Why are people calling Joe Biden Brandon?

Why are people calling Joe Biden Brandon?

"Let's Go Brandon" billboard- Joe Biden Brandon
“Let’s go Brandon”- What does it mean?

Joe Biden Brandon, Let’s Go Brandon Shirt, or “Let’s Go Brandon” might be two familiar hot searches on the Internet, especially Twitter these days. But what does it really mean? A small incident in an interview with Brandon Brown, who got his first NASCAR Xfinity Series race victory has intersected with politics and breathed new life to a chant about the U.S. president.

Originally tweeted by Jewish Deplorable (@TrumpJew2) on October 3, 2021.

Key facts about Joe Biden Brandon- Brandon Biden reference

Key facts about Joe Biden Brandon- Brandon Biden reference
Why are people calling Joe Biden Brandon?
  • People call Joe Biden Brandon started from an interview with NASCAR racer Brandon Brown and an NBC reporter that happened Oct. 2021. 
  • When Brandon Brown was speaking about his victory, the crowd at  Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway began to loudly shout “F*** Joe Biden”. The reporter said that the crowd was yelling “let’s go Brandon.” And it’s unclear if she really misheard the crowd or if she was attempting to cover up what they were chanting.
  • As a result, hundreds of Twitter users started using “let’s go Brandon” as a euphemism for the phrase, “f*** Joe Biden.” And the “let’s go Brandon” meme has shaken the Internet since then. 
  • After that video was issued, those who didn’t want to use profane language to refer to the U.S president began to use “Let’s go Brandon”  as well as the hashtag #LetsGoBrandon to make the same point more politely. 
  • Earlier, around September 2021, a trend started to spread by storm when people chanted “fuck Joe Biden” at sporting events, mainly college football games, to show their objection to the president.
  • On September 5, TikToker @oldrowswig posted a collection of people chanting “fuck Joe Biden” at college sports games, a crowded bar, concerts, attracting more than 232,000 views in a month. 
  • The Fuck Joe Biden chant appears to have broken out after Joe Biden withdrew all the U.S. troops out of Afghanistan.

“Let’s Go Brandon” meme has taken the Internet by storm

Let's Go Brandon" meme- Joe Biden Brandon
“Let’s Go Brandon” meme has gone viral on the Internet.

“Let’s Go Brandon” meme has become a trend on the Internet. “Let’s Go Brandon” meme is covered over pictures of Google search results, images of former president Donald Trump, and more. 

On October 6, Donald Trump Jr. posted an Instagram meme featuring Donald Trump on a flip phone with a pink hat with the words “Let’s go Brandon,” which has racked up more than 328,000 likes in two days.

“Let’s go Brandon” meme doesn’t stop there. The F Joe Biden chant has also happened at all kinds of events across the country. Now, the hashtag #LetsGoBrandon is being combined with videos with a crowd saying “F Joe Biden”. Somehow there is even already a “Let’s Go Brandon” billboard.

Joe Biden Brandon- Let's Go Biden memes have gone viral on the Internet
“Let’s Go Brandon” billboard

It’s been seen on a wide range of t-shirts. If you’re interested in the “Let’s go Brandon” meme on T-shirts, you can get some of the popular “Let’s go Brandon” memes here. These Joe Biden Brandon t-shirts are a great way to express your dissatisfaction with the president.

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