Earlier, there was a “Let’s go Brandon” rap song ranking #1 spot on iTunes hip hop chart. The anti-Biden rap song is performed by rapper Loza Alexander. 

The Lets go Brandon Christmas song has taken the Internet in just a few days. It gathered more than 32,600 YouTube views between Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday, the song tops 85,000 and is rising quickly.

The Lets go Brandon Christmas song is performed by Forgiato Blow, who had a hit with a previous “Let’s go Brandon”-themed music video that gardened hundreds of thousands of views. 

YouTube video

Some of the Lets go Brandon Christmas song lyrics include:

Oh my God, it's Santa Claus!
And Joe Biden!
My wish came true!
He's getting impeached

Now the whole nation's screamin' "Let's go, Brandon"
They tried to cancel the culture, but they can't ban us
I told Santa we need Trump back
Four more years or 45, I'm good with that
I know we all tired of Sleepy Joe
But Kamala is a ho-ho-ho
Call Comet and Vixen, we headed straight to the White House
'Bout to cancel 46, I'ma need some white-out
Now I know the holidays are meant for family fun
But this Christmas I need me a red rider gun
Hunter Biden sniffin' snow, he on that Charlie Brown
Do Nancy P. like Jack Frost and let her melt to the ground
Dancing through the White House
Searchin' for Sleepy Joe, tryna impeach him
I check my list once, checked my list twice
He's in the basement again
Let's go, Brandon, let's go, Brandon”

Forgiato Blow also performs another holiday song “Let’s Go Brandon Slide,” which has gardened more than 1 million views on Youtube. The music video shows supporters of former Donald Trump wearing “Make America Great Again” apparel. 

In late October, there were 4 of the Top 10 songs on iTunes based on “Let’s go Brandon” chant.” Four Let’s go Brandon songs by different musicians were also listed in Apple Music’s Top 10 list, ranking at Nos. 1, 2, 4, and 6 as of Oct. 28.

  • No.1 is “Let’s Go Brandon (feat. Tyson James & Chandler Crump)” by Bryson Gray
  • No.2 is “Let’s Go Brandon (Extended Version)” by Loza Alexander
  • No.4 is the third version of Alexander’s song 
  • No.7 is  “Let’s Go Brandon (Loza Alexander Remix)”

The Lets go Brandon Christmas song has sparked a wave of excitement 

The Lets go Brandon Christmas song has sparked a wave of excitement 
The Lets go Brandon Christmas song impress a lot of people.

Those who oppose Biden and his administration seem to be very excited about the holiday song. They think that the anti-Biden Christmas song is amazing. Take a look at some tweets that compliment Forgiato Blow’s song. 

‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Christmas Song Goes Viral In Just Days https://dailywire.com/news/lets-go-brandon-christmas-song-goes-viral-in-just-days

I like Adele but I’m not crying that she got knocked from #3 so the top 4 slots on iTunes could have the same title! Can u guess what it was? 😋

Let’s Go Brandon’ Christmas Song Goes Viral In Just Days https://dailywire.com/news/lets-go-brandon-christmas-song-goes-viral-in-just-days… Great song : I recorded it, going to play It with all my Christmas songs.Maybe even on my out side PA speaker on the front of my house ~~~

‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Christmas Song Everyone sing it #LetsGoBrandon

The “Let’s go Brandon” meme has won the Internet these days. More and more anti-Biden songs are created along with anti-Biden products. There are a wide variety of anti-Biden products including t-shirts, sweatshirts, long-sleeve tees, tank tops, hoodies, and more that are popular on the market. Most of those who oppose the president own these political products. 

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What do you think about Lets go Brandon Christmas song? Do you like this anti-Biden Christmas song? Feel free to let us know in the comment below.

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