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how US Independence Day celebrate in the UK

How US Independence Day Celebrate In The UK?

When it comes to the celebrations of Independence Day in the USA, a lot of people wonder if the UK will celebrate US Independence Day or not. And in case they really, many also want to know how US Independence Day celebrate in the UK. More than ever, we are here to help you find the answer to all these questions!

how US Independence Day celebrate in the UK

Does The UK Celebrate The US Independence Day?

The answer is “Yes”!

The Fourth of July is one of the greatest national holidays for Americans. The special date is an important holiday for people throughout the country to celebrate their independence from the British Empire. 

This is a great holiday for all Americans to show their patriotism and national pride. On this special day, Americans have organized many activities to honor the country’s independence day. The most typical activities are fireworks, parades, and concerts. For many American families, this is also a great opportunity to reunite. They will organize delicious barbecue parties and give each other the best gift for Independence Day.

So, how about celebrating the Fourth of July in the United Kingdom? On discovering what is the history of Independence Day in the United States, many people may think that the British wouldn’t celebrate the Fourth of July. A common thought is that Independence Day is treated just like every normal day in the UK. But the story is not like that. In fact, the two countries had put aside all their differences in the past – over a century ago.

discover how US Independence Day celebrate in the UK

Yes! All that happened in the past doesn’t mean that British people will not join in the special day of the United States. And the Fourth of July is also celebrated in different places across England. Let’s get to know everything about the celebrations of US Independence Day in the UK.

How US Independence Day Celebrate In The UK: 5 Ways To Celebrate The Day

You wouldn’t see fireworks or parades when the holiday comes. However, In the United Kingdom, you will find a wide range of other activities to celebrate US Independence Day. 

Some people would love to enjoy traditional American dishes as a meaningful way to pay tribute to the land of stars and stripes. In addition, many people are interested in making a cultural visit to the ancestral home of George Washington, the first president of the United States. 

Visit a patriotic tradition

Every year on the US Independence Day, the Washington Old Hall, located in Tyne And Wear, United Kingdom, hosts a traditional flag-raising ceremony.

discover how US Independence Day celebrate in the UK

Visiting this place shows how US Independence Day celebrate in the UK. The special thing is that the manor house overseen by the National Trust is among the most ancestral homes of George Washington located in the UK. The house was known as the home of the Washington family before they moved to Sulgrave Manor in 1613.

Join in the revelry with Benjamin Franklin

Another place to visit in the UK on Independence Day is the Benjamin Franklin House. This is the only surviving former residence of Benjamin Franklin, an American founding father.

finding how US Independence Day celebrate in the UK

The house, located near Trafalgar Square in London, is currently listed as a Grade I building on the National Heritage List for England.

Enjoy customary American cuisine

How US Independence Day celebrate in the UK? It’s discovering American cuisine right in the UK!

discovering how US Independence Day celebrate in the UK

Just imagine! How attractive it is! Enjoying customary American cuisine is one of the most exciting parts when celebrating Independence Day in the UK. Just be ready to enjoy the most delicious foods from Buffalo chicken strips, vegan burritos to chicken wings, and much more. At the same time, people also participate in some conventional American games including beer pong and foosball.

There are many American-themed restaurants in the UK that offer the best cuisine for customers. This sounds impressive, right?

Explore American culture

discovering how US Independence Day celebrate in the UK

One of the best ways to celebrate US Independence Day is to explore American culture. To celebrate Independence Day, you can choose to visit the American Museum and Gardens which is located in Claverton, England. This is the only museum in the UK that will help you learn more about the history of America with its remarkable collection of folk and decorative arts.

Rib-eating competition

This is also one of the most attractive ways on how US Independence Day celebrate in the UK. The rib-eating competition is an annual competition organized on the Fourth of July by Big Easy Bar.B.Q and Crabshack.

how US Independence Day celebrate in the UK

Anyone can take part in this challenge at the Big Easy restaurants in Chelsea, Covent Garden, and Canary Wharf in London. Of course, there will always be an impressive award given to the first prize winner!

Amazing Gift Ideas On Independence Day

Besides all the wonderful activities to celebrate Independence Day, there is another important part that we shouldn’t miss – it’s gift giving! Giving a thoughtful gift to the ones you love this holiday will make them feel extra special. And a gift that expresses patriotism is exactly anyone is looking for every Fourth of July!

In case you are finding it hard to come up with the perfect gift for your dad, your mom or any of your friends on this Independence Day, just refer to the best items in the list below. One of them may be what you need!

How US Independence Day celebrate in the UK? You have now got the answer, right? As you see, people in the United Kingdom also organize various activities to celebrate the Fourth of July. And if you are on the way to finding the best Independence Day gifts for your loved one on this occasion, please directly contact us and we are always ready to support you! Also, don’t forget to share our article if you find it useful!

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