How To Do Father's Day Gift

How To Do Father’s Day Gift

How to do Father’s Day gift

Father’s Day is coming. Nothing evokes the feeling happy than homemade gifts by loved ones. Sometimes, a luxurious bought in a store just doesn’t express the perfect messages for Father’s Day. Dads will surely be surprised and joyful with handmade gifts made with love by his lovely kids. So, instead of buying something from the store, you can spend your little time making your own Father’s Day gifts at home. That’s why we’ve included 10 easy and thoughtful Father’s Day crafts for you and your kids to make. These DIY Father’s Day gifts are wonderful for any dad in your life. 

How To Do Father’s Day Gift



An Instagram Picture Frame

He can just scroll through his social networks to see pictures of his loved ones. But what’s better than seeing all cherished moments and happy memories shown on this homemade wooden frame. This homemade gift will display all of his favorite photos in one place. 

Get the tutorial from Small Stuff Counts



Daddy-Daughter Picture Frame

Do you know the most favorite sound your dad wants to hear when he goes home? It’s Daddy. It’s a great idea to combine his favorite two words in the English language- daddy and daughter to make a basic picture frame. This simple picture frame is actually what dad wants. 

Get the tutorial from Practically Functional 



Beer Bouquet

Dad might not be interested in a dozen roses—but he’ll surely love this super simple present. As a man, who doesn’t love beer? Try a beer bouquet. It’s pretty simple to make, and your dad’s sure to love it. 

Get the tutorial from Unoriginal Mom



Father’s Day Coupons

Looking for a creative Father’s Day gift filled with stuff Dad enjoys? Create personalized coupons for special events like a homemade dinner, drink, or a bike ride together to get ice cream. The extra thought and time you put into Father’s Day  this year make this gift one-of-a-kind. 

Get the tutorial from Celebrating Everyday Life



Hanging Planter

If your dad is a nature lover, why not bring nature’s fresh energy and aura to your home this year with this hanging planter. It’s pretty easy to make the planter made of old T-shirts. Remember to add succulent or herb plant to the pot before giving to your father. 

Get the tutorial from Jennifer Perkins



Tea Gift Box

Is your dad a tea lover? The tea gift box is perfect for any tea enthusiast. The basket is lined with a tea towel and includes a bag of pancake mix, a jar of fresh jam, ripe apples, and loose-leaf tea. This gift not only looks beautiful but it’s also delicious. 

Get the tutorial from Camille Styles



Grill Set Holder

Every grill master needs a spot to hang his trusty tools. Plus, this homemade present is easier to make than it looks.

Get the tutorial from Lil Luna 



Vinyl Record Bowls

Why not turn his old scratched record into one-of-a-kind decor using just a bowl and an oven? It’s amazing, right? 

Get the tutorial at Stars for Streetlights.



DIY Grill Cart

It’s grilling season. So, why not make a grill cart to make everything easy from prepping food and schlepping dishes in and out? Your lovely dad is bound to love this summer-ready gift.

Get the tutorial from The House of Wood.



Rocky Picture Frame

This picture frame is really easy to make. All you need is paint, polished rocks, and super glue to transform a picture frame into a hilarious present for dad. You can pick small rocks from your yard or a hike. Add a picture Dad will love like a family photo or keep it joyful with funny messages. Your dad is sure to love and cherish it forever. 

Get the tutorial at Morena’s Corner


Make Father’s Day this year to remember with a meaningful and useful DIY gift. After all dads do and sacrifice, they deserve the best. We hope that this post helps you know how to do Father’s Day gift.  Keep in mind the best gifts don’t always come from the store. Making a homemade gift can be an enjoyable bonding experience for Mom and the kids, and the completed product will be a totally unique gift that Dad will enjoy and cherish for years to come.

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