Lauren Boebert imeach Biden

Lauren Boebert calls to ‘imeach Biden”

‘Imeach Biden’: Lauren Boebert draws attention for the call to 'imeach' Biden
U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert called to impeach Biden with the motto ‘Imeach Biden’.

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert committed another embarrassing blunder while trying to call for the impeachment of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The GOP Congresswoman issued a press release calling for Biden’s removal, but an embarrassing typo in her initial announcement draws people’s attention. The Colorado Republican’s announcement was “IMEACH BIDEN” instead of “Impeach Biden”.

In a press release, Boebert stated she was “solemnly introducing articles of impeachment” over the way President Joe Biden handling of U.S. troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan last month. She said that she wanted Harris removed for her “failure to step up and stop this avoidable catastrophe.”

Said Boebert: “Joe Biden willfully abandoned his duty as President of the United States and violated his constitutional oath to ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed’ by failing to ensure the national security of the United States and its citizens. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris handed over billions of dollars of American-made weapons to the very scum of the earth that we spent $2 trillion fighting.  The Biden regime is not being held accountable. There have been no resignations, no indictments, no investigations, no congressional oversight, no outcry from the mainstream media, and no apologies—so I’m stepping up to hold Biden and Harris accountable by filing articles of impeachment for giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies and colluding with the Taliban.

“And let me be clear, Vice President Harris is complicit in all of this.  She can’t hide as the incompetent Border czar, and she can’t hide from her moral and legal duty to remove Joe Biden via the 25th Amendment due to his clear inability to ‘discharge the powers and duties of his office.’ Biden is supposed to be the commander-in-chief, but he forgot the name of the Pentagon, the Department of Defense, and the Secretary of Defense. His indecision, incompetence, and mental failings cost American lives, and Kamala had a duty to step up and remove Biden from office. She failed, and now 13 American servicemembers are dead.  One way or another, Kamala needs to be impeached for her failure to step up and stop this avoidable catastrophe.”

Congressman Jody Hice said: “The President of the United States willingly abandoned American citizens behind enemy lines, and his incompetence and miscalculations contributed to the deaths of 13 U.S. servicemembers. As if that were not enough, he deserted thousands of Afghan allies to be slaughtered. Furthermore, as the Taliban strengthens their hold over Afghanistan, they’ll be doing it with American military equipment thanks to Joe Biden. Afghanistan is well on its way to becoming a terrorist super state that will threaten the region, the world, and the American homeland for years to come, and the responsibility falls entirely on President Biden’s shoulders. He has been woefully derelict in his most basic duties as President and he has proven himself incapable of leading our nation. He must be removed from office as quickly as possible.”

The press release featured a bold red, white, and blue graphic with the white slogan “IMEACH BIDEN” about halfway down the page. The word “imeach Biden” was quickly corrected in the second version of the announcement. 

 #Imeach Biden has sparked a wave of excitement on Twitter 

Lauren Robert misspelled "Imeach Biden".
Lauren Boebert draws attention to “imeach Biden”. Lauren Robert imeach Biden instead of impeaching Biden.

The misspelling “imeach Biden” in a release has made people excited and #IMEACHBIDEN became a trending topic on Twitter, with more than 17,000 tweets counted by 6 p.m.  Hundreds of people shared this fun case.  

Journalist Jake Sherman was the first one to point out the mistake. He said, “Lauren Boebert has sent a release calling to impeach Biden, but she has messed up the logo here.”

A Boebert spokesman blamed her staff for “imeach Biden” mistake and said he was glad a typo on Boebert’s homepage drew a lot of attention. 

Does Joe Biden deserve to be impeached?

Imeach Biden- Does Biden deserve to be impeached
“Imeach Biden”. Does Joe Biden deserve to be impeached?

What do you think about the impeachment of Lauren Robert for Joe Biden? For me, it’s totally right. President Joe Biden declared that he had fulfilled the mission of eliminating the terrorists from Afghanistan, but he hadn’t done it. After the U.S military withdrew from the country, the Taliban made notable military gains in Afghanistan, taking over large cities. The insurgent group consolidated control after capturing Kabul, the capital city of the country. 

Since then, chaos has happened as Afghans and American citizens flocked to Kabul International airport with the hope of fleeing the area. Many reports have also painted a picture of violence and chaos. Chaotic days at Kabul airport were ended by a suicide attack on August 26 that killed 180 people, including 13 American soldiers.

Especially, an arsenal of American-made weapons left after Western troops withdrew from Afghanistan has now become the Taliban’s new war chest, along with helicopters, armored vehicles, drones military, humvees, and a lot of other equipment. The U. equipment worths tens of millions of dollars.

Joe Biden totally deserves to be impeached because he left behind thousands of Afghans who honorably and bravely fought with us and he will also abandon hundreds of American citizens. He creates favorable conditions for another 9/11. 

This is the most shameful thing a commander-in-chief leader has done. Biden’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan also declined the credibility of America on the world. It’s time we should remove Biden from his office. Do you have the same opinion as us? Show your objection and opinion with one of these stylish t-shirts. These anti-Biden t-shirts are an effective way to spread your thoughts and make anyone rethink the present president. 

What do you think about “Imeach Biden”? Let us know in the comment. Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us!

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