Is saying Fuck Biden illegal?

Is saying Fuck Biden illegal?

“Fuck Biden” is emerging as one of the most viral phrases on the Internet and in everyday life. These days, there is an opinion that saying Fuck Biden is illegal. This makes a lot of people, especially anti-Biden fans feel bewildered and confused. There are lots of controversies around this issue. So is saying Fuck Biden illegal? Or is it ok to express your political views by using that phrase?

Is it illegal to say Fuck Joe Biden?

Is it illegal to say Fuck Joe Biden?

Currently, there has been an alert that screaming the words “Fuck Biden” is not only dangerous, but it may also be illegal. And people began to wonder “Is saying Fuck Biden illegal?”. Here, we would like to emphasize that it’s not illegal to use the phrase “Fuck Biden”. It’s totally legal!

According to some experts, in addition to the violent incitement caused by screaming expletives at the President, such threats to the may also be regarded as criminal. 

However, as you see, here they only use some modal verbs like “may” or “can” to express their point of view. Until now, there is no definitive conclusion affirming that swearing at “Fuck Biden” is an illegal action. 

What do you think about this situation? Is it okay to use the phrase Fuck Biden to show how much you hate this incumbent president?

Fuck Biden illegal

Is it illegal to say Fuck Joe Biden?

Is saying Fuck Joe Biden illegal? Not! It’s not illegal because America has always given wide latitude to free speech, especially political speech. The First Amendment allows Americans to express their opinion wherever and however they please. This means it’s not true to conclude that saying Fuck Biden is illegal. 

In the first amendment of the U.S. constitution, certain freedoms are protected. Those include speech, press, assembly, and the right to petition the government.

So, is mentioning Fuck Biden illegal? Saying “Fuck Biden” doesn’t necessarily mean it is right, it’s just legal. People are entitled to their own opinions, no matter how loving, kind, mean, or hateful they are. That’s why you can see on Twitter, there are many tweets using hashtag #FJB which means “Fuck Joe Biden”, as a way to show their opposition to Biden.

Is it illegal to fly an “Fuck Biden” flag?

Much same as saying “Fuck Biden”, it is not illegal to fly an “Fuck Biden” flag. Also, the majority of views argue that there is nothing illegal about flying an “Fuck Biden” flag. 

There is a source revealing that one judge claims ‘Fuck Biden’ signs are obscenity and orders their removal. To be more specific, a municipal court judge in Garden State claims that the “fuck Biden” signs in a woman’s front yard are illegal. 

Roselle Park Municipal Court Judge named Gary Bundy required a local homeowner to remove the flags displayed in her front yard because they were obscene flags critical of President Joe Biden. Among those flags, there were three mentioning “Fuck Biden.” Bundy insists that the homeowner will face fines of $250 per day if she does not take those flags down. 

The fact that the woman is asked to pay a fine if she did not take down the flags criticizing Joe Biden caused a stir in public opinion. Many people want to find the exact answer to this problem. They would like to know how is it okay to fly an “Fuck Biden” flag. 

Fuck Biden illegal

Saying Fuck Biden illegal – Is it true?

There are opinions that the use of the phrase “Fuck Biden” is just that they are expressing their freedom of speech. And freedom of speech means it’s legal when it’s on your property. Based on the freedom of speech in The First Amendment, people have the right to express their own opinions.

Yes! When it comes to those who flying flags with the words “Fuck Biden”, they have every right to do so. It is just in the same way as their neighbors have the right to fly a flag that opposes Trump. ​

All of the above is also freedom of speech. And if there are folks who insist that saying “Fuck Biden” is illegal, they are wrong. Those people aren’t the only ones with freedom of speech. others also have freedom of speech rights. They just choose to say “Fuck Biden” as a way to show their views. Is saying Fuck Biden illegal? Of course, never!

First Amendment to the United States Constitution broadly protects the rights of free speech. Free speech means the free and public expression of opinions without censorship, interference, and restraint by the government. The term “freedom of speech” embedded in the First Amendment encompasses the decision of what to say as well as what not to say.

The Supreme Court in Chicago Police Dept. v. Mosley (1972) explained that the First Amendment means that government gets no power to restrict expression because of its ideas, its message, its subject matter, or its content. To allow the continued building of the country’s politics and culture, as well as to assure self-fulfillment for each individual, citizens are guaranteed the right to express any thought, free from government censorship.

It cannot be denied that for many people, it may be quite rude to display that kind of sentiment about the president of the country. There is an idea that the phrase “Fuck Biden” is somewhat childish and totally ineffective at changing anything about the situation.

However, admit it, there will have the same response if people flew an F Trump flag. Nothing really excuses the behavior. That’s an individual’s view of the president. But there is a Constitutional guarantee indicating that people are free to express themselves unless it creates a danger to others.

Fuck Joe Biden illegal

Flying an “Fuck Biden” flag is not illegal

Is flying this flag directly affect others? No. So it is OK for Biden haters to fly this flag and nobody has the right to make that judgment for that action. No one can tell others saying Fuck Biden illegal.

Well, it’s clear that there is nothing illegal about it. But anyone trying to fly such a flag is likely to get into some degree of trouble with their pro-Biden neighbors or and neighbors with children who never appreciate the vulgarity flapping in the wind. 

Though it conveys a certain sentiment, some people believe an “Fuck Biden” flag should not be publically displayed due to the foul language on the flag. Not only do adults see this flag. Children see it too. Chances are it might teach intolerance, disrespect, and hatred. Better, children do not need to be seeing this. But if Biden haters don’t mind being shunned or even ostracized by their neighbors, then that’s a choice they can make.

Besides, you can also get in trouble with some local ordinances banning public displays of vulgarity or Homeowner’s Association, like the woman being asked to take down the flag taunting Biden, or she will be fined.

Is it illegal to say Fuck Joe Biden? Absolutely no! It’s the same way it is okay to bash Trump publicly. That’s how saying “Fuck Biden” is okay. Some people don’t like it but if they can fly a fuck Trump flag, why others cannot fly a fuck Biden flag. It’s called freedom of speech!

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Final Thoughts

We are not affirming it’s right or wrong to say “Fuck Biden”. This belongs to the personal viewpoint. We are only here to answer the question “Is saying Fuck Biden illegal?” And it’s clear it’s not illegal to say Fuck Joe Biden or fly an “Fuck Biden” flag. The freedom of speech in The First Amendment points out that people have the right to express their own opinions. And if you want to show your hate for Biden, you can say “Fuck Biden” without worrying that phrase is illegal.

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