How to spend thanksgiving alone

How To Spend Thanksgiving Alone – 12 Best Ways You Should Know

Thanksgiving is a time of year to be with family and friends, so being alone on Thanksgiving can feel challenging. And are you looking for how to spend Thanksgiving alone? If you’re having a similar situation, follow some of these tips and make the holidays more fun.

How To Spend Thanksgiving Alone

Well, even though you’re away from home this year, you can still have a great Thanksgiving Day. Whatever the reason for being lonely, there are ways you can feel less alone. Here are some helpful ways on how to spend Thanksgiving alone.

Connect with Family and Friends

How To Spend Thanksgiving Alone
Do You Know How To Spend Thanksgiving Alone?

Being alone over the Thanksgiving holiday doesn’t mean you’ll isolate and distance yourself from your loved ones. Connect with your family and friends and let them know that you will always miss them. With the availability of dozens of smart applications today, you can completely chat face to face easily. Not just the holidays, do this regularly, and you may soon realize that you and your loved ones are not far apart.


When it comes to how to spend Thanksgiving alone, traveling is always a good choice. Head to your favorite places or if you’re in New York, you can join the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

If you want to escape the loneliness of Thanksgiving altogether, choose a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving or where it happens on a different day, such as Canada. If you don’t want to travel alone, join the tour and have plenty of opportunities to make friends.

Cook to your taste

How To Spend Thanksgiving Alone
Follow These Tips – How To Spend Thanksgiving Alone And Make Holiday More Fun

Food always makes people feel better. If you’re planning on cooking something for Thanksgiving alone, make it something fun. Maybe you want to try new, complicated recipes but just don’t have the time? This is the time! How to spend Thanksgiving alone becomes simple if you focus on doing something, and even more wonderful if it is your interest. It will make it more enjoyable than tedious and give you something to do during the day off.

Send gifts to your loved ones

Just because you’re not with your family this year, doesn’t mean you still can’t include them in your day. Give your loved ones meaningful Thanksgiving gifts to let them know you’re thinking about them. That will definitely make their day brighter and maybe make yours happier as well.

Make self-care your focus

Thanksgiving this year can be very difficult for you especially if this is your first time away from home. Regardless of your plans for Thanksgiving, make sure you’re focusing on taking care of yourself. Stay away from social media if you need to, go out and take a walk, exercise, or sleep indoors.

Become a Sports Fan

Thanksgiving is a great day for sports. On this day, the big teams will play against each other and you can spend the day watching, learning the rules, and choosing to cheer on your favorite team. Having a little knowledge of sports can also help in small talk. Next year, you can host a football gathering on Thanksgiving instead of being alone on Thanksgiving.

Go outdoors

How To Spend Thanksgiving Alone
How To Spend Thanksgiving Alone

Depending on the climate that day, Thanksgiving Day can be a great time to get outdoors for a walk around or a hike. One study has shown that outdoor activities such as hiking or hiking lead to more positive and less negative emotional states than just sitting or walking even compared to walking on an indoor treadmill.

Be Productive

Make Thanksgiving Day a productive day and get your home organized. Clean out your closet, clean your house, organize your paperwork, make a to-do list, and generally be able to control the little details of your life. You’ll end the day feeling accomplished, and Thanksgiving goes by smoothly.


How To Spend Thanksgiving Alone
Volunteers is a good option when it comes to how to spend Thanksgiving alone

Thanksgiving is a great time to share and give. Helping the less fortunate will both help you feel good and also help alleviate feelings of loneliness during Thanksgiving. If you don’t want to go the traditional route of helping in the kitchen or shopping for groceries, there are plenty of other options to contribute your time.

Perhaps your local animal shelter is in need of help or an elderly residence wants visitors for their guests who are also alone over Thanksgiving. Volunteering is a great way to be grateful for what you have and help those around you.

Find Companions

Find someone who’s just as lonely as you so you can both spend this Thanksgiving together. Find a circle of your friends to see if anyone is going through the same thing as you. Invite that friend over to your house, or you can both go on a trip or participate in activities together. That way, your Thanksgiving day won’t be boring anymore!

Treat Yourself To A Spa Experience

How to spend thanksgiving alone
Head out to the spa and enjoy some relaxation!

You’ve worked hard this year and it’s time to pamper yourself. Head out to the spa and enjoy some relaxation. If you don’t want to leave the house, you can also do it yourself at home. Try making a DIY body scrub, styling your own hair, painting your nails, or relaxing soak to melt away your cares. Looking for how to spend Thanksgiving alone? Try this one!

Shop Black Friday from home

Shopping is also one of the great ways if you’re finding how to spend Thanksgiving alone. Black Friday is right after Thanksgiving and you can surf the web and add to your cart your favorite products. It may not be the same as going to the stores in person, but, to be honest, you will feel that Black Friday shopping at home is cozier and easier.

Plan the coziest night in

This year’s Thanksgiving, plan a cozy night of your own. Dress in your most comfortable clothes, cook or order a delicious meal, prepare for a movie marathon. If you don’t know what movie to watch, consult our favorite Thanksgiving movie list and pick one (or more). More bonus? Get your popcorn and soft drinks ready and turn your room into a mini-movie theater.

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