How To Make Father's Day Special

How To Make Father’s Day Special

How to make Father’s Day special?

It’s true that moms may carry us for 9 months, but the most common baby’s word is often dada or another variation of dad. Fathers are both friends, teachers, supporters, and role models. If you want to express your gratitude and love to your beloved father, Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity. Here is a list of activities for dads to do with their sons and daughters on Father’s Day. 

Many people have wondered ‘How to make Father’s Day special’. Keep reading on 9 Father’s Day ideas for gifts and activities to make your cute dad feel like a king on his special day. 

How To Make Father’s Day Special

What’s better than spending quality time with your dad? If you have a budget to travel, then a family trip is the best gift you could give him. Take a look at 9 activities that will make this Father’s Day become the most unforgettable.

Have a pizza and video game bash

How to make Father’s Day special? Let’s play video games with your dad.

As a man, who doesn’t love to play video games? Treat him plenty of pizza and video games. You can throw a few games you can work together as a team. Show him the best games on the market now or he can introduce you to some retro video games from his childhood. This surely stirs up his childhood nostalgia.

Take over his chores

How to make Father’s Day special

Perhaps you do not love this step, it’s one of the greatest ways to show someone they’re appreciated. Dads usually have a list of chores that never end. Take over the daily chores your father frequently does and let him kick back and relax. Don’t sigh while you’re doing them and try to show him that you’re happy with these chores. 

This present is even sweeter if you get the work completed while he’s gone. When he comes home, he’ll be astonished that he gets to relax even longer. Once you finished his chores, ask him what he’d like to do, then make it happen. 

Let him know he’s a wonderful dad


We have a tendency to take the people in our lives for granted, but make a difference on Father’s Day. Tell him exactly why he is a wonderful dad. You can write a list and read it to him, so he can know how much he means to you. 

Plan a surprise party with the whole family

How to make Father’s Day special

Some fathers are not used to being the center of attention but it is their special day and what else could make them happier than having the whole family planning a surprise party? Make your own homemade gifts along with meaningful messages or a letter. You can ask everyone for help to make a lovely and touching gift just for him.

The party is never complete without food, so have your apron ready and serve him the best list of his favorite food cooked and made with love – and don’t forget to take pictures and video at home so you can always look back to this cherished moment.

Make him proud

How to make Father’s Day special? The best gift is to make dad proud of you.

This seems to be the best gift that a child can ever give to a father.  Make them proud not only by being successful but also by being a good and kind person to others. They will be truly happy to see their children grow up to be loving and caring adults. Show him that all his sacrifices and hard work are worth it. 

Buy tickets to his favorite event

How to make Father’s Day special?

Does your dad love watch baseball games or wrestling matches on TV? If he is a fan of sports, you should take him to an event for Father’s Day. Your father may just watch his favorite team on the television screen as buying a ticket to the actual game can cost a lot. It is obvious that the action is much more appealing as it’s happening right in front of you.

Make this Father’s Day special than ever with the ticket so he can watch his favorite team in person. 

Besides, if your father is an art lover, why don’t you grant him this opportunity to attend concerts and other types of performances taking place around Father’s Day. 

Give him a spa day 

Father’s Day is nearly coming! How to make Father’s Day special?

Like women, men can go to the spa and have relaxing hours after a hard-working day. Gim him a smoothing and detoxifying spa day to vanish his stress and tire.  Tell him not to worry anything, and let him live like a king even just for a day. 

Organize a fishing trip 

How to make Father’s Day special

If your dad loves nature and outdoor activities, fishing trips are enjoyable and interesting and surely put a bright smile on your dad’s face. So, why not plan a nice fishing trip with friends and invite your dad to come with you? Don’t forget to bring the beer and snacks to sip.  The trip is more memorable than ever. 

Give him something that he’ll love


Gifts are always a great way to show how much he means to you. Sometimes, our dads are too busy that they don’t have time to do what they love. This Father’s Day is a great chance to get him something that he’s been wanting. It necessarily doesn’t have to be pricey. You can give him gifts that should be sentimental and truly special. It may be a collection of his photos he’s never seen, a personalized memento, or DIY Father’s Day cards. Let him know he deserves it. 


It’s never too late to make your dad feel loved and appreciated. It doesn’t even have to be Father’s Day to tell him how much he means to you. Every day, remind him how special he is and how proud you are to have him in your life. Hopefully, this guide inspires you on how to make Father’s Day special. 

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