How To Say Mom In Different Languages?

How To Say Mom In Different Languages?

One of the most unbreakable bonds that exists is the affection between mom and child. So, this Mother’s Day, let her show one-of-a-kind she is. Instead of calling her by the usual “Ma” or “Mom”, impress her by saying she is other languages. But do you know “how to say mom in different languages?”. It’s time to learn to say mom in. 

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How To Say Mom In Different Languages?

Each language has its own address to its mother and great joy in learning those names. Here, we have compiled the common usage of “mother” in different languages. Scroll down to read.

How to say mom in different languages
Do you know how to say mom in different languages?


Saying mom in this European Jewish language takes only two syllables. This word is “muter”.


Call your mom “ammee”, the same way natives do in many parts of Pakistan.


The next one in the list of “How to say mom in different languages” is Ukrainian. Inspired by the beautiful land of Ukraine and call your mother ” mati”.


You have three options from Turkey, so take your pick. These are: “valide,” “ana,” and “anne.”

How to say mom in different languages? Do you know?


Next up is this great Brittonic language. You only need to know one syllable, it is “mam”


Vietnamese may be a little strange, as the word is “mẹ”.


Sweden also offers you three stunning options, Here, you can select “morsa,” “mor,” or “mamma.”


Its natives call their mom “mzaa,” “mzazi,” or “mama.”

How to say mom in different languages?
Have you ever wondered how to say mom in different languages?


This is one of the most popular languages. Your options here are “mami,” “mama,” or “madre.”


Show off your recently discovered Serbian skills, as you call your mom “majka”.


How to say mom in different languages? How about Samoan? The way of saying mother in this language is quite different from others, since which is “tina”.


Your mom might think that you’re speaking English, because “mama” is the only option here.


In the Romanian language, you can call mom “mama” and “maica.”


Slovak gives you the chance to use “mama” like others do. You can use “matka” to call mom as well.


Embrace your inner Punjabi, as you “mai,” “mataji,” or “pabbo” to talk to your mother.

Little African-American girl greeting her mother near color wall


Let your mind wander off to Polish and call your mom “matka” and “mama”.


The options here are “mor” or “mamma”. Take a pick and call your mother now.


You can borrow “ibu” from Malay to make your mom feel special.


In Italian language, you can call mom “madre” and “mamma”, sounding the same as your Spanish.


Of course, you can’t miss Ireland. The golden word to call mother “mathair”.


Indonesia gives you lots of options! Choose from “nyokap,” “biang,” “ibu,” or “induk.”


Your only option here is “mom”, so you might need to say it’s Icelandic.

How to say mom in different languages?
Know how to say mom in different languages to amaze her


Let your mother wonder about your Persian origins when you call her “madr” or “maman”.


Allow your mother to admire your Lithuanian ability. Call her “motina”.


Latin offers you a beautiful and unique two-syllable option of “mater”.


Hopefully your mom doesn’t get ridiculed when you say “haha”. You can also use “okaasan”.


This one is like English, as your only option is “mamma”.


Now, greet your mother with joy from Hungary by calling her “fu” or “anya”.


There are two simple Hindi options for you. These are “maji” and “ma”.


Express your free and beautiful Hawaiian by saying mom “makuahine”.

How to say mom in different languages?
How to say mom in different languages? Are you interested?

Haitian Creole 

While Haitians speak French, they often use “manman” to call their mothers.


You can use “mana” or “mitera”, if you want inspiration from Greece.


A stop in Germany is next on the list “How to say mom in different languages” , when you use “mutter” to talk to your mother.


It is another popular European language. You have two options here, which are “maman” and “mere.”


Use “aiti” to let your mom know how well you speak the Finnish language.


Is it any surprise that Filipino options are so simple and great? Your word here is “ina”.

How to say mom in different languages? Nicknames for mom


If your mother’s name is Emma, this might be very interesting, since the word is ’ema’.


In Dutch language, you have are two Dutch options for your enjoyment. Which are “moer” and “moeder.”


The Danes offer you a simple option for your lovely mother, that is “mor.”


It’s so interesting when you call mom “maminka” with your mother.


You can choose “majka” or “mati” if you want to go the Croatian way.


With Catalan language, you will say your mom is “mare”.


If you want to feel Bulgaria, address your mother by saying, “majka?”


Say Mother in Different Languages
Hey guys you should-know how to say mom in different languages

Did you know that Brazil has its own language? Natives use “mae” to refer to mothers.


If you want to take inspiration from Bosnian, why not call your mom, “majka”.


Another language I want to introduce in the list “How to say mom in different languages?” is Belarusian. Well, “Matka” is the only choice if you wanna to be inspired by the land of Belarus.


Your mother may not even realize that you are calling her when you use the term “ahm”.


You can call your mom “Meme”. It’s so cute, right? You can also call use “nene” if you want. 


This Africa language gives you two options. Feel free to call your mom “moeder” or “ma.”


There are many ways you can show love for your mother. Of course, she deserves that for various reasons. On Mother’s Day, do something special to make her memorable. There are many ways you can achieve this, and one of them is by using a foreign language. Every language has a way of saying “mom” and using them can create wonderful memories.

If you really want to show Mummy that she is the world to you, learn how to say: “How to say mom in different languages?”

“Mother: the most beautiful word on the lips of mankind.” – As Kahil Gibran says.

So, in what language would you speak to your mom on Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comment below!

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