Is Halloween an official holiday

Is Halloween An Official Holiday?

Most of us love Halloween. It’s truly the time to dress in spooky costumes, discover new pumpkin carving ideas, eat candy, chocolate, and everything pumpkin-spice-flavored. There is so much to expect during this upcoming fun fall occasion. But until now, many people don’t know exactly “is Halloween an official holiday or not”. 

Is Halloween an official holiday?

Is Halloween an official holiday?

Why do people celebrate Halloween on October 31?

First, let’s get to learn more about the history of Halloween Day and you will understand why we celebrate Halloween on the last day of October. 

Halloween falls on October 31 because of its origin from the Samhain festival – an ancient Festival of the Celtic people.  In their tradition, the Celtic people would light bonfires as well as wear costumes to ward off evil spirits.

In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III chose November 1 as the official day to honor all saints. Gradually, All Saints Day incorporated some of the Samhain’s traditions. And the evening before All Saints Day was known to be All Hallows Eve, and then Halloween.

Is Halloween An Official Holiday?

So, is Halloween an official holiday? Halloween is not an official religious or federal holiday of the country. Halloween 2021 is on Sunday, 31 October. On this special day, most businesses follow regular opening hours in the United States. As Halloween is not an official holiday, US workers do not get compensation from their employers for the occasion.

Is Halloween an official holiday in America?

Is Halloween an official holiday in America?

Despite the fact that Halloween is not a national holiday in the United States, many people are interested in Halloween celebrations. Every year, they look forward to October 31 to participate in different interesting activities on this occasion. 

Today, there are over 179 million Americans celebrating Halloween Day. According to the statistics from National Retail Federation, people spend about $9.1 billion on it per year for this occasion.

What Do People Do On Halloween Day?

People celebrate Halloween with their family, friends, and sometimes colleagues. They often organize Halloween parties on October 31 or on the weekends before and after the special occasion. 

When it comes to Halloween celebrations, there are many fun and exciting Halloween activities to participate in. Adults can watch horror films, dress in spooky costumes for a Halloween party. In addition, many are fond of creating haunted houses and graveyards.

Is Halloween an official holiday - Trick or treating tradition

Is Halloween an official holiday – Trick or treating tradition

Kids are those who are extremely excited about celebrating Halloween. “Trick-or-treating” is known to be one of the most popular activities for kids on this occasion. In this tradition, they will wear fancy costumes and go from house to house in the neighborhood to ask for sweets, snacks, or a small gift. If they don’t get treats, they will do some “tricks” to threaten the inhabitants of the house. Currently, the tradition is believed to happen in a friendly spirit, with no nasty or mean tricks implemented.

One more traditional activity on Halloween Day is Jack-o’-lantern. In this tradition, people will carve lanterns with ‘scary’ faces out of pumpkins or other vegetables to make great decorations for Halloween. These lanterns are traditionally intended to ward off evil spirits.

 Is Halloween an official holiday - Jack-o'-Lantern

Is Halloween an official holiday – Jack-o’-Lantern

Members of a family will be together to decorate their homes and garden in the Halloween theme. Also, people usually prepare a bowl of small presents or sweets in case someone comes and knocks on their door.  This will enable them to please the little spirits in their neighborhood!

Gift-giving is gradually becoming one of the indispensable parts when Halloween comes around. Bring the best Halloween gifts to your loved ones and make Halloween more and more meaningful.

We have just learned “Is Halloween an official holiday or not”. And even though Halloween is not an official holiday, we will still celebrate the day in our own ways, right? Are you ready to say hello to a new Halloween season this 2021? We hope you have memorable moments with your family and friends on this special occasion!

Symbols of Halloween Day

Mentioning Halloween, we need to talk about the most outstanding symbols of the day. They consist of spooky costumes, ghosts, and walking skeletons that represent the contact between the living and the dead. 

There are also some human figures that are considered to be represented on Halloween. They include witches and wizards, who are supposed to have the power to contact the spirit world. 

Witches are associated with Halloween Day

Is Halloween an official holiday – Witches are associated with Halloween Day

In terms of animal symbols of the day, there are bats, black cats, and spiders. They are known to be associated with the night and darkness. Often, these animals accompany witches and wizards.

Another important part that we won’t forget to talk about is a wide range of objects related to Halloween. The most outstanding ones are fire, gravestones, blood, pumpkins, skulls, and bones.

Great Halloween Gift Ideas

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